Rotorazer Saw Reviews

If dealing with any home improvement project or DIY project, a circular saw is an important tool. When you are performing tasks like carpentry and woodcutting, compact circular saws are of great help. 

Rotorazer ranks among the best circular saw manufacturers on the market. Such saws have flexible output and features and are unique. These saws can accomplish a variety of tasks, and you can get precise cuts with little effort. 

This article will look at some of the market’s best Rotorazer saws. So that you have the precise option and knowledge to select the best saw for you. 


Rotorazer is built inside a construction-grade chasse with a 400-watt motor which is robust, extremely light and easily fits into the palm of any size hand This high powered hand saw cuts with more than 3400 RPMs making it the most powerful, reliable, lightweight, and compact saw ever made.

The kit includes 3 cutting blades each designed for specific materials for quick changes. This feature makes it so useful for any project type, whether you immediately try to avoid cutting wire behind drywall, or slicing through a piece of solid wood or metal.

Specifications And Pros/Cons


  • Rotorazer comes with its own dust removal system.

  • The ability of Rotorazer to cut through any material makes this the perfect tool for do – it-yourself projects and home handicrafts.

  • Powerful 400w Motor cuts a single pass through 1/2 “material. Adjustable depth of thickness.

  • The Rotorazer combines Jigsaw, Hand, Circular, Band, Hacksaw, Tile, and Miter saw.


Handy for small jobs which don’t require a saber saw or a bigger circular saw.

Safe to use and sawdust can be removed by attaching to a vacuum source.

Adjustment on blade allows you to cut in tight areas.

You will love the versatility and ability to take with you anywhere you need to use.


It would be great for a hobbiest (making picture frames, etc), but not practical for a carpenter.

It’s limited to the thickness that it could cut.

Rotorazer Platinum

Rotorazer Platinum, with its upgraded 500W motor and 4500 RPM, is stronger and more powerful than the Basic Rotorazer. This mini circular saw weighing less than 10 lbs is a multipurpose tool that can be used simply by choosing the right blade to cut a wide range of materials.

Rotorazer Platinum houses an Adjustable Cutting Depth Lever that allows you to pick the depth of your cut, whether it is shallow, medium or deep cuts up to 1″ max. This feature makes it so useful for any type of project, whether you are trying to avoid cutting wire behind the drywall or slicing straight through a piece of solid wood or sheet metal.

Specifications And Pros/Cons


  • It can be used for both men and women’s DIY projects (settlement of wooden floors, tiles, repairs, fencing, plantings, herb gardens, signs, bird houses, doll-houses, fixing drywalls, tubes, etc)

  • For advanced projects, it has a stronger motor (500W/4500RPM)

  • 3/4″ cuts in a single pass. Depth adjustable for thickness. New included attachments, like the Parallel Guide Rail, ensure straight, precise, easy and fast cuts.

  • It can cut horizontally, vertically, smooth, curved lines, corners and even upside down for quick shallow ceiling cuts. The Rotorazer’s Guide Rail lets you see just where you’re slicing through, making it perfect for any shape your project needs.

  • The Dust Extraction Hose attaches to any household vacuum to suck out all the dust and mess, to avoid getting sawdust all over your clothes or the floor.

  • The Parallel Guide Rail enables you to make longer, straight-as-an-arrow precision cuts.


High capacity motor.

Convenient and lightweight design.

Sturdy and durable construction.

Cuts denser materials easily.


Limited cutting depth.

Limited blade diameter.

Who The Rotorazer Saw Is For ?

We find this to work perfectly for DIY jobs, as it isn’t the world’s most expensive saw; it won’t break the bank anyway, while this can benefit many businesses as well. Contractors who tend to work in other people’s houses will find this very useful; you won’t make much of a mess with the Extraction system. Small businesses waste money a lot of times on expensive tools they don’t need or never last long when they can spend their money on something lightweight and inexpensive.


Rotorazer saws help to make many tasks easier for contractors and craftsmen. These saws are a good investment for anyone who is keen on DIY projects as they are able to do many jobs around the house. While new to the market, the Rotorazer saws are all highly functional and powerful. They’re also portable, and priced reasonably.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Is the Rotorazer saw any good?

Rotorazer Saw is one of the most reasonable circular saw for smaller projects. It is an amazing proficient saw that can assist you with being exact and cut any material on any surface. They’re compact, lightweight and a sturdy handheld, as seen.

What kind of surfaces do Rotorazers cut?

This machine is a multi-optional and functional saw with which you can handle numerous surfaces with ease. The fired tile, marble, solid, workmanship, hardwood, compressed wood, drywall, metal, steel and even texture can be cut. The beauty of this tool is that it can slash, even upside down, in any direction.

How to use the dust extraction system?

You should associate the dust release valve to the Rotorazer before you start cutting, and the hose to the vacuum.

How many blades does the Rotorazer saw come with?

The Rotorazer accompanies three extremely sharp cutting edges; an edge of tungsten carbide, an edge of diamond and an edge of steel with high speeds. The blades can cut easily through any type of surface.

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