Professional Carpet Steam Cleaners : Everything You Need To Know

Running a business comes with a lot of challenges. As an entrepreneur, you will be forced to wear different hats. It can be overwhelming trying to make every decision in the company. There are some things that shouldn’t have to worry about you. One of these things is cleaning. Once you’ve taken care of the problem from the onset, you’ll never have to be bothered again on who should be cleaning the carpet in your office. There are some things that are always said about commercial carpet cleaning which aren’t necessarily true. Here are some of the myths about professional carpet steam cleaners you should know about.

You Can Do the Cleaning by Yourself

Yes, it is possible to clean the carpet on your own but there are no guarantees that you will do a good job. Even if you hire someone to do the work cheaply, they will not be experienced when it comes to picking the right chemicals and professional-grade equipment. You will end up spending a lot more when you could have just hired a commercial carpet cleaning company. You might also end up damaging the carpet even if you have professional-grade equipment to do the job.

You Can Cheaply Replace the Carpet

Anything that is cheap is not going to last for a long time. If you’re letting the carpet in the office to be abused with the hope that you will replace it with a cheap alternative, it is better that you start budgeting for frequent replacements. Cheap carpet is not likely to give a good impression which is crucial for the image of a business. If you’re concerned about keeping the maintenance costs down, you should be investing in high-quality carpet and professional cleaning services.

Too Much Vacuum Cleaning Will Damage the Carpet

This is not true, especially for modern carpets. They are manufactured to withstand extensive vacuuming and can handle regular cleaning without a problem. There are some vacuum cleaners that are not friendly to carpets. That is why it is important that you’re working with a commercial carpet cleaning company that is experienced with different types of carpets. They can also offer advice on maintenance as well. Commercial carpet cleaning can remove up to 90% of the dirt in carpets.

Steam Cleaning Shrinks the Carpet and Causes Mold Growth

This will only happen if you’re working with a bad company that has no idea how carpets should be cleaned. If you’re searching for Carpet Cleaning San Jose, it is imperative to make sure that they’re using the appropriate cleaning techniques depending on the type of carpet you have. An amateur can leave the carpet soaked for days which will encourage the growth of bacteria because of the conditions provided. An experienced commercial company will ensure that the carpet is dry after the steam clean to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Regular Cleaning Makes the Carpet Get Dirty Faster

This is often an excuse that is used by a lot of businesses to avoid cleaning the carpet on a regular basis. This will only happen when the cleaning is not done in the correct way. There are some bad companies that will use equipment that will ensure that residue is being left behind. They do so intentionally so that that you can call them sooner rather than later because the carpet is dirty. Working with a reputable and experienced company will ensure that you avoid such scenarios.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, commercial carpet cleaning is not as expensive as a lot of people think it is.  You should think of it as more of an investment rather than an expense. A dirty carpet can harbor all sorts of allergens. Don’t be surprised when employees start reporting sick. The image of the company will also be at stake. You don’t have to do a deep clean every day. A commercial carpet cleaning company will be able to advise on the best way to maintain the carpet in your office.

To sum it up, hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company should be a no brainer for an office setting.  You can concentrate on what truly matters while someone else handles the cleaning of the carpet. Make sure to research the carpet cleaning company before you allow them into your office. You can ask for references if you’re not sure of their credibility. A good commercial carpet cleaning company will be more than happy to provide the references since they won’t have anything to hide.

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