Spray And Forget Cleaner Reviews 2024

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Each one of us feels and aspires to have an “A dream and a clean house”. Owning a house comes with a great responsibility for maintenance. The growth of mold and bacteria is commonly found in most places of the house. For a healthy environment, all places in the home should be mold and bacteria free.

The market these days offers many products which help in easy cleaning of your houses. But most of these products are made of certain harmful chemicals that not only harm your or your children’s health but the pets also.

The spray and forget products give a sparkling clean look to your house with the utmost ease and comfort. This spray is winning hearts of the people as it takes care of all roof cleaning needs. As the name suggests; just spray it and get rid of all the mold and bacteria on all the exterior surfaces.

So just this spray and forget reviews and let people see the jaw-dropping finish of your dream house.

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Spray and Forget Cleaner Reviews

1 Best Spray & Forget

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Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner

The Spray and forget it is certainly a revolutionary one, leaving your roofs to look shinier and brighter. This cleaner is quite reasonable and the concentrate makes up to 10 gallons in total.

This one is an amazing cleaner which can cover an area of approximately 1000 to 2000 sq. ft. to give it a wow finish. Its non- corroding and eco-friendliness feature give it an upper edge.

It is best suited for surfaces like siding, fences, roofs, shutters, and others. Each one of us has a vision of a dream house, and it is natural that we love to have a house that is sparkling clean too.

This revolutionary roof cleaner is absolutely bleach-free, non-acidic and contains no heavy metals or phosphates. It really makes it a unique one and very safe to use.

This one is basically an outdoor cleaner and works best for any outdoor or exterior surfaces. It helps to remove any stains which could be caused by moss, mold, mildew, lichens or algae.

Once we spray it, as the name suggests just forget it, let nature act upon it to give optimum results. This product requires no rinsing, scrubbing, pressure washing on the exterior surface of your house. This biodegradable and non-caustic formula just pierces in the stains and vanishes them.

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This one is a very reasonable and effective one.

The 1-gallon pack makes 10 gallons.

Eco-friendly, non-corrosive, bleach-free.

Best suited for exteriors like roofs, shutters, fences, siding, etc.

The need for rinsing is omitted.


It takes a long time to get the final results.

2 Spray & Forget Roof Cleaner

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Spray & Forget SFRCG01 G01

The Spray and Forget roof cleaner shares similar features to that of the first product mentioned in the article. A revolution in itself this product works amazingly to give the best results.

The non-acidic, no bleach, no phosphates, no chemical properties make it work out of the box. It acts best on almost all exterior surfaces such as decks, roofs, sidings, stucco, bricks and more.

This revolutionary cleaner removes and also prevents the growth of algae (black and green), mold, mildew, lichen, fungus and algae stains. This reasonable cleaner makes around 10 gallons from 1-gallon bottle – ample quantity, I think! It doesn’t contain any lye or heavy metals or chlorine.

It works for a long time after spraying and applying. The concentrate which is diluted can be put in a pump spray and then applied to the affected area. Mother Nature shows its magic after that.

You need not do any kind of power washing with this. This one doesn’t compromise anywhere with quality, a wonderful one overall. The instructions on the pack should always be read and followed carefully.


An amazing roof cleaner concentrate.

Makes up to 10 gallons from just 1 pack.

It’s a quality product.

Works best on outdoor surfaces removes algae, mold, and mildew.

It is a biodegradable non-acidic, bleach-free formula.

Doesn’t contain any heavy metals.

No rinsing or scrubbing of any sort is required.


It kills algae but sometimes the spot gets left there.

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3 Best Value for Your Dollar

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Spray & Forget House & Deck Cleaner

An excellent one which can make your house exterior look shining and sparkling clean. This spray and forget house and deck cleaner comes with an easy application in a 64 oz bottle.

This 64 oz bottle can make up to 5 gallons of cleaner, an adequate amount. An ideal one for cleaning outer areas and surfaces like deck, stucco, brick, stone, roofs, siding and others.

These non-caustic, non-acidic, bleach-free, non-corroding elements make it a brilliant one. As it possesses a balanced and neutral PH, it prevents any damage or harm to your awnings, gutters, furniture, patio or cars, etc.

These house and deck cleaners are best fitted for moist areas, as the cleaner works marvelously when rain falls over time. Henceforth, the moisture helps in activating the cleaning process.

It becomes very tedious if we have to rinse scrub or do damage power washing, this one is the most comfortable one to use and makes your house look special. It cleans up an area of about 100 sq.ft.

As I always say just follow the instructions given on the pack. In today’s times’ none of us want to harm the environment, and this is the best option as it keeps the environment safe.

A garden pump spray, the basic version can be used for the best outcome. Just mix, put in the pump sprayer and spray it on the stained area or surface to be cleaned.


This one is environment-friendly.

A good and safe option to clean exterior surfaces.

It doesn’t require pressure washing or scrubbing.

It comes at an affordable price.

It is biodegradable, non-caustic, non-corroding and has a balanced PH.


Sometimes it doesn’t work on toughest dirt and grease.

4 Spray & Forget Mold Remover

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Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner

This Spray and Forget revolutionary roof cleaner concentrate helps in keeping your exterior surfaces well maintained. It doesn’t damage anything as it is totally safe and convenient to use.

No rinsing and scrubbing or rubbing are required, as that is done by mother nature naturally. It has no harmful elements and is a non-corrosive, non-caustic, biodegradable, environmentally safe formula.

It pierces and completely vanishes all sorts of stains which may be due to algae, moss, mildew, lichen, and others. It is totally chemical-free and, with no lye, heavy metals or phosphate.

It has proved best in cleaning surfaces of all types like roof, shutters, fences, siding, and others. This is a very reasonable pack which helps in making 20 gallons, a very good quantity for sufficient cleaning.

This pack can clean an area of 4000 sq. ft. After applying it, cleaning takes a little time. All the spray and forget instructions on this utility pack must be adhered to.

It can be applied simply with a garden pump sprayer. A very easy process to get rid of the moss and mildew or other algae.


A very economical pack which makes about 20 gallons.

This is a biodegradable and eco-friendly product.

It helps in keeping the exterior surfaces absolutely clean and shining.

All stains caused by algae, moss, mildew, lichen can be cleaned with the help of this.

It is absolutely non-acidic and no bleach formula.

It requires no rinsing or rubbing.


It is good on some surfaces and not on all.

5 Cheap Spray & Forget Cleaner

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Spray & Forget Mold Remover, Mildew Remover

This Spray and forget revolutionary roof cleaner which comes with a hose-end spray is one of my favorites. It comes in a 32 oz bottle. This is uniquely designed as it is different from other cleaners discussed in the article.

No extra spray is required with this one as it comes with an in-built one. it has proved to be a better option as compared to the other pressure washers, which are expensive too. The spray has the capability to spray up to 20 ft.

The spray attached to it proves of great help for cleaning and applying. It requires rinsing or scrubbing, as mother nature is there to do so. It doesn’t include any bleach, lye, acids, phosphates, heavy metals or any bleaching agents.

A totally safe option which keeps the surroundings intact. One pack can clean 600 sq. Ft. The hose sprayer is connected with the bottle and proves of great help while cleaning. It keeps on cleaning for a long time after application.

The green stains disappear faster as compared to the dark stains; the former ones go in a 2-3 days’ time while the latter takes a few weeks. It cleans the mold, mildew, algae and lichen stains very easily. All exterior surfaces like siding, decks, roofs, shutters and more.


This revolutionary roof cleaner is a unique one with an integrated hose-end spray.

The spray can shoot up to 20 ft..

One pack cleans 600 ft.

No rinsing or scrubbing is required.

This one is also eco-friendly and non-caustic, a safe option.


Some people experience that the spray stops working properly after sometime.

Does Spray Forget Work?

As we know there are numerous sprays that work as same as this spray. But when we compare those other sprays to this spray, we clearly get a true picture that why this spray turns out to be the better one. Normal sprays have bleaching elements that only affect the uppermost layer of mold and algae. As soon as you stop using these products, mold and algae again starts to show up. This spray works professionally and gives better and effective results as compared to other sprays. It gives rid of algae and mold for a minimum of six months. This gives you mold and algae-free surfaces for a longer period of time. This makes it a fantastic solution to use. Even 1 gallon of the solution is enough for long areas. There is no need for buying large bottles for cleaning.

Here are some more features of this product:-

  • Economical.

  • No need of rinsing.

  • It is environment-friendly.

  • Non-corrosive.

  • Does not uses harmful chemicals.

Spray And Forget Cleaner

There is no complicated procedure for using this spray. Rinsing is not required that saves a lot of time. Spray and forget penetrates deep into the stains and dissolves them. It is mostly used for cleaning roofs. But it can also be used for cleaning fences and other exterior surfaces. This spray guarantees a clean atmosphere due to its revolutionary formula. Users found it too good to use. It saves money and time both and gives a professional kind of cleaning in a few minutes. In a very small amount, users get immediate results. This product comes from a trusted seller and is now dominating the market. This product can be used in all types of environments.

People’s View

People who bought this spray consider it the best spray solution for getting rid of mold and algae stains. It does not damage your surfaces and turns out to be a highly effective product. After the first use, users get to see its effect. The whole house can be cleaned with this spray. There are a variety of products available at the same price but every single product fails to deliver the same service. This product can be used regularly for mold and algae.

Advice For The Buyer

This product turns out to be very beneficial if you need to clean all of your house roofs and surfaces. It is effective as well as safe to use. You will find it a good product for removing all the unwanted and unpleasant stains of algae. It does not work on the criteria of bleaching. It mostly has positive reviews on Amazon.

The Last But Not The Least

All of us appreciate neat and clean surroundings. These sprays and forget house and deck cleaners work the best for keeping your outdoor surfaces bright and clean. I myself use it, whenever I find my house exterior unclean. All the products mentioned in the article are very economical. The environment safe feature should always be kept in mind. The name is apt to spray and forget and do the same!


Q1. Can spray and forget application hurt my pet?

Runoff from the spray and forget any sort of harm to pets. But as a precautionary measure while spraying, the pets can be kept indoors, and after the first application dries up the pets can be made to go outside. As every living being (be it a pet) is different, and allergies might take place and so prevention is better than cure.

Q2. Can pool cage be cleaned with spray and forget?

The answer to this is yes! It cleans pool cages well, just make sure that the pool filter should be functional while you spray this cleaner. The ratio should be one part of concentrate with 9 parts of water. Let the pool filter work for some time after application. Just check the PH level of your pool, and use it later.

Q3. What will happen if I apply spray and forget and it does not rain?

Even this question strikes my mind many times. It is natural to rain and not to rain, so one shouldn’t worry. If for many weeks it doesn’t rain it's absolutely fine, but on the other hand it should not rain within 24 hours also, as the cleaner should dry up for the best results.

Q4. Does spray and forget last longer?

Yes, spray and forget lasts longer and after applying it the cleaning keeps on taking place. This is one of the greatest advantages of this cleaner. The cleaning effect remains for at least 12 months. The residual effect of this formula works efficiently in the removal of stains completely.

Q5. Can water be sprayed on spray and forget cleaner for quick results?

This is not at all advisable. This is not supported by any resources also. So, a big no. The rinsing work is of Mother Nature. No pressure washing is recommended. Please don’t try this, as it might spoil the application, giving zero results. Let it work naturally.

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