Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews in 2024

Last updated on January 3rd, 2023 | By: Grady Galvez

Cleaning is one tiresome activity that most people put off until it becomes an eyesore. Especially if you’re cleaning things like a car, mossy patio or siding for instance that has layers of dirt. The dirt you miss could cause additional hygienic problems or damage to the surface.

Grime, dirt, mold, and mildew can all be tough to deal with if you’re using just regular cleaning tools, but with a Simpson Pressure Washer, you can hopefully get the job done with little time and effort, which is why in this article we’ll be focussing on presenting you with 3 of the best Simpson pressure Washers on the market.

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Best Simpson Power Washers - Comparison Table

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Top 3 Simpson Power Washer Reviews

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1. SIMPSON MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

Boasting a whopping 3,200 PSI and 2.5 GPM, you can’t dispute the fact that the Simpson MSH3125 is a powerful pressure washer that’s built for household cleaning. The powerful jet stream coming out of the nozzle is backed a Honda engine which, if there’s anything that should be said about that brand, is just top-quality.

I like how they (Simpson) framed this pressure washer; one person can easily maneuver or transport the unit because of its lightweight and compact construction. Still, on the design, it’s really convenient operating this washer. The unit comes with an accident-free ergonomic spray gun connected to a durable and flexible ¼ by 25 feet hose so you can walk around eliminating dirt and grime, gum or tough stains, and clean debris far away from where the unit is sitting.

The first time you run the unit, the engine might smoke a bit as the oil flows to lubricate the engine, but this is totally okay and will clear up in a couple of seconds. I’ll be the first to admit it, this unit isn’t the cutest looking pressure washer, but it does what’s expected of a quality pressure washer.


  • The engine starts easily with just one pull.

  • The unit has a brass pump that doesn’t oxidize.

  • It comes with an all-terrain 10” tires.

  • Looks sturdy and well-made.

  • Very easy to assemble.


  • The product vibrates a lot.

  • The height of the drag handle makes the washer a bit awkward to drag.

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2. SIMPSON 3100 PSI Pressure Washer

Now here comes a SIMPSON pressure washer I’d recommend any time, any day. The PS4240 is a powerful professional pressure washer that gives up to 4200 PSI and ejects 4.2 gallons of water per minute.

I really admire how the engine alerts you when the oil level is low or the oil needs to be changed, which is pretty handy for people that lose track of the oil change. The plunger comes with built-in power boost technology that ensures you get maximum performance for your cleaning operation – I think this is why it’s called ‘PowerShot.’

To complement the powerful pressure, this unit comes with an industrial-grade 50-feet hose that resistant to abrasion and kink. And, just like the previous version, this one also has 13” premium pneumatic tires to ensure you have maximum flexibility while working.

The only thing I’d consider a letdown is how this unit’s motor is exposed at the top which could be a burn hazard if you’re not careful.


  • Setting up the oil bag is really easy.

  • The pressure washer is very heavy and powerful.

  • Fittings are easy to use.

  • The unit blows out a strong jet of water.

  • The engine starts on the first pull.


  • The hose that comes with the machine could be better.

  • The motor is exposed at the top and could be a burn hazard.

     ★ Top Pick       

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3. SIMPSON WaterShot Gas Pressure Washer

The WS5050H waterShot honda gas pressure washer is another impressive unit from SIMPSON that outputs water jet at 5000 PSI. A little bit of warning: this type of power is meant for professional use and is more suitable for heavy-duty stains on any surface, whether you’re stripping paint from the second story of your home or cleaning the concrete driveway on your property, which means this type of high pressure will break any fragile material.

I’ve always had a preference for gas-powered systems over those powered by electricity; no need to worry about how I’d maneuver from where the power outlet is, power rating of the unit, length of power cord, or blowing a fuse, and this unit gives me that convenience: position, start, and use of the unit.

For such a big model I was expecting the assembly process to be a bit tougher than it was, but I wasn’t disappointed. The unit comes with a user manual that’s pretty easy to follow. I already mentioned how I like products like this that are easy to move to an area that needs work, well, this one comes with a 50-foot hose and 13” premium tires on ‘MAG’ wheels, so you can pretty much move it over any terrain. Besides that, for a unit that weighs 344 pounds, strong wheels and sturdy frames are a necessity.


  • Packs a lot of power.

  • It comes with a 50-foot long industrial-grade hose.

  • Is driven by a 20-Horsepower Honda engine.

  • Has a heavy-duty steel frame backed by a 10-year warranty.


  • The hose that comes with the machine could be better.

  • The motor is exposed at the top and could be a burn hazard.

Advantages of a Simpson Pressure Washer

  1. Honda motor:
    Honda produces some of the best small engines you’ll see on pressure washers and lawn mowers. They are renowned for quality, durability, reliability, and ease-of-use.

  2. Cleans well:
    Simpson pressure washer packs quite a punch, there’ll be little to no resistance from dirt as you direct the water jet over an area.

  3. Steel spray wand:
    All Simpson pressure washers come with an ergonomic, rust-proof steel wand. The wand has a safety lock-out that only releases high-pressure water jet when pressed.

  4. Kink-free hose:
    Don’t you just hate it when you have to fix a kink in a hose before using it? Simpson power washers come with a kink-free hose, but that doesn’t mean it won’t kink up if you fail to treat and store it properly.

  5. Gas efficiency:
    Honda engines are very gas efficient; those mounted on Simpson pressure washer or other lawn mowers provide extended runtime per gallon of gas.

Disadvantages of a Simpson Pressure Washer

  1. Pressure hose length:
    Generally, people find a hose that’s over 50 feet long much easier to maneuver and target specific areas without moving the power hose too often, the longest I’ve seen on a Simpson pressure washer is about 50 feet.

  2. No detergent tank:
    The lack of a detergent tank might be a drawback for people coming from other pressure washers, but I don’t see the lack of a detergent tank as a drawback, I mean, most of them are too small to be of much help.

  3. Pull cord location:
    The location of the pull cord isn’t really convenient for people that are right-handed, I personally didn’t like the awkward position one has to take, to get the engine running, but hey, I loosened the nut on mine and rotated the pull cord cover.

  4. Hose inlet location:
    Getting the hose tightly attached to the system can be quite a hassle. They should have positioned the hose inlet where there’s room to maneuver.

  5. Pressure hose holder:
    The hose holder is just enough for the hose that comes with the pressure washer, but if you’re getting a different hose, you might have to be more creative with storage.

About Simpson Cleaning

Since its inception over 50 years ago, the Simpson Cleaning company has always been focused on making the cleaning solution niche theirs. In 2006 they were acquired by the FNA Group Inc., a brand that includes many other companies that produce various parts used to build the Simpson cleaning pressure washers.

By joining the FNA Group, they were able to expand their base, production, and sales to cover most of the US. This steady progress has endeared the Simpson Cleaning Solution to many do-it-yourselfers and cleaning professionals. Make sure you also check our detail guide on electric pressure washer & Rechargeable pressure washer.

simpson pressure washer

Maintenance Tips:

Maintaining and extending the lifetime of Pressure Washer involves a series of simple steps which can be done before or after each use of the unit:

  • Check the engine oil daily to ensure it neither falls below the recommended level or becomes too dirty.

  • Inspect the spark plug and remove excess carbon build-up on the cap if there’s any.

  • You should clean the air filter regularly to prevent contaminants from blocking the airflow.

  • Stick with the brand of oil and fuel type recommended in the user manual.

  • Do not let the engine idle for long without letting the water flow out to avoid burning the pressure pump.

Warnings Simpson Pressure Washer

Pressurized water has the potential to be dangerous; it can cause damage on contact with animals, humans, plants, and fragile materials. Ensure you’re using the right nozzle for the job. It’s already written on the pressure washer, but you should be wary of the engine head and exhaust as both are a burn hazard.

Guarantees And Return Policies

Simpson company offers different return policies for different parts of their machines. Topping the list are the frames that usually have the longest warranty between 5 and 10 years depending on the model and price. You can get 2-3 years warranty for the Honda engine, pumps, as well as some valves, but the company can be nit-picky about what’s covered. Hoses, nozzles, and other smaller parts have the shortest warranty.


My initial attraction to this unit was the Honda engine. Honda is well known for the reliability and power of their small engine. I even have a lawnmower with a Honda engine. Many other high PSI units are within the same price range as Simpson Pressure Washers, but most have a plastic hose, bumpers, and spray wand mounts. The Simpson is made of heavy gauge metal that will resist damage.

Another great aspect is the location of the pump housing which makes it less susceptible to being damaged when pulling across rough terrain or upstairs.