Does A Sump Pump In Your Home Needs A Cover? Understand It’s Types

Last updated on December 26th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

Do you have a sump pump installed in the basement of your home? If the answer resounds yes, then you would definitely need a sump pump cover. A sump pit that collects water inside itself, needs to be protected from every type of debris and unwanted odors.

Installing a sump pump cover proves quite handy. It protects the sump pump basin from being exposed to unwanted dust, dirt, and gravel and prevents the inside moisture from evaporating. In addition to this, use of sump pump pit cover is important to keep water management issues at bay.

However, the installation of the sump pump cover needs to be carried out in a flawless manner to ensure no air quality issue for your home. Here is a simple and effortless DIY for a smart installation method.

sump pump basin cover

Understand the DIY Installation Process

Buy a cover that fits to the size of your sump pump. You can even make the cover on your own from plywood that is same as the size of your sump basin. Cut 3 holes in it for drain line, electrical cord, and the venting pipe.

To seal the cover make sure to mechanically fastened it in its place with the aid of screws. Placing foam rubber gasket beneath the plywood cover will help the plywood push the foam rubber into the ground and will close the air gaps too.

Now, plug the sump pump and connect it to the drain line.

Ever came across the question, which sump cover you need? Basically, there are two types of covers available- Radon Sump Pump Cover and Airtight Sump Pump Cover. Let’s understand the need of both the sump pump cover ideas.

sump pump basin cover

  • Radon Sump Pump Cover- Radon, a devastating soil gas is a killer. It is characterized as colorless, odorless, invisible and tasteless. Do you know there are numerous sources through which radon gas can enter your home and pose major threat? These can be floor cracks, floor drains and holes in the wall. If you suspect that radon gas is an issue in your basement, sealing the sump with a radon sump pump cover would surely resolve the issue. You can either buy this cover or make it yourself using a plywood.

  • Airtight Sump Pump Cover- An airtight sump pump cover is a great necessity from protecting the sump pump from damage. It blocks the moisture and odour. Having a airtight lid or seal prevents water in the pit from turning into vapour and evaporating into the basement. As a result, this puts a halt on the process of mould growth and fungal decay. Moreover, these covers also provide a finished appearance to the pit and are easily removed for maintenance whenever required.

There are few other reasons why your sump pump might be in a dire need of a cover. Let’s have a closer look.

  • Keep Insects At Bay- Insects such as grasshoppers, mosquitoes, and beetles multiply in a stagnant water. Thus, the presence of sump cover deters the growth of these insects and prevents them from residing in such a moist place.

  • Doesn’t Let The Sound Disturb You- Sump pumps create a noisy sound that often seems irritating. Thus, a good sump cover act as a barrier and doesn’t let the sound reach your home.

sump pump hole cover


Sump Pump is a quintessential equipment if you want to keep wet basement problems at arm. To ensure its longevity, a sump pump cover is something which every sump pump owner must buy or craft their own. The covers come in various sizes to fit your sump basin. Rely upon it to block the radon gas, prevent the nasty odors, and unwanted stuff from falling into the sump pit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Sump Pump Cover Is A Necessity?

Ans. If you have a sump pump installed in your home, then you would surely require the sump pump cover too. There are numerous reasons attached with it as it prevents radon, a radioactive gas from entering inside the home.

Secondly, it doesn’t allow the water in the pit to turn into vapors thus keeping the moisture in the pit itself.

Thirdly, it stops the nesting of insects and mosquitoes that love to live in a moist place. In addition to this, a good quality sump pump cover doesn’t let the sump pump noise from reaching out.

Q2. How A Sump Pump Cover Prevents The Flow Of Radon Gas?

Ans. Radon gas is a serious killer that erupts from floor drains and floor cracks. Though sump pump doesn’t produce radon gas. However, keeping it uncovered allows the radon gas to make path towards your home. Therefore, to alleviate this issue, you need a sump pump cover.

Q3. Can U Install The Sump Pump Cover Yourself?

Ans. Yes, the installation of sump pump cover can be easily carried out at home by on own. You can craft the cover using a plywood of the size same as your sump basin. All you need to do is cut 3 holes in it for drain line, electrical code, and venting pipe. Seal it drain hole using rubber gasket, and the cord hole with the grommet.