Rotorazer Saw Reviews – Why Rotorazer?

Last updated on January 12th, 2023 | By: Grady Galvez

Your search for an all inclusive saw ends here! As we have tried to review saws that are designed with brilliance and state-of-the-art technology.

Rotorazer saws have gained immense popularity in recent times due to the infomercials. But to what extent is it true? Does the Rotorazer saws honestly help you to achieve an array of home projects.

These compact, robust and portable saws have taken the market by storm. Yes, you are reading right…..

These are the best multi-purpose tools that serve perfect for any home-improvement projects or DIY purposes and advanced DIY projects too. In the read below, I’ve tried to unfurl their versatile qualities, features, and functions for your ease and convenience.

The jobs or tasks which felt challenging earlier will be hassle-free and full of fun. Let us plunge in depth and select the one that matches your style and usage. We have covered the two best Rotorazer circular saws (Official Rotorazer and Rotorazer Platinum) along with some alternatives and comparison with other brands in this article.

Have a quick look!

Let’s take an overview of the Rotorazer Saw:

“A light weight mini circular saw, that allows you to accomplish numerous tasks.”

As claimed by the company the saw has all the abilities to cut through any material from carpet to ceramic tile. Thanks to the three amazing blades that make the saw work like a pro.

The three blades are:

  1. Tungsten Carbide
  2. Steel
  3. Diamond

Good maneuverability and portability facilitates the rotorazer saw to cut in any direction you prefer. Horizontal and vertical cuts are not the only thing you can do with this, even cutting corners and curved lines is just a breeze.

Since the rotorazer saw can function as a hand saw, jigsaw, and a hacksaw, we need not tell you how versatile it is. And due to all these attributes it holds a higher position over the traditional circular saws.

Who The Rotorazer Saw Is For ?

We find this to work perfectly for DIY jobs, as it isn’t the world’s most expensive saw; it won’t break the bank anyway, while this can benefit many businesses as well. Contractors who tend to work in other people’s houses will find this very useful; you won’t make much of a mess with the Extraction system.

Small businesses waste money a lot of times on expensive tools they don’t need or never last long when they can spend their money on something lightweight and inexpensive.

Things We Like

  • Light in weight.
  • Extremely easy-to-carry/transport.
  • Varied materials can be cut with 3-different blades.
  • Dust extraction system keeps you safe.
  • 7-in-1 design serves you to make any necessary cuts.

Areas for Improvement

  • Does not operate on batteries.
  • Customer service could be better.
  • The blades may turn dull with time and use though timely maintenance is the solution.

3 Top Rotorazer Saw As Seen On TV - A Quick Look

     ★ BEST OVERALL ★       

Official Rotorazer Saw – 400 Watt

official rotorazer alternative

  • Lightweight Design
  • Multiple Saw Blades
  • Powerful 400 Watt Motor

     ★ PREMIUM CHOICE ★       

Rotorazer Platinum Saw

rotorazer saw platinum

  • Cut Any Type Of Material
  • Extra Powerful-Deeper Cuts
  • Authentic Razor Saw As Seen On Tv

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Speed: 3400 RPM

This is the standard model weighing 2.64 pounds with a cord length of 6.75 feet and a dust extraction hose length of 5.3 feet. Some great things to check….


  • A lightweight and compact tool.
  • Steel, hardwood, drywall, tiles and any other material can be cut with this type of saw.
  • The construction of the saw is durable and strong.
  • The protective case makes the storage perfect.
  • Seven different types of saws in one.
  • A versatile and durable saw.


  • This features a restricted cutting depth.
  • The diameter of the blade is limited for advanced tasks.


Speed: 4500 RPM

This is another model of Rotorazer Saw which is bigger with more power. Weighs 4.7 pounds with a hose length of 6.9 feet and cord length of 9.6 feet.

Amazingly efficient to give a look as you can expect this model to cut deeper than the standard model in single pass (1”).

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  • A multi-functional and a multi-purpose product.
  • Extremely easy and safe to use.
  • This features 7-in-1 functionality which makes it unique.
  • The lever helps in cutting through thick surfaces.
  • The guide rail helps with precision.


  • The blades may turn dull but proper maintenance will help.

Other Benefits Include:

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Reasonable price- You can get a saw with all these versatile features in less than $150.

If you want some more alternatives to choose from then we have reviewed these two more for you:

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[amazon box=”B00GTEU0M4″ template=”horizontal”]

Why Rotorazer?

The Rotorazer is different!! The more you will read below, the more you will know why this product is more versatile and efficient than its counterparts.

Features We Found Beneficial

Adding to the things we mentioned above we wanted some more to be illustrated for your information:

1. Portability - Accomplish Tasks Quicker

Yes, this is portable and we highly appreciate this attribute of this saw. As long as you have an electric outlet close by, transporting is pretty simple. You will surely be able to complete a number of projects lined up while using this handy device. Furthermore the multiple cutting patterns helps to streamline your work too.

2. Tiny Saw Yet A Robust Motor

Small size doesn’t mean a weak motor and the Rotorazer saw packs a punch. The 400W motor allows you to cut through a ½” thick material in just one go.

Even the thickness depth is adjustable too. Operating at 3,400 RPMs or more cutting through a plethora of products is quite easy.

Expert Tip: Just ensure that you have the right blade for the task you are gonna perform.

3. Different Blades for Different Usages

The Diamond blade is suitable to cut materials:

  1. Masonry
  2. Ceramic tiles
  3. Grout
  4. Stone & marble

The Tungsten Carbide blade is ideal to cut materials:

  1. Plywood
  2. Laminate flooring
  3. Pegboard
  4. Drywall
  5. PVC

rotorazer platinum

Third one the Steel blade works like a chop saw and is suitable to cut through steel and metal. You can cut through carpet using the steel blade.

Replacement of the blades is also quite easy and the saw has a hex wrench (use the wrench in the socket to loosen the head-bolt).

Hex wrench can be used to retighten the bolt making the replacement as easy as never before.

4. Dust Extraction System

Particles could stir up while you are cutting things and the dust extraction feature helps to eliminate this thereby protecting your health. You won’t be left to breathe debris or dust while using your saw.

The Rotorazer’s extraction system works efficiently to cut down on any airborne particles (such as grout’s fine dust particles).

The saw users who happen to work in the close quarters will find this feature pretty convenient. The extraction system is useful even when you are working in the hard-to-reach areas with less ventilation.

Expert Tip: For proper functioning of the dust extraction system it’s good to connect your saw to a vacuum.

5. Safety Blade Guard

The brand was thoughtful enough to offer utmost safety to its customers and added a Blade Guard Release Lever for this.

Furthermore, without opening the blade guard you won’t be able to operate the saw. You just need to pull the lever downward to start work and the blade guard is especially critical while you are busy cutting at some challenging angles.

Razor Saw As Seen On TV - How to choose the Right One

We know that you are pretty convinced with the benefits of a circular saw and how extremely important it is to have one in your starter toolkit. Some more points that require your attention are:

The Blade Type

Designed with varied blade types these circular saws exhibit great efficiency. Some of them are razor-sharp ones, some with a carbide tip while the others are high-quality blades.

For cutting wooden surfaces carbide tips prove of great use whereas metal or tiles will be needing different kinds of blades for best outcomes. You can use the Rotorazer saw for multi purposes as discussed above.


If you want to perform some standard DIY tasks then the ideal choice is the Official Rotorazer 3400 RPM and if you have some advanced and heavy-duty projects lined-up then the Rotorazer Platinum is probably the best with an RPM of 4500.

buyrotorazer com reviews

Other Features

Since its about using a circular saw then Rotorazer saw can be certainly considered due to its versatile qualities and that too at this price point. You should weigh all the benefits and invest accordingly. If not satisfied then can surely try out any of the alternatives mentioned above.

Rotorazer VS Dremel – A Head-To-Head Comparison.

Let us find out how both these differ:

No. Rotorazer Dremel
1. Rotorazer means- This is a perfect combo of 7-in-one saws that enables you to cut in seconds with efficiency. Dremel means- A versatile saw with which you can cut varied materials including masonry, tiles, wood, and metal.
2. Power- Features a 400-watt motor of 3400 rpms. Power- Has a 6 amp motor.
3. How deep does it cut?
Ans: Anywhere between 0-12 mm, this cuts medium, deep, or shallow.
How deep does it cut?
Ans: Ability to cut about an inch.
4. Blade Types- Tungsten, steel, and diamond. Blade Types- Tile Diamond wheel, Multipurpose Carbide Wheel, Metal Cut off the wheel, and Multipurpose Flush Cut carbide wheel.
5. Blade speed- 3400 RPM. Blade speed- 17000 rpm.
6. Blade size- Max diameter 54.8 mm, size varies from 0.75 to 2 mm. Blade size- Blades are around 3.5 inches in diameter.
7. Cutting material- You can use it to cut marble, stone, ceramic tiles, etc. Carbide blade can be used to cut plywood, hardwoods. Best suited for cutting through metal is the Platinum blade. Cutting material- This has Carbide wheels with one diamond, one metal cut-off wheel each.
8. No-load speed- Around 3200 RPM. No-load speed- 17000 RPM.
9. Wattage- 6 AMP powerful motor. Wattage- 400 watts.


Rotorazer saws help to make many tasks easier for contractors and craftsmen. These saws are a good investment for anyone who is keen on DIY projects as they are able to do many jobs around the house. While new to the market, the Rotorazer saws are all highly functional and powerful. They’re also portable, and priced reasonably.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. Is the Rotorazer saw any good?

Rotorazer Saw is one of the most reasonable circular saw for smaller projects. It is an amazing proficient saw that can assist you with being exact and cut any material on any surface. They’re compact, lightweight and a sturdy handheld, as seen.

Q2. What kind of surfaces do Rotorazers cut?

This machine is a multi-optional and functional saw with which you can handle numerous surfaces with ease. The fired tile, marble, solid, workmanship, hardwood, compressed wood, drywall, metal, steel and even texture can be cut. The beauty of this tool is that it can slash, even upside down, in any direction.

Q3. How to use the dust extraction system?

You should associate the dust release valve to the Rotorazer before you start cutting, and the hose to the vacuum.

Q4. How many blades does the Rotorazer saw come with?

The Rotorazer accompanies three extremely sharp cutting edges; an edge of tungsten carbide, an edge of diamond and an edge of steel with high speeds. The blades can cut easily through any type of surface.

Q5. How Does Rotorazer Differ From Versacut?

Versacut and Rotorazer are the two most popular brands of lawn mowers on the market today. Versacut has an easier time with tall grass because it doesn’t need as much power from its engine to cut through thick blades of grass as Rotorazer does. However, Rotorazer can handle any type of terrain, including hills and uneven surfaces, because it uses a wheel system instead of blades that spin around in circles as Versacut does. So if you live in an area where there are lots of hills or rough ground, this might be a good option for you.

Q6. Differentiate Rotorazer Platinum and Rotorazer 2020?

The Rotorazer Platinum has a higher horsepower motor, larger blade diameter, and more cutting capacity than the Rotorazer 2020. It also has an electronic brake for safety when not in use and a dust collection system that captures debris from the cut line. In contrast, 2020 offers less power but greater portability with its smaller size and lighter weight. Both have their place on job sites depending on what you need to do or where you’re working.