Zero G Hose Review | Is It Perfect for Pressure Washer or Garden?

By: Grady GalvezUpdated: March 12, 2021

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Since you have already spent a lot on gardening with quality seeds, plants, fertilizers, and more. It’s time to buy a great hose for supplying your garden with a healthy diet (for regular & adequate water supply).

When your hunt is for some garden gadgets then certainly you will like something which is easy to use, long-lasting, and effective.

For this you must have rummaged through Google for some best models and makes. I am sure you must have been introduced to Zero G Hose too.

This entire review is about the Zero G garden hose along with an honest comparison with its alternatives.

ZERO-G 4001-50 Garden Hose is….

  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. Ultra flexible
  4. Kink-free

The company promises it to be light in weight. Almost 50% lighter than the other alternatives. The brand also claims it to work great at a high water pressure – up to 600 PSI. The robust exterior keeps it durable and adds meaningful years of life to it.

How True Is All This?

Hence, all we need to know is what the brand claims and how it actually performs is similar or not.

Let us dive into the details:

You can use this garden hose easily with any high-pressure accessories or with other pressure washers as this is designed to tackle the water force rushing through it.

For the gardening lovers who have a backyard to look after, are in need to drag the hose for miles across some rough terrain in routine, then this Zero G hose is quiet useful. This is ideal for pro ground-keepers at sports field or any other high-transit areas.
All those activities where extended use of a pressure washer is essential, this hose can be put to use perfectly & comfortably for commercial uses and car washes alike.


  • Leak, puncture, abrasion-resistant.

  • 50% Lighter in Weight over the commercial Vinyl Hose.

  • Manages high water flow rate.

  • Does not expand or retract.

  • Patented crush-proof couplings.


  • Slightly difficult to wind up.

  • May leak with some sprayer type attachments.

zero-G 4001-50 Lightweight, Ultra Flexible, Durable,...*
  • 50% Lighter Weight Compared to Commercial Vinyl Hose
  • Jobsite Tough - Abrasion, Leak & Puncture Resistant with Burst Rating of 600+ PSI
  • Kink-Resistant, Easy to Maneuver, Drinking Water Safe & Lead Free. Maximum feed water temperature...

Zero Gravity Water Hose | Features + Benefits

For any busy gardener the Zero G proves to be a great asset as loaded with many innovative design, features, & benefits.

Kink-Free Hose Design

The Zero G garden hose owns multi-layered and thick walls. This wonderful quality keep it comfy to use and you can use it being tension-free for residential and commercial purposes.

Since the garden hose is created with rubber so there are least chances that it gets the kink.

50% Light in Weight

The young or the oldies of the house can use this hose as this sits light in weight in comparison to its hose cousins.

Claimed to be 50% lighter than the others. One of the most common problems with the hoses is that they are heavy and transporting them from one corner to the other seems intimidating. But with the Zero G garden hose, you won’t be facing any such problems.

This has a G-Force high-density jacket which keeps it durable.

Constructed with robust materials, this stays strong for long!

600 PSI Burst Rating

A roaring 600 PSI is what you get when you buy the Zero G water hose and this is much more as regular water hoses have just around 350 PSI. You can use this hose for throwing water at a high-pressure without getting worried of the hose getting busted.

This is an ideal choice for commercial uses and domestic uses alike. If you happen to be car wash owner, you would be able to offer the service of this hose in both domestic and commercial lines.

Lead-free & Safe for Drinking

Rubber is used to make the Zero G hose in place of vinyl. The water which flows through the hose stays drinkable without getting contaminated.

May be the new users may not find this as a great advantage but a regular users will surely do so.


The Zero G garden hose, as mentioned above also is made of rubber and this keeps it kink-resistant eliminating the chances of unnecessary folds.

You can keep the hose comfortably in a small container. Untangling or struggling to make this hose straight is not on the cards. Unnecessary efforts which could have been otherwise are a lot more reduced.


As a user you may also be concerned about the price of the Zero G garden hose. This is quite economical than the other garden hoses available.

With all the amazing benefits, features, and advantages you just need to pay $50 approximately for a Zero G hose of 50 ft. length. In nut-shell it is the best you can get at this price.


I am excited to tell you….you get a Zero G hose warranty cover for 5 years. Yes! You are reading right and this makes it a captivating deal for all.

Patented Crush-proof Fixtures

If there is some low-grade plastic or metal fittings on the hose end, they may break down or degrade with time.

In case you are using the hose in a high-transit area then there are chances that people may tread on your hose or its fittings by chance. Do not worry the Zero G is newly designed and of commercial-grade quality, even if stepped on this may remain secure with their shape and integrity up to 900 pounds.

Its ergonomic design makes it convenient to be screwed on and off to the outside tap, pressure washer, or sprinkler.

Real User Reviews:

With more than 4.5 stars of rating on the Zero G garden hose boasts of a decent place. Needless to mention, this explains how much it is liked by both commercial and household users. You can check and try on the other selling platforms too.

Factors Affecting your Buying Decision


First and foremost thing about which you should be clear is the hose length you need to buy. The Zero G hoses are available in different lengths ranging from 25 ft. to 100 ft.

You should consider and choose what is suitable for your equipment and needs. If the area you need to cover is short then no point buying and maintaining a long garden hose.

Firstly, this will be a wise decision to select a garden hose which suits the distance to be covered and if you buy a lengthy one your extra money will also go in vain.

Secondly, if the hose is lengthy then it would be difficult for you to carry it to different places. Longer hose may get kinks too making it difficult to use.

Lastly, the best thing is to measure the length requirement and buy a slightly longer one than that for optimal results.


Burst rating of a pipe if known prior will let you know the maximum pressure your water hose will be able to tackle. This quality will help you assess the durability of your garden hose.

A desirable figure for burst rating would be more than a 350 PSI. If you want to perform some extra pressure cleaning then opt for high burst ratings. Just try to go for a list that matches 350 PSI – 400 PSI.

Material Used

The most common materials used to create a standard garden hose is vinyl or rubber, or a combo of both.

If you go for vinyl water hoses then it is less durable, less kink-free, and prone to tears in the pipe. Even the power burst rating is also low.

On the other hand, rubber hoses are more durable, reliable, thicker, and slightly expensive than vinyl. Even on rough terrains they work well.

The hoses made with rubber and vinyl is quite durable but the water flowing may not be drinkable as may vary many chemicals on the way.

Want to go for one-time investment then choose a rubber garden water hose. This may increase your budget slightly but will prove to be very useful in the future.

Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty

This Super Duty hose by Gilmour features robust brass connections which show resistance to crushing and corrosion. Makes an ideal choice for jobsite or homes. There is a powerful stainless steel spring at the end of the garden hose which prevents kinks at the spigot.

You get a whopping 600 PSI burst strength which guarantees trusted performance and long life. With just a weight of 14 pounds this stays light weight and easy to move.

The durable O-rings with the metal couplings eliminate the risk of any leaks and ensure a tight seal at the spigot. The hose’s polished surface not only looks great but does a good job of resisting abrasions and damages of any sort. The hose is made in the U.S.A. and backed by a life-time warranty.

Stanley Fatmax - Professional Grade Water Hose

Without any problems the male & female swivel grip present on the hose easily attaches to it to the spigot. You stay assured with the swivel action that the either end is easily attached and the hose can be extended without twisting. The sprinklers lie flat and your work gets efficient.

The hose combines the technology of Polyurethane + PVC which makes it easy to maneuver around trees, bushes or other obstacles. Additional benefit is the forged aluminum titanium coated couplings that stay crush proof, are lead free.

Without any breaks or leaks the hose can handle pressure bursts of up to 500 PSI. The anti-kink technology also prevents the hose from kinking or retaining any undesired shape. The impressive cover of the hose resists abrasions of any sort.

Craftsman - Premium Rubber Garden Hose

The rubber garden hose by Craftsman is designed to withstand a pressure of around 500 PSI and variable pressure is not a problem for this at all. The premium quality hose stays flexible for all weather types and can conveniently be used in conditions that drop to -25°F (develops no cracks or holes).

This features an abrasion-resistant cover, not only it makes it look great but keeps it away from any wear and tear hassles. The crush-resistant brass couplings ensures a perfect fit onto the spigot comfortably.

Slightly heavier than the others in the list but speaks about volumes of its heavy-duty uses. Made to last for years this heavy-duty hose is backed by a life-time warranty.

Swan Products - Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Without any leaks, cracks, or bursts this long garden heavy-duty hose – 100’, is all set to tackle up to 600 PSI. It won’t scuff or wear out as possesses an oil-resistant jacket with vinyl resin exterior.

This is exclusively designed with an octagonal shape which prevents any damages. The collard guard adds security and stability at the spigot (no kinks or bends). Designed with strong reinforcements in key areas that prevents bending.

This hose is for all-weather use and the very hot climates won’t effect it too. If you use it in extreme cold climates this may sacrifice some flexibility because of its ribbed design, but won’t kink.


If your search is for a garden hose that’s sturdy, can withstand huge amount of water pressure, is impermeable to weight of up to 900 pounds, and the water flowing through iy is safe to drink also, then Zero G is a clear cut winner.

Be it the Zero G performance, warranty, and reviews this stays at the top-most position. The exterior is appealing yet tough and can be used for residential and commercial purposes with convenience. Always check your preference for length of the garden hose prior to your purchase.

The Zero G is undoubtedly made to stay long & strong!!

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