The Amazing Whip It Cleaner Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Whip It Cleaner Reviews

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A 100% natural & non-toxic solution

By: Grady Galvez ∣ Updated: January 09, 2024

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My friend recommended me to use a Whip-it stain remover and cleaner. After the much amazingly satisfying results the same I am advising to you.

Chemical based solutions could be harsh on your skin and unsafe for kids and pets but the Whip-it rules out this and is the safest product available.

You won’t believe it!!! Even my old clothes came out just stain-free after I used this.

What all surfaces can it clean? Worth or not? Can it clean the carpets? Does it clean the laundry? Is it safe to use?

All the answers are right here down, as after much pragmatic tests and trials on a range of products this non-toxic and all-natural formula came out to be a WINNER!!!

It is not so expensive and despite using a range of cleaners and storing them you can use this one solution which is versatile and can be used for 500 different uses.

Still don’t believe me. Just check out the dead honest reviews!!!!

The results came out to be remarkable for me on the very many surfaces and things I tried the cleaner and hope they do for you too.

What Is This Astonishing WHIP IT STAIN REMOVER?

Admirable Features:


  • The Whip-it is a versatile cleanser, stain, remover, and deodorizer too.

  • An earth friendly stain remover and degreaser.

  • Multiple surfaces such as the wood, upholstery, fabrics, carpets, and tiles can be treated with this.

  • There are over 500 varied uses of this.

  • The bottle comes in a 32 oz. of cleaner, and ultra-concentrated solution.

  • A powerful pre-mixed solution.

  • A 100% all-natural formula made from natural ingredients for details refer below.

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We Have The Two Versions Of Whip-It Cleaner Here:

All Time Great

whip it cleaner

1. Whip-it Concentrate Multi-Purpose Stain

The amazing whip it offers tremendous cleaning power, is a plant and vegetable-derived formula that’s 100% natural and biodegradable. This is also referred to as the Miracle Cleaner due to its ability to clean everything and that too in a friendly manner. Click here to know how many people recently bought this product.

Infused with oil-boasting this gives away pleasant natural fragrance. The best part is that it is non-toxic and safe to be used around pets and family. The versatility aspect makes it easy to ditch other extra products that you had been using and you will save your storage space too.

You will be surprised as this provides some add-on benefits:

  • Over 500 different uses.

  • Contains 32-oz of cleaner (equals 32 bottles of multi-surface cleaner that can be used every day).

  • Can be customized.

  • Eradicate stains in just no time.

  • Whip-it is a huge hit and preferred by hospitals to hotels, professional cleaning companies to transit authorities, and restaurants to carwashes.

Note: A full-strength formula that can be used anywhere.

The Best:

  • Delivers cost-effective cleaning.

  • Safe, non-toxic formula.

  • You get versatile use and exceptional clean.

  • Proudly made in the US.

  • Gives a wonderful fresh fragrance.

The Worst:

  • A completely natural product.

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Most Recommended

whip it cleaner reviews

2. Whip-It All Natural Enzyme Cleaner Stain Fighting Kit

Without making use of the harsh chemicals this whip it cleaning solution is designed to tackle the toughest of stains.

This provides high-performance solutions and this plant-based cleanser is formulated by making use of only raw and organic ingredients such as essential oils, lemons, oranges, eucalyptus etc.

This complete fighting kit works wonderfully as a multi-purpose cleaner and a stain remover.

You can use these cleaners on numerous surfaces and applications such as grout, machinery, tile, wood, stone, fabrics, upholstery, carpets, and many more. Don’t forget to take a quick look at accessories that comes along with this package.

This packs a powerful punch and the whip it spray leaves you with adequate comfort and ease. After you use it you yourself will feel that some miracle has happened as this breaks down, loosens, and lifts stubborn stains in just seconds!!!

Note: A complete high-performance cleaner and stain remover in one kit.

The Best:

  • Designed to tackle the most serious stains.

  • All-natural formula.

  • Can be put to more than 500 different uses.

  • Plant and vegetable derived solutions.

  • Used widely by institutions and commercial cleaning companies.

  • Gives a pleasant odour.

The Worst:

  • If comes with price-reduction, it will be better.

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The HISTORY Of Whip-it Cleaner

It was the year 1931, when a man ahead of time, R.C. Douglas followed an idea that the cleaning crews could be kept safe from any sort of toxic chemicals by using plant-based solutions made by using organic and raw ingredients such as essential oils, eucalyptus, oranges, and lemons.

Almost after 70-years

His grandson John Watson took picked up the eco-friendly mission. As there were many toxic chemical cleansers that stole the show over time but Watson took the initiative to develop a formula that’s plant-based and could go head-to-head with the outcomes of its fellow toxic cleaners.

The whip it cleaner and the whip it stains remover were sold on:

  • Home Shopping Network.

  • BJ’s.

  • Sam’s Club Road Show.

  • Major governmental organisations etc.

This earth friendly green solution was used by many organizations and multiple industries including the equipment cleaning of Chicago bus and train lines.

These Are A Few Questions That Are Often Asked By People About The Whip-It Cleaner.

How is the Whip it cleaner used? How is it mixed?

If you want to use the Whip it cleaner then you can use it in its concentrated form straight away. For the perfect outcomes you can use the general cleaning instructions mentioned below:

This is certainly an incredible multi-purpose cleaner, stain remover, and de-greaser. You should shake the bottle properly before use. Three easy steps:

Step 1-  A terry towel can be used for some general cleaning purposes and a microfiber towel for cleaning-up glass and mirrored surfaces.

Step 2-  Dilution should be done by following the mentioned instructions on the bottle.

Step 3-  Spray on the area then wipe and remove the stain.

whip-it cleaner

For General Cleaning With Stain Removal: The cleaner should not be sprayed on the things that heated surfaces or in direct sunlight.

Cooling down is must before you use on such surfaces. For agitating and absorbing stains, a terry cloth towel to be used.

For Removing Tough Surface stains: An applicable abrasive pad or a brush should be used for removing stubborn stains. For e.g. surface rust/corrosion, grime/burnt grease and hard water.

For Porous Items: You should blend with a soft brush and then allow the cleaner to reach the particular stain area.

How Does The Whip-It Cleaner Work?

The stains are munched away by the enzymes present in the Whip it cleaner. This isn’t a proper technical explanation though. But in real sense the particles are broken down by the enzymes and the stains dissolve and are removed.

As we have mentioned earlier also that any kind of toxic and nasty chemicals or ingredients don’t form a part of this cleaner. This is an all-natural and environmentally friendly and an absolutely safe solution.

On what all surfaces the Whip it cleaner can be used? Can we use clothes, carpets and so on….?

Here’s a list of things on which the Whip it cleaner proves of great success.

  • Glass – The solution should be diluted before cleaning this.

  • Laundry – Stains like dirt, grass, food stains and grease can be removed and for best results spot treat them. There is no need to wash them immediately.

  • Leather And Vinyl – Common stains like dirt and make-up can be removed by spraying and wiping with a terry towel.

  • Carpet – The whip it carpets cleaner can be freed from stains like dirt, ketch-up, coffee, urine, and wine etc. Spray nozzle agitate with a rapid motion or a terry towel to be used.

  • Steam Cleaning – You should vacuum and pre-spot soiled areas.

  • Wooden Floors – For dirt, spills scuff marks, wax, you can use the whip it cleaner. Terry cloth is fine but for removing wax you should use hot water instead.

  • Light Rust – You should directly spray on the rusted area and allow tight steam, and then wipe with a terry cloth after 10-15 seconds of the work.

Note: Basically, you can use this solution on almost everything except things such as permanent markers, nail polish, dyes, and inks that have settled with time.

Enzyme Concentrate cleaner

What Are Ingredients In The Whip-It Cleaner?

The Whip it cleaner is absolutely safe to use and you need not worry if pets, children, or elderlies are around. We have mentioned earlier also that these are earth friendly and the ingredients used to make them are raw and organic plant-based solutions such as the:

1. Coconut

2. Citrus

3. Corn

4. Lemons

5. Oranges

6. Essential oils

7. Eucalyptus

Whip It Cleaner Ingredients

Note: So, no negative impact on earth with this cruelty-free solution.

Is Whip-It Cleaner A Disinfectant?

The Whip-It Cleaner Is A:

1. Natural Disinfectant
2. Antibacterial cleanser
3. Deodorizer

Though, disinfectants and disinfectant cleaning products are made to kill a number of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms that could develop on non-living surfaces.

These cleaning formulas are made to remove grime and dirt from the surfaces and not all are dis-infectants that could kill a wide spectrum of harmful viruses or bacteria.

Whip-It Cleaner Really Worth?

Much has been discussed about the Whip-it cleaner and its benefits and features. undoubtedly, this is a splendid cleaning agent and can be used to deal with numerous surfaces and put to 500 varied uses.

  • As the enzymes work to break down the stains the miraculous results can be witnessed by you and the cleaning tasks become much easier.

  • It cleans almost everything from carpets, windows, sidewalks, upholstery, rugs, wooden floors, laundry, and more.

All Time Great

whip it cleaning solution

1. Whip-It Emergency Stain Removing Pens (3-PACK)

Appreciable Attributes:

  • Amazing stain removing pens.

  • Can be carried anywhere.

  • Tackles many types of stains.

  • Earth friendly and non-toxic.

  • Works well in emergency.

This pen helps you in winning the battle of stubborn stains when you are in emergency. This textured pen helps in loosening and lifting up stubborn stains. Even if there are stains of ink, wine, or grease, this pen works wonderfully.

This is another plant-based formula and can be put to 500 different uses. This little pen can be used to remove stains from carpet, clothing, upholstery and more.

This is compact and portable and can be carried with ease in your purse or at office in times of urgency. Eco-friendly pen works unbelievably to break down the chemical bond of stains in seconds.

Premium Choice

whip it carpet cleaner

2· Whip-It Instant Odor Neutralizer Spray

Appreciable Attributes:

  • Provides amazing and a pleasant smell.

  • Safe non-toxic formula.

  • Long-lasting effectiveness against odors.

  • Dual-purpose use, cleans too.

You must have witnessed that once the scent fades away then the strong odor tends to return with double force and becomes irritating. The Whip-it odor bully is made with Nu-Airo technology that works wonderfully in eliminating in the toughest of odors.

Be it any bad smells like of smoke, pets, compost, urine, decomposition or more this removes everything. This is also environmentally-safe, plant-based, non-toxic, and high-performance solution.

This odor neutralizer works for dual purposes and can be used as a light-duty cleaner also to wipe away grime and grease with ease.

Best Budget Pick

whip it stain remover

3· Whip-It 3 Pack 9oz Laundry Stain Remover

Appreciable Attributes:

  • This is 100% natural laundry stain remover.

  • Perfectly treats the impossible stains.

  • Formula based on six plant-based enzymes.

  • Safe and baby-friendly.

  • Revitalizes your fabrics.

  • Impossible stains vanish in just a few wipes.

The Whip-It laundry stain remover is delicate, gentle yet heavy-duty that has the ability to break the chemical bonds of stains in no time. The formula includes essential oils of lemon, lime, orange, eucalyptus, etc.

This also comprises of components like vegetable and fruit-derived nonionic (no charge) surfactants, corn-derived activators along with natural salt. This is well-known to turn brights brighter and whites whiter.

The best part is that this is naturally bio-degradable, hypo-allergenic, petrochemical-free, baby-friendly that keeps it safe for all washable fabrics. Your fabrics just get revitalized with this all-natural ultra-concentrated formula.

Revitalizes Your Fabrics. This perfectly manages stains of juice, grease, coffee, baby stains, perspiration, limited inks any many more.

Frequently Asked Question's

How does the Whip-up cleaner work?

To effectively use the whip-up cleaner you must first spray the surface with the whip-up solution and then wipe the surface with a cloth used for cleaning if the surface is glass or mirror than is advisable to use microfiber cloth to avoid scratches. The natural composition present in the solution would break down the dirt and give you a pristine surface in seconds.

Does the Whip-it cleaner really work?

Well you should buy it on the sole point that it is biodegradable and made with natural ingredients. But as far as the question goes, yes it is worth every penny spent. It deserves truly to be called the number one natural cleaner in the word.

The natural formula it uses eradicates even the toughest stains with ease and that too by not causing any harm to your hands or surroundings. It is a natural cleaner and an effective one too. It has the most positive reviews by real users, works really well with all the surface and is a proven hardwood floor cleaner too.

Does whip it expire?

Even though it is a natural product it does have an expiration date. If stored properly and kept good it can last up to 1-2 years even after opening. Being natural although does not make it toxic even after expiration, but it is recommended not be used after the expiry date.

How do you mix whip it cleaner?

The process is rather simple, you need to empty the whip-it bottle of 4 oz in sprayer water which is made clean. Then add 16 oz of water, then mix the solution by shaking. Then use it on the surface. If the surface is of stainless steel, marble or any other delicate surface you should 1.5 oz in per quarter of water.

Does whip it cleaner kill germs?

The whip it cleaner is made with all natural ingredients like lemons, eucalyptus, essential oils and oranges and it is biodegradable. This gives it amazing power for cleaning even the toughest of stains. The eucalyptus oil has the power to kill the germs and the best part is it also gives great fragrance also.

What is the amazing whip it?

The amazing whip-it cleaner is often called the world’s best all natural cleaner. It is rightly said so, because in the times when the world is suffering due to global warming and carbon footprints due to excessive usage of chemicals and harmful stuff. The whip-it is opposite to this and uses only natural elements for its compositions, which makes it amazing.

The Final Verdict:

You will get the ultimate cleaning ease with this safest chemical-free formula. Change your cleaning styles and feel relaxed while dealing with the most stubborn stains ever!!!!

Just whip and vanquish the dirt, grime, grease, and stains and feel great!!

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