Professional Shark Navigator Swivel Vacuum – Bagless & Upright

Last updated on December 26th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

All good things come in small packages…. The Shark Navigator Swivel Pro is one of them!

The Shark Ninja has made a mark in the industry by producing some of the perfect and most efficient vacuum cleaners on the planet earth. Undoubtedly, a high-end brand which has given fierce competition to some others such as Bissel, iRobot, Dyson.

The R&D team of this renowned brand has really done an appreciable job, and this is much evident with its modern Shark Navigator Swivel Pro. The product is made with amazing eye-catching design and offers optimal performance.

We have a complete review of the Upright Vacuum NV150 Review. Do read the comparison of the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro and the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus in the description below.

shark navigator swivel pro

Newest Shark Navigator Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood Floor

Due to its appealing design, elegance, and exceptional performance, this is one of the most desirable upright vacuums of modern times.

There are various fundamental features that make this one the greatest of all. Your home will get a sparklingly clean look and you will get smiles.

The features of the Swivel pro are here:

Shark Navigator Vacuum For Carpet And Hardwood Floor

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Powerful Suction

Since we are discussing a vacuum cleaner, then the sucking power plays the main role. If any vacuum cleaner leaves any kind of a mess, then you have nothing but regrets after buying. No frustration and only convenience are what the Swivel Pro gives you.

The function of the Swivel Pro is similar to its name, as it works like a pro to suck, bright, clean the debris, dust, and pet hair.

The suction controls help in choosing the right suction for your hard floors. They help in cleaning the rugs when the suction is reduced. Everything is completely breezy and sorted with this.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Suction Power

No Lift-Away Technology

Lift-away technology means when the dirt canister can be separated from the core unit. This enables us to clean and reach the tough areas with ease. But the Swivel Pro doesn’t let you do so, as the wand can be removed from the unit and the accessories can be attached for above the floor cleaning purposes.


The allergies are pretty common when it’s dust and pollen around. You or your family and friends may be facing this problem when exposed to dust. Anyone can suffer and may get irritated while visiting your home. Asthma is another problem which is faced by some of us.

What is the solution?

The vacuum cleaner with excellent filtration is one of the best things which can solve such a problem of yours. The Swivel Pro has the ability to capture all the pollutants which are inside the dirt canister. The indoor air quality will drastically improve with this.

shark vacuum navigator

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

The NV150 makes use of a HEPA filter and along with its Anti-Allergen complete seal technology ensures to trap 100% allergens. It is advised to clean and wash the Shark filters often, for best outcomes.

Multi-Floor Cleaning

This is not less than a jackpot when your vacuum cleaner is versatile and can be used to treat various kinds of surfaces, floors, carpets, rugs, this can manage all.

While using the first – Mode I, setting it helps in clearing and cleaning the hard floors, as the brush roll spins gently to keep your surfaces safe from any dents and scratches. The Mode-II, the second setting helps to clean carpets and the brush roll spins faster, and the suction works in moderation and promises not to leave any debris or dust on the floor.

Professional Shark Navigator Swivel VacuumAccessories

The appropriate accessories and attachments complete a vacuum cleaner. Since you are not supposed to just clean the floors, but target areas such as upholstery, shelves, drapes, window sills, walls, and many more….

The Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Complete boasts of 3 types of different accessories. They are a crevice tool, upholstery tool, along with a dusting brush. This amazing upright vacuum provides much convenience than the others.

The tools remain handy when you use the Swivel Pro. The long wand of 11 ft., makes your reach to tight spaces, and tough areas with ease. Cleaning stairs and above-ground surfaces are easy and comfortable to clean.

Dirt Canister

If the vacuum cleaner’s dirt canister picks up liters of dirt, then it will be adequate for your home requirements. This is rated 2XL, an apt size which is bigger and better for consistent and routine cleaning tasks. The size is more than the other upright cleaners of today.

Shark Navigator Swivel Vacuum Dirt Canister

Dust Cup

This one has the capacity to hold up to 1.7 dry quarts of dirt. This is more than the Shark NV360. Before the dirt canister reaches the max fill, it should be cleared. With a filled one you may experience reduced suction power and bad odors if the dirt is left for long.

Swivel Steering

This moves freely and flexibly with the advanced swivel steering technology. You can clean surfaces while moving around the furniture conveniently. With minimal efforts, desired results can be achieved. Hassle-free and clean without obstacles before you start the process.

shark vacuum warranty

Specifications And Summary Shark Navigator Swivel Pro

The Swivel Pro Complete Upright Vacuum, features and summary is undermentioned:

  • Type: upright, bagless.

  • Weight: 14 lbs.

  • Swivel steering.

  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology.

  • Washable HEPA and foam filters.

  • Suction control.

  • Dirt capacity: 1.7 dry quarts.

  • Motor: 700W, 5.8 Amps.

  • Power cord length: 25 feet.

  • Crevice tool: 5.5 inches.

  • Total above-floor reach: 11 feet.

  • Cleaning path: 12 inches.

  • Product dimensions: 9.64 L X 12 W X 45.66 H (inches).

shark vacuum not sucking

Pros and Cons

Some advantages and disadvantages of the product are here for you to have a clearer view of the vacuum cleaner.

  • This offers multi-floor cleaning.

  • An easy to maneuver the vacuum cleaner.

  • Picks up dust, debris, and pet hair with ease.

  • Available with an affordable price tag.

  • This has three useful accessories.

  • An amazing cleaner which fights allergies and prevents their spread of pollens.

  • Easy to empty and clean

  • Comes with a limited warranty of 5-years.

  • The product features no headlights.

  • Lacks the lift-away feature.

  • The power cord is a little shorter.

Which One is Better, The Shark Navigator Swivel Pro, or The Shark Navigator Swivel Plus?

Before investing in the best, you should have knowledge about both the products.

Weight: The Swivel Plus is a bit heavy in weight and weighs around 20 pounds. The dustbin which it carries is extra large in size. While the Swivel Pro weighs just 14 pounds. The less weight makes it easier to carry the carry and move while performing routine cleaning chores.

Lift-away feature: The Swivel Plus does not possess a lift-away feature. Though, the long extension wand in the former makes up for its heavy design. The wand is 10 ft. Long, but a lighter product is always preferred more!

Apartment Size: For a medium-sized apartment, the Swivel Pro works great as the dust cup is of medium size and not as large as the Swivel Plus. The pro is the best option to use and buy for cleaning hard floors to carpets. From cleaning stairs to pet hair, and upholstery, the Swivel Pro does all.

Flexibility: Much ease and flexibility are provided by the Swivel Pro, as this is an improved design and ultra-light in weight. As per the reviews of many users, this is better than the Swivel Plus in terms of flexibility.

Ease to maintain: When it comes to cleaning, the Swivel Pro is much easier to clean and maintain, due to the convenient dust-cup. While the Swivel Plus isn’t so convenient to maintain.

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The Final Verdict

When we are talking about the Shark vacuum, it is the best for sure!

And the model you finally choose to buy depends on your personal preference and choice. If you want a product that is lightweight, easy to assemble, and clean, then the Swivel Pro is certainly the top choice.

The vacuum that sucks like hell, and cleans the dirtiest of dirt and debris in minutes, is the Swivel Pro. Just for the headlights and the lift-away feature, one can’t ignore such a brilliant cleaner, the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro….