Sta-Bil Vs Seafoam – How It is Protect Engine Damage

Last updated on June 23rd, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

For our precious machines, many of us make use of fuel stabilizers. We even store them for off-season purposes in order to have an easier time starting them when the real time arrives.

Rightly thought and a great practice if you store something for the rainy day. But do you know this could land you up in some trouble…..don’t worry!!

You have to use the right product and the right amounts for getting benefit out of something as one should get the good with no harm.

Today we are going to discuss two of the commonest fuel stabilizer types answering which one may come out better than the other.

Key Features Of Sta-Bil Vs Seafoam

1. Sta-Bil

When the topic is about fuel stabilizers then for a number of years Sta-bil has become a household name.

The brand confidently claims their fuel to stay fresher and longer thereby preventing any troubles for your machines.

One thing that they do not tell is, how it works?

Sta-bil, fuel stabilizer is a glycol based product which is quite similar to an anti-freeze one over a petroleum based product such as gasoline.

After you add it to your fuel then it makes a thin film, on the fuel top and works brilliantly to keep out air + moisture. One major problem here is that if the fuel gets moved, bumped, or shifted in any way or due to any reasons then the thin film breaks down automatically and doesn’t re-seal itself.

There are chances that the air and moisture gets into your fuel. More suitable for huge items:

All those items which are less prone to jolts like boats, campers, or cars and kept parked for a longer duration without being disturbed, Sta-bil is made for them.

2. Sea Foam

Talking further about fuel brands then Sea-foam is another name which can’t be forgotten. This is another popular brand name which is famous for its versatility (fuel stabilizer & cleaner).

The Sea Foam is petroleum based and provides similar protection along with extra bonus of cleaning the internal elements as it burns.

Unlike others this fuel stabilizer mixes with the fuel in contrast to separating itself. This means whether you shake the fuel move or bump it, your equipment will not be exposed to moisture or air.

You can remain absolutely relaxed and use it for your piece of equipment.

More suitable for small engines:

An ideal stabilizer for small-sized engines like the snow blowers, lawn mowers, or handheld trimmers. All these small devices are disturbed more for different chores.

They Are Different

Now, we hope that the differences of both the fuel stabilizers are clear to you. Both the fuel stabilizers work well to add life to your fuel and offer adequate protection form air and moisture.

But keep in mind that you need to use these for different applications (can be referred above).

The fuel stabilizers do come with their drawbacks too. This is not guaranteed that if you add a fuel stabilizer to your fuel, that for the entire season it will keep the gas fresh.

  • Even a substantial amount of our customers also have expressed their exasperation for the equipment which owned bad fuel in their tank.
  • And most of them claim the fact that they used glycol based or Sta-bil fuel stabilizer for their engines or items.
  • The glycol has the property to separate itself from fuel but does not offer the optimum protection for it. This is generally an easy fix, as you need to flush the fuel system, change the spark plug. Later on, you can see how well the machine starts-up without any hassles.
  • For a trouble free start, select a stabilizer which is petroleum based and mixes up with fuel perfectly offering maximum benefits.

is seafoam a fuel stabilizer
Real User Reviews:

According To One Of The Users Zane:

Sea Foam is the best stabilizer as this does increase the life of your fuel and keeps away the moisture in the right way.

Prior to use I have done a good amount of research online and found out that Sea Foam never damages your engine if used in the appropriate amount. This in turn works to extend the life of gasoline.

Another User Ralph Says:

Sea Foam has a better fragrance than others.

According To Marc:

I had been using Sta-bil for my car and have witnessed great results. This works brilliantly to add years to fuel. I am really happy using it.

Which One Is Better? – Sta-Bil Or Seafoam

A treatment of Sea Foam is the best answer for the fuel concerned engine issues. There are chances that the constant use may damage your engine.

In case you have gasoline that comprises of ethanol in your equipment tank then Sta-bil is a better choice.

Expert Tip: Always use recommended amount of any fuel stabilizer to prevent damages of any sort.

The Final Thoughts:

You need to take care of a few things prior to choosing any fuel stabilizer. Both the fuel stabilizers mentioned in the article are two of the top-line brands of the industry.

Compare the features of both and then take a wise decision. If you want for huge items then go for Sta-bil and if for smaller engines then Sea Foam is a better choice. Do check things as the ones below:

  • Winter formula
  • Length of time
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility

All the above mentioned aspects will help you narrow down your decision for the right fuel stabilizer.