Rotorazer Saw Reviews – Why Rotorazer?

Your search for the best rotorazer saws that are designed with brilliant engineering ends here! Yes, you are reading right, as these compact, robust and portable saws have taken the market by storm.

These are the best multi-purpose tools that serve perfect for any home-improvement projects or DIY purposes. In the read below, I’ve tried to unfurl their qualities, features, and functions along with comparison for your ease and convenience.

The jobs or task which felt challenging earlier will be hassle-free and full of fun. Let us plunge in-depth and select the one that matches your style and usage.

We have covered the four of best Rotorazer circular saws along with most detailed buying guide in this article.

3 Top Rotorazer Saw - Compared At A Glance

     ★ BEST OVERALL ★       

Official Rotorazer Saw – 400 Watt

official rotorazer alternative

Lightweight Design

Multiple Saw Blades

Powerful 400 Watt Motor

     ★ PREMIUM CHOICE ★       

Rotorazer Platinum Compact Circular Saw

rotorazer saw platinum

Cut Any Type Of Material

Extra Powerful-Deeper Cuts

Authentic Razor Saw As Seen On Tv

     ★ BEST BUDGET PICK ★       

Black + Decker 20V Max 5-1/2-Inch

rotorazer saw as seen on tv

Convenient And Quiet

Good Safety Additions

Give A Very Smooth Cut

Unbaised Reviews


This is a mini-circular saw which is compact, light in weight and performs multiple functions with ease. Be it the carpets or the ceramic tiles, this saw cuts through anything. Any type of horizontal and vertical cuts can be performed with ease along with cutting corners and curved lines.

This is equipped with a dust extraction hose along with an Alley key, which can help in changing and switching to different blades. Any kinds of materials such as metal, steel, PVC d hardwood can be cut through with smoothness.

The guide can help you know to perform the tasks with safety and cuts in an accurate way. Any type of cuts can be made with the 7-in-one design, while the extraction system helps in keeping the dust in the right place for convenience.

The pockets can be cleaned once they are full. This powerful mini saw works with a powerful motor of 400 Watts and works well for any DIY jobs. This is designed to perfection while keeping safety in mind and makes use of the blade guard release lever.

For unlocking the lever should be pulled downward and cutting at critical angles is possible. Efficient cutting is the end result with this amazing brand, click here to know about after-sales & technical support by Rotorazer.


  • A lightweight and compact tool.

  • Steel, hardwood, drywall, tiles and any other material can be cut with this type of saw.

  • The construction of the saw is durable and strong.

  • The protective case makes the storage perfect.

  • Seven different types of saws in one.

  • A versatile and durable saw.


  • This features a restricted cutting depth.

  • The diameter of the blade is limited.


This is another circular saw which is known for its compactness, power, durability and lightweight. The Rotorazer is available with three blades that are interchangeable 1. Tungsten carbide 2. Diamond and 3. Steel.

Because of its sharp cutting power, this can handle a huge variety of materials without any issues (drywall, plastic, carpets, and more). Undoubtedly, a versatile product that is high on performance as this features a motor of 500 watts, and the optimum running capacity is 4500 RPMs. click to see the latest offer on it.

One can completely rely on this product for precise cuts and all sorts of DIY along with the construction projects. This weighs in total of 9.5lbs and designed with a compactness with a lightweight, making it easy to transport.

This boasts of a 7-in-1 functionality and has different saws like:

  • Combining Circular

  • Jigsaw

  • Band

  • Hand

  • Tile

  • Miter

  • Hacksaw Saws

The versatility makes it more useful not only repairs or installations but for general DIY projects. Multi-purpose quality of the blades helps in making them deal with different situations and just an adjustment up to 1-inch is required. This is equipped with a lever which makes it possible to cut through surfaces that are thick and difficult to handle. You can follow the guide for safety measures for this multi-purpose product.


  • A multi-functional and a multi-purpose product.

  • Extremely easy and safe to use.

  • This features 7-in-1 functionality which makes it unique.

  • The lever helps in cutting through thick surfaces.

  • The guide rail helps with precision.


  • The blades may turn dull.


3. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5-1/2"

The cordless circular saw by Black and Decker is an example of the power and high torque. A product that is easily affordable and works at 3700 RPM. The saw is equipped with a blade of 5-1/2-inch blade, which provides a clean and quick cut when required. see its full working video here.

The best part is that, this saw can reach to tight spaces and is better than some of the larger saw models. With the least of troubles you can perform more cutting tasks. The rotorazer comes with bevel adjustment with detents at 45 and 90 degrees.

The battery and charger have to be bought separately, and the tool free depth of cut is featured. An easy to use saw which makes the most challenging cutting chores simpler. The product is best suited for the people such as amateur learners of wood working skills or hobbyists.

As far as the professionals are concerned these are low on power than the competitors. This does not come with accessories and this is not appreciated by some customers.


  • A motor with high-torque, compact and lightweight.

  • Features a tool-free depth of cut and bevel adjustment.

  • A wonderful saw for accurate and precision cuts.

  • Comes with an affordable price tag.

  • A cordless and an easy to use saw.

  • The Lithium-ion battery lasts more.


  • The battery charger is not included and should be bought separately.

  • A little less powerful for professionals.


The Rockwell is designed with a different type of geography, a bit small, yet powerful. This compact circular saw features a carbide-tipped blade and the thickness of the blade is a kerf lesser than the others in this category, click to see the comparison of different Models.

This 24-tooth blade strains the motor the least due to its light weight. This one performs in competition with the other larger circular saws and is no way less than them, in case if you are confused about the size.

Can you believe it? This saw is 50% lighter as compared to its other friend saws. You can transport this is a super easy way and as this weigh about 5lbs, the operation becomes convenient. The tight spaces can also be covered along with the freehand cuts.

The slim and inline grip provides a whole lot of balance, comfort and control. The cord length is pretty huge with a 10 ft. length, and can be easily connected to the power source.

The lumber materials with 2″ can also be cut through easily, and the least efforts are required for achieving precise and straight cuts along with wood slicing. The blades feature an adjustable quality and angled cuts can be done at 90 or 45 degrees.


  • A robust 5-amp electric motor, matching performance of full-size saws at 3,500 rpm.

  • This is 50% lighter than the other models with 7-1/4″ circular saws, cuts like a breeze through 2x4s in a single pass.

  • Remarkable cut-line visibility with left-hand blade design.

  • Great comfort, balance, and control with slim, in-line grip design.

  • Immense manoeuvrability for precise and overhead cuts.

  • Optimum cutting depth at 90 degrees is 1-11/16″ and its bevel capacity at 45 degrees is 1-1/8″.


  • A bit unstable and wiggle with the saw’s shoe.

Razor Saw As Seen On TV - How to choose the Right One

If you aren’t much aware of the benefits of these small sized saws, then this is good news for you that these saws are high on performance than the larger saws. The Rotorazer which we have mentioned works much efficiently and quicker and tackles the hard to cut and reach surfaces with ease.

These are versatile, multi-purpose, and specially the Rotorazers are a combination of circular, hand, tile, hacksaw etc. they are capable to handle a huge range of challenging tasks.

The Blade Type

These saws are circular but are designed with different types of blades. Some of them exhibit a high-quality blade while the others are razor-sharp and some with a carbide tip.

If you need to cut some wooden surfaces then carbide-tipped blades serve the best. Surfaces like tiles or metal may require blades of different kind and work smoothly for the best outcomes. With just one saw multiple types of cutting can be performed.

buyrotorazer com reviews

Level Of Power

The output in amps helps in calculating the level a power a saw possesses. Some have the output of around ’15-amp’ (standard) and if used seldom then a saw of 10-12 amp will be sufficient.

The type of home improvements or projects that are lined up will make you decide the power levels of the saw.

Size Of The Blade

The most commonly used blade diameter is 7-1/4 inch which helps in determining deep cuts with accuracy. This can cut through the surfaces or material with more than 3 inches. These blades are efficient to cut through materials that are not only just wood.

Style Type

The sidewinders are less expensive and light in weight, blade is positioned in the right of the saw. They have an efficient spinning quality than any of the other saws and is referred as mini circular saw. A product which is preferred for domestic projects and DIY purposes. The style and price of the blades determine the price too.

Varied styles of circular saw drivers are manufactured and they can be categorised as the sidewinders and the worm-drive. The worm-drives are found in both type of lengths, long and short, and the handle is positioned at the back. These are most suited for the right-hand users as the blades are placed on the left of the saw. Heavy in weight the worm drivers possess a lot of torque.


Whichever tool you carry in your hand should be easy to grip as you have to spend a lot of time holding them. One should never compromise with the blade ergonomics, and make the entire sawing experience well-balanced, comfortable and convenient. The component adjustments and the blade visibility should also be considered. These are dangerous tools, but with the right and comfy shape, they tend to prove the best.

Corded Or Cordless

This is again a matter of your choice as the corded ones are less expensive than the cordless ones. If the cord length is sufficient, then you can use it with ease and convenience for performing tasks. Though, personally we feel cordless are far much easier to carry and perform tasks in the hard to reach areas.

Who The Rotorazer Saw Is For ?

We find this to work perfectly for DIY jobs, as it isn’t the world’s most expensive saw; it won’t break the bank anyway, while this can benefit many businesses as well. Contractors who tend to work in other people’s houses will find this very useful; you won’t make much of a mess with the Extraction system.

Small businesses waste money a lot of times on expensive tools they don’t need or never last long when they can spend their money on something lightweight and inexpensive.

Rotorazer VS Dremel – A Head-To-Head Comparison.

Let us find out how both these differ:

No. Rotorazer Dremel
1. Rotorazer means- This is a perfect combo of 7-in-one saws that enables you to cut in seconds with efficiency. Dremel means- A versatile saw with which you can cut varied materials including masonry, tiles, wood, and metal.
2. Power- Features a 400-watt motor of 3400 rpms. Power- Has a 6 amp motor.
3. How deep does it cut?
Ans: Anywhere between 0-12 mm, this cuts medium, deep, or shallow.
How deep does it cut?
Ans: Ability to cut about an inch.
4. Blade Types- Tungsten, steel, and diamond. Blade Types- Tile Diamond wheel, Multipurpose Carbide Wheel, Metal Cut off the wheel, and Multipurpose Flush Cut carbide wheel.
5. Blade speed- 3400 RPM. Blade speed- 17000 rpm.
6. Blade size- Max diameter 54.8 mm, size varies from 0.75 to 2 mm. Blade size- Blades are around 3.5 inches in diameter.
7. Cutting material- You can use it to cut marble, stone, ceramic tiles, etc. Carbide blade can be used to cut plywood, hardwoods. Best suited for cutting through metal is the Platinum blade. Cutting material- This has Carbide wheels with one diamond, one metal cut-off wheel each.
8. No-load speed- Around 3200 RPM. No-load speed- 17000 RPM.
9. Wattage- 6 AMP powerful motor. Wattage- 400 watts.


Rotorazer saws help to make many tasks easier for contractors and craftsmen. These saws are a good investment for anyone who is keen on DIY projects as they are able to do many jobs around the house. While new to the market, the Rotorazer saws are all highly functional and powerful. They’re also portable, and priced reasonably.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Is the Rotorazer saw any good?

Rotorazer Saw is one of the most reasonable circular saw for smaller projects. It is an amazing proficient saw that can assist you with being exact and cut any material on any surface. They’re compact, lightweight and a sturdy handheld, as seen.

What kind of surfaces do Rotorazers cut?

This machine is a multi-optional and functional saw with which you can handle numerous surfaces with ease. The fired tile, marble, solid, workmanship, hardwood, compressed wood, drywall, metal, steel and even texture can be cut. The beauty of this tool is that it can slash, even upside down, in any direction.

How to use the dust extraction system?

You should associate the dust release valve to the Rotorazer before you start cutting, and the hose to the vacuum.

How many blades does the Rotorazer saw come with?

The Rotorazer accompanies three extremely sharp cutting edges; an edge of tungsten carbide, an edge of diamond and an edge of steel with high speeds. The blades can cut easily through any type of surface.