Swiffer For Wood Floors – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As the name is, so is the performance of this fantastic floor spray mop, which is lighter, faster, cleaner, and effortless to use.

This marvelous spray mop cuts the need to drag any bucket of soap, or wringing out the mop heads. So appealing is the appearance along with impressive function. Just with a button press, you can clean and scrub the floors after spraying the solution.

You may be thinking that I am just kidding! But the fact is I have personally put this game-changer product to several tests for knowing its best and worst outcomings.

I have tried and tested it on every floor, from ordinary to hard floors. This went on for several weeks and sharing my experience with you:

Swiffer For Wood Floors Detailed Reviews

Minimal Set-Up

When I bought my Swiffer WetJet, I wasn’t even sure looking at the packing as it seemed so compact.

But actually, it was a spray mop with all the accessories inside it. Though, the assembling of the mop is required to be done by easy DIY methods.

The various parts of the mop required connections, and I could easily do it, and each piece clicked into its position.

The second thing which was to be done is the opening of the battery compartment and then loading the AA batteries, which are included with the mop when you buy.

Then just the cleaning pad to be charged with the cleaning solution and the broom is ready forever. Let me tell you, two mopping pads and three extra power pads are included with the pack.

Cleaning Performance: Some Elbow Grease Needed

Furthermore, my apartment’s floors were the best idea to test first. As the floors included sealed hardwood surfaces and the surfaces were never cleaned perfectly before. I was sure to know the difference after using it, and it came to be true. There were splotches and stains, along with the salty mud and blemishes that had tracked in during winter. Many spaces appeared shabby.

But to my surprise, the wonderful Swiffer WetJet was able to perform its duty so well, by trapping dirt and scrubbing the stains with the standard cleaning pad.


"This Has Managed So Well To Clean The Most Stubborn Stains Like A Breeze"

This is undoubtedly a piece of good news for you as the splotches and stubborn stains were history after a few pressure strokes of the mop. I was a bit ashamed, and felt that I need to mop often and this great product kind of made me relaxed and satiated.

My washrooms have laminated floors, and after cleaning the living area I wanted to give this a try also. I changed and used one extra pad more and with minimal scrubbing efforts I could clean the floors with ease and comfort.

Design And Comfort : Straight Forward And Comfortable Usage

Some tight areas which are difficult to reach, and usually with a standard mop you have to turn your arms awkwardly to get where the spaces in the corners look dirty, but when you use the Swiffer you face no such . This features a curved handle and I just love the ease and effortless feel it gives while we clean.

The company just focuses ease and convenience and the floor spray mop works like a magic wand with the cleaning pads and the spraying solution.

Effortless manoeuvring, with just a button press and a comfortable handle makes the task seem like a breeze. If you want to activate the spray then just hold the handle and press the button for that.

The hoop and loop fastener which are attached with the mop head helps in grabbing the pads firmly and the entire process of attaching and removing is like a child’s play.


"The Curved Handle Makes The Task Much Easier And I Just Love This"

Every good thing may have a few small drawbacks, and this floor spray mop is a bit fragile in places. When I was inserting the batteries the case, I found was made of very thin plastic and this could be a possibility that breaks.

Included Accessories: Supplies Won't Last For A Long Time

Hardwood Floor Cleaner

The floor mop kit is a starter kit and many things are included in the pack itself. I mentioned it earlier also that the 500 ml bottle of cleaning solution and the extra power pads are included.

The full-size jars which are available come in a pack of 1.25 litres, and this is almost double which I got with the pack as a trial. It was pretty clear that I would require the cleaning solution badly after a few uses.

But one good news is that we get a range of cleaning from where we can choose and they come with various versions from cleaning hardwood surfaces, floors to several fresh fragrances.

The refills packs are cheaper and you can buy them for just 10 dollars. This will make you use the cleaning solution for a significantly long time as compared to the trial jar.

Ease Of Cleaning

As far as the mop functioning is concerned then this is extremely quick and easy to use. After you finish the cleaning chores the dirty pad needs to be pulled off without using your hands, and if you do as I did, you won’t feel bad either.

Easy, easy, super easy!

The cleaning solution remains stuck on the mop itself, and what else is left, just store it!


"The Materials Used Are A Bit Fragile & This Is My Only Complaint About The Product's Drawback"

Price Is Just Right!

The mop is pretty reasonable at a price of 20 dollars with the supplies that are limited with this kit. The mop is made of inexpensive materials. If the mop was a bit higher priced then, it is obvious that not only me but anyone would have expected some more extra pads with more jars of cleaning solution. I hope you agree, isn’t it!

I am sure after purchasing the floor map spray you will fell happy and satisfied without any regrets.

Competition: Swiffer Is The Winner When it's Convenience

Swiffer Sweeper Wet: This has unmatchable cleaning pads, the way they clear the dirt and dust. They may dry out in the pack and the cleaning solution may finish before you finish your mopping task.

When it comes to comparison with the other Swiffer products then the WetJet is miles ahead and its performance is incredible while mopping.

The solution you apply is in your control and you need it very little. Removing and attaching the pads is also an easy job and I have mentioned it earlier.

O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System

Best Tile Floor Cleaner Mop

A great product which I have tested personally, and it some what similar to the mop and bucket (traditional). This is another effective product but not of good quality and breaks easily after frequent use. so, again this proves that Swiffer maintains its top position like before in terms of convenience.

The Crux

Best As Compared To The Rest!

If you are fed up of your floor cleaners and buckets as I was, then switch to Swiffer WetJet floor spray and mop. This is overall a great product, affordable, easy to use and cleans floors of almost all types with any stains or settled dirt.

  • Product Name – WetJet Floor Spray Mop.

  • Product Brand – Swiffer.

  • UPC – 37000928102.

  • Product Dimensions – 49 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches.

  • Batteries Needed – 4 AA (included).

  • What’s Included – Spray mop, 5 pads (2 regular, 3 “Extra Power”), 1 trial bottle of floor cleaner and 4 batteries.