Tips On Using A Pressure Washer

We come across various things in live which need cleaning on regular basis, whether our house, furniture, utensils, crafts, electronics, and automobiles. These things might not need the extensive cleaning or the hard-core cleaning, but drive walks, cars, your house’s walking concrete platform, or hard floors, they all need some pressure cleaning because they’re hard, and dirt doesn’t come off very easily. Pressure washers come to your rescue in the case where you need hard cleaning. They help to clean all by yourself by creating a pressure of 1100-2400 psi with the help of gas pump or an electronic pump. These pressure washers should be used very carefully, let’s see some tips as to how you can safely use them.

Tips On Using A Pressure Washer

Know What Type Of Washer You Need

There are basically three power washers, and they all are used in different areas. These washers work differently and have a different hole at the end. Pressure washers less than 2400 psi can be removed and different washers can be installed on the hose.

65 Degree Nozzle: This washer widespread the flow of the water, giving you a large area for cleaning. You can use this washer in driveways and where you need large water spread.

25 Degree Nozzle: This nozzle has the comparatively smaller widespread area, and you can use it for stubborn dirt and cleaning. You can clean house and grim that can’t be taken away by the above nozzle.

0 Degree Blasting Nozzle: This nozzle throws water straight and at very high speed. You can wash your car bottom, and clean the dirty driveways if they’re not cleaning by the above nozzles. Basically, this nozzle is designed for all the hard-core cleaning works.

A Pressure Washer

Operating Tips

Before you start cleaning, you should know the tips to start and operate the pressure washer safely and with care.

  • Check if all the connections are tight, and water supply is there.
  • When you start the washer, make sure the pressure is low to avoid recoil, then gradually increase the pressure.
  • The gas unit should be started by a cord with bracing your foot against a wheel.
  • After running tests, finally, do your setting and adjust the pressure.

Cleaning Cars

  • For better cleaning and effectiveness, use detergents that are safe for car paints.
  • You can fill the pressure washer with detergents and make sure use widespread spays.
  • For better results, loose the dirt by plain water, then fill it up by detergents to finally clean the dirt.
  • Keep the surface wet at the times to avoid any marks.

Maintaining The Machine

  • When winters arrive, use anti-freezing solutions to make sure the flow remains.
  • You should prefer washing indoors in off season for preventing any damages to the washer.
  • When the pump is going to be idle for more than a month, remove the gas and add preservatives to the tanks

In addition to this tips on running washers, you should use proper eye protection, gloves and ear buds in the case if noise is high.


How to Use a Power Washer

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