Types of Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

Even the experts say – Adding a surface cleaner which shows compatibility with your pressure washer will relieve you from countless hours of cleaning and save your efforts too.

What you will finally be benefitted with a surface cleaner? ……. while cleaning your patio, drive way, stairs, walkaways, sidings, and other surfaces:

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of clean-up
  • Power packed cleaning
  • No mess

And who doesn’t want all this! But having an informed decision will let you choose faster, better, and a tool that supports you like a buddy. I have been using these surface cleaners and have experienced a hell lot of difference when I look at the final appearance of my cleaned surfaces.

You may find all these surface cleaners similar at the first glimpse, but all are different and unique.

These powerful, innovatively designed, awe-inspiring pressure washer surface cleaners will put your neighbors in a confused state….Let them envy while you use these mini-miracle workers to achieve your small or big cleaning chores.

While you read below, you will yourself find the huge difference between what a surface cleaner can do in comparison to just a standard sized nozzle. Measure all the desirable attributes, be it the performance, compatibility, durability, size, vertical/horizontal usage, etc.

I am ready to share …..Are you!

The best power washer surface cleaners in the market are here: So, get introduced to your pressure washer cleaner.

Most Selling Types of Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

★ Preventing Overspray ★

Briggs & Stratton – 6328 6196 Spray Nozzle

Briggs & Stratton

★ Compact ★

Greenworks Surface Cleaner – 30012

Greenworks Surface Cleaner

★ Heavy-duty Construction ★

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-18, Surface Cleaner

yamaha surface cleaner

8 Types of Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

Streak-free Cleaning

Most of the surface cleaners discussed here are especially created to clean proficiently but some are made to remain streak-free. Such brands have taken some additional care to design an equipment that won’t leave any patterns behind while cleaning surfaces.

It is wise enough to buy a streak-free cleaner if the final cleaned looks of the space is important for you.

PowerFit. PF31023B Surface Cleaner (15-Inch)

As the name suggests the PF31023B by Powerfit is a power packed 15 – inch outdoor surface cleaner which is designed for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, patios, and more.

This doesn’t leave any streaks after your cleaning chore is finished.

A distinctive feature of this model is the exact speed which it provides for the rotating spray nozzles (rotates at 1,500 rpm). With this huge figure you yourself can think the amount of high-speed cleaning the device can deliver.

The surface cleaner uses 2-rotating nozzles and easy connection can be established with pressure washer wand for your cleaning jobs. This is 4 times faster than a standard sized spray nozzle.

Vertical Cleaning

If your choice is for a model that is designed to accomplish unusual jobs then select a one which shows vertical compatibility. Many of the pressure washer surface cleaners are made to perform great cleaning on the flat surfaces yet can be used for vertical cleaning purposes too.

We have picked out products in this category that show harmony with surfaces such as house exteriors & garage doors. Not only this, one can use them on a wide range of other products too.

PEGGAS – Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner (15 – inch)

Like the other one in this category even this surface cleaner by PEGGAS focuses on delivering professional quality cleaning – the DIY way.

This comes with a perfect technological combo of 2- spinning nozzles + a brush surface, this entry takes additional care of all the areas that need to be cleaned.

Cleaning effectiveness is maximized as the nozzles tend to spin at high-speeds (4 x faster) than the standard sized nozzle tips.

Like the others this one is also a 15 – inch gas pressure washer which can be put to multi use with ease. For any residential purposes any machine is worth investing when it promises to work in varied environments without causing any troubles. This one is aptly designed for flat and vertical surfaces both. So the tool you use for your driveway can be used in a similar way for your garage doors.

The surface cleaner also possesses a universal attachment that facilitates quick usage if quick-connect adapter is a part of your wand.

You can perform all your dirty chores without getting dirty yourself. So a device like the PEGGAS surface cleaner, there is not much that you require.

Karcher – Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment (15 – inch)


Searching for a multifaceted smart pressure washer surface cleaner!! Then your search ends here. This surface cleaner by Karcher is well-furnished with numerous beneficial features.

Hence, without creating any messy issues the 15 – inch by Karcher has all the abilities to deliver pro – grade quality cleaning that too in a timely manner.

The model comes with 2 – spinning nozzles that sit at a measured & fixed height in the machine. Above all they prevent any sort of streaks too.

This facilitates 4-times faster cleaning in comparison to the standard sized spray nozzles and shows compatibility with a big range of gas power washers – almost 20 PSI versions.

If we consider the other beneficial features – this works wonderfully on the flat surfaces (driveways) and vertical surfaces (garage doors, house exterior walls, sliding, etc.) alike.

The surface cleaner is completely splash-free and promises to keep you dry while using it.
Not much is left that you will demand out of an exterior surface cleaner as you get all appreciable attributes such as:

  • Splash prevention
  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Streak prevention.

Preventing Overspray

All the things do not need pressure washing. If you are cleaning concrete that doesn’t mean your garden & plants should be a part of the same power wash. So, the overspray prevention will keep a check and not let your precious flowers suffer.

While you clean the surfaces and water splashing takes place then choose a surface cleaner which owns the prevention feature.

Even if you just don’t want to get your clothes wet while cleaning, overspray protection is a helpful tool. Even if you are concerned for getting wet yourself then also this feature will prove of potent help.

Briggs & Stratton – 6328 6196 Spray Nozzle

This product of 14 – inches in diameter is constructed by a popular brand Briggs & Stratton for gas pressure washers.

This entry boasts of dual high-pressure rotating jets that are made to give rapid cleaning without leaving any streaks. The spinning jets of the device enable convenient cleaning.

Just note one thing that this equipment shoes compatibility with pressure washers from 2200 PSI – 3400 PSI only. You need to ensure before that your power washer not have a very high or low pressure.

The 6328 6196 Spray Nozzle is made to operate 4 x quicker than the 40 – degree spray nozzle.

The dome shape controls overspray to protect walls and flower beds (ensuring no sensitive items are effected in the surroundings). This quality comes with a lot of appreciation from the users.

The water will stay contained in the surface cleaner itself, so all your worries of getting your garden and clothes wet can be kept aside while you this worthy and amazing tool.

Locking Joint Function

More efficient storage and more feasible breaks while working is allowed by this additional feature.

The product features joints that are easily lockable when the product is not in use also enabling the surface cleaner to stand-up on its own. You can stop, take a breath, relax, and start working again with your tool as the lock joint function is quite suitable for all this.

The product is designed to fit suitably in small spaces for storing purposes when not in use. This attribute can certainly considered as a bonus for operating the pressure washer smoothly.

Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner

This small-sized tool is manufactured to specialize for huge jobs. This compact model is an ideal option if you want to accomplish your task. This measures 11 inches in diameter and very mighty too.

The T300 is compact but does not compromise in any way with the quality and deals substantial projects with convenience. A perfect combo of great characteristics.

The manufacturers took extra care for making a product with a robust exterior shell as the desirable qualities were not adequate. The vibrant yellow and black design of the equipment makes it look adorable and cool.

“CLEANR, QUICKER.” Needless to mention, Karcher promises a tool that’s impressive and aims at performing the toughest jobs conveniently. The extra locking joint characteristic also makes it all the more special enabling you to take a break whenever you want.

Without the need of adding a bulky and an industrial-looking piece of equipment, you can let your neighbors envy with this cool and attractive mini marvel.

Heavy-duty Construction

If you want to go for some commercial purpose then you will be requiring a heavy-duty surface cleaner. These type of equipment come with a powerful interior or a tough outer shell.

You get to know about the power of a surface cleaner if it shows compatibility with a high-PSI which regulates the pressure of the device through pounds per square inch. The higher limit which the power-index owns is of 4000 PSI (above 300 are regarded as powerful).

Confronting utmost dirty areas then pick up one of these heavy-duty surface cleaners.

Generac 6132 – High Pressure Surface Cleaner (15-Inch)

The Generac 6132 is made to clean huge areas speedily.

Till now, on our list this is the most powerful surface cleaner which shows compatibility of up to – 3,100 PSI.

Along with this the high-pressure surface cleaner comprises of robust materials for longevity (outer shell of durable plastic & stainless steel).

Uniform and quick cleaning path is produced by the rotating nozzles. The sturdy yet flexible bristles keep the surface protected which is being cleaned and control over-spray.

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-18, Surface Cleaner

Added security with good functionality is offered by this product made by a renowned brand Yamaha. Since 1897 this Japanese multinational corporation – Yamaha is into selling a plethora of equipment and electronics.

Undoubtedly, a product coming from Yamaha is bound to operate great.

This is another 15-inch model in our list that gives more of an industrial appearance and best suited for those who prefer heavy-duty tools.

Like the other ones this also cleans 4 x faster than the standard sized nozzles offering streak-free and even cleaning.

The product is compatible for up to 3300 PSI and quickly connects to any capable pressure washer.


Both the products mentioned below come with a couple of advisable qualities, though at times you are in search of something that may be small enough to fit into your garage. If owning a whole lot of backyard tools and tidiness is an extremely important affair for you then this small version is ready to serve you in the best way.

With a diameter of just 10 inches these surface cleaners hardly occupy much space.

Greenworks Surface Cleaner – 30012

This handy, cool, and green surface cleaner barely appears like a maintenance tool. This small-sized attachment is made particularly to make your decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and more look brand new.

The diameter is just 11 inches and this attaches to the quick-connect feature enabling huge cleaning jobs.The surface cleaner is compatible with many of the pressure washers up to 2,000 PSI.

Though it isn’t the choice for the most powerful pressure washers made as for them models which have an index of around 3,000 to 4,000 PSI needs to be entertained.

One more factor here to consider is, this entry is best suited for horizontal use. So vertical uses such as cleaning fences you will have to go for another pressure washer. This works amazingly great when kept flat on the ground.

Electric cord is used to power the attachment, so no charging needed but surely this will require plug-in facility.

This works smoothly without creating any noise and letting you work in peace. Greenworks feels proud in providing a consistent & worthy tool to use and going for this reliable one will let you feel confident.

Sun Joe SPX-PCA10 Patio Cleaning Attachment

In search of a compact yet well-organized surface cleaning attachment…..then the Sun Joe is worth a try. This is not only versatile but can be stored easily too.

Even for keeping your personal items clean you can use this cleaning attachment for your BBQ too. Despite being effective in terms of functionality this model comes in a bright green color which prevents you to keep any more bulky tools in your garage.

Another one with just a diameter of 10 inches, attractive features, and multitude of benefits, this will absolutely be a great selection.

Temperature Sensitivity

For perfect operation some of the surface cleaners need specific temperature range whereas the others do not specify a preference. You can check out the model mentioned below as it works wonderfully with exceedingly hot water.

SIMPSON Cleaning Surface Cleaner (15 – inch)


We have selected the 15 – inch surface cleaner by Simpson as our most power packed, bold, black, and efficient tool that works well with pressures up to 3600 PSI. Though this entry offers the highest pressure compatibility but is temperature sensitive too. This can be used be cold water only and constructed to fit most gas pressure washers.

The exterior coating of this model comprises of stainless-steel, is powder-coated, with stainless-steel nozzles in the interior.

Certainly this is a solid purchase if you are seeking for a robust product with high-pressure abilities.

Domestic Assembly

Not every time and every day you will come across a product that’s made in the US. There are some that come with the label ‘Made in Chine’ too. Good to support your motherland when it is about products too, and for you all patriotic customers out there a great surface cleaner is out here:

American Hydro Clean – RSC100-AF 15″ Rotating Surface Cleaner

Are you an ardent supporter the products originated in your country? Then you will surely appreciate this American Hydro Clean rotating surface cleaner.
This is proudly assembled in the US and the name speaks all about the RSC100-AF 15 inch.

Like the others in the list this is also quite powerful with a pressure limit of 3,400 PSI (uses 3.5 gallons of water every minute).

The outer powder coating resists rusts and chemicals and the tool is made of stainless steel along with the double interior nozzles which are effective & strong. The surface cleaner comes with a quick-connect socket for wand insertion (excluded in the purchase).

Our Final Thoughts

‘No brainer’ there are two types of power washers – electric and gas pressure washers. This pressure washer type will finally determine which surface cleaner agrees with your machine before you buy.

Furthermore, understanding these varied and clear cut features about the pressure washer surface cleaners will help you choose better. Looking at all the characteristics and after matching-up with your needs, the essential ones can be purchased accordingly.

Most of these come with a quick-connect feature and work 4 x faster than a standard nozzle. So, this leaves you with immense flexibility to accomplish cleaning tasks faster.

One more thing to be noted here is the size of the surface cleaner. They measure 10 – 15 inches in diameter and depending on your work type you can finally pick one. Much has said about some add-on features like the locking joint function, streak-free cleaning, overspray protection, durability, cost, etc.

Just evaluate what’s important for you, place order, and have a splendid experience while cleaning….