Renting A Pressure Washer – How Much Does It Actually Cost?

Last updated on October 18th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

Putting it straight….If you are not gonna use the pressure washer often then renting it out is probably the right decision to follow.

Another underlying reason for renting a pressure washer is to avoid paying $110 – $350 to a pressure washing contractor and enjoy doing the job yourself instead.

But this decision of yours needs much useful knowledge and information before you hire the equipment.

I will be covering many topics for the same in this post such as:

  • Famous Rental Shops around the US.
  • Different rental costs of all pressure washer types.
  • Renting accessories.
  • Benefits & downsides of renting a pressure washer.
  • Should you Rent or buy?
  • When to hire a pro?

Bottom line:
The price will vary according to the power of the equipment you hire. On an average price would be $110/day, but it may decrease or increase accordingly. This may rise up to $260 from rental places such as A – Z equipment.
Or if you go for Home Depot this may be around $35/day.

Famous Rental Shops Around The US

Just take a look at the various pressure washer rental shops around the United States:

Pressurecoach-Rentals-Summary-Cost-Chart (1)

Some notes about the comparison chart mentioned above:

  1. A hot water-pressure washer rental option is not offered by Hertz Equipment Rentals.
  2. Home Depot being the only place that offers an electric pressure washer for rent ($35/day).
  3. For renting heavy-duty gas the average cost would be $99/day.
  4. Average cost of renting a hot water unit is around $144/day.
  5. For a medium-duty machine it is $71/day.

I visited seven different power equipment websites. So, here are the links:

Hot Water Gas Powered Pressure Washer

‘No brainer’ a pressure washer with hot water is tough and fast on any stain, dirt, algae, grime, or bacteria.

They can be rented with various flow rates and pressure. In the rates mentioned below you will get a machine with PSI between 2,500 – 3,500. Pushing is easy with the cart and four wheels.

Hot water is generated by the kerosene burner or on-board diesel (circulates the water in a coil) resulting in nearly boiling water temperatures.

Gas Powered Pressure Washer
Rental-Cost-Hot-Water-Pressure-Washer (1)

NTR – NorthSide Tools Rental offers a hot power washer for rental charges costing $195/day while Rental Guys for $95/day for the same Mi-T-M machine with 3,000 PSI.

If we take an average then the most expensive to rent for a hot water unit is from $45/day.

Rental Cost - Heavy-Duty Gas Powered Pressure Washer

A heavy-duty gas-powered power washer is over 2,800 PSI which works ideally for massive jobs for homeowners or job sites (parking lots, garages, commercial places, etc.) alike.

You get them in 2 different types-

  • Direct drive
  • Belt drive

Heavy-duty Gas Powered Washer (1)

The latter is more expensive as it establishes a connection of the engine to the pump through a belt. This not only lowers the operating temperature but makes life longer too. Belt-driven are more commonly available and used for varied cleaning tasks but the list below comprises everything.

Hire-Cost-Heavy-Duty-Gas-Pressure-Washer (1)

Most costly over here is the A To Z Equipment rental machine with a belt drive of 4,000 PSI. The lowest prices are of Hertz Equipment belt-drive which is 3,000 – 3,999 PSI.

In comparison to the medium-duty machines, heavy-duty machines were more with $28/day.

Rental Cost - Medium-Duty Gas Powered Pressure Washer

The medium-duty gas powered pressure washers are the commonest of all to rent for jobs (2,800 PSI or less).

The hot water or heavy-duty ones may be a choice of construction workers or commercial usage more but medium-duty ones are much easier to operate (back decks, driveways, fencing, house siding, etc.) and affordable too.

Medium Duty Gas Powered Washer

From A to Z you can get a belt-driven Mi-T-M pressure washer of 2,500 PSI for $90/day while from AAA you can get for $62/day.

If we take an average, to rent a medium-duty equipment is $71/day.

Renting An Electric Pressure Washer

Out of all the seven rental equipment outlets mentioned above only Home Depot (you can rent from your nearest equipment shop) offers an electric power washer with a 1,400 PSI, costing around $35/day.

Why rent an electric pressure washer in place of gas?

Some solid reasons:

  • They are less noisy.
  • Can be used indoors.
  • Do not require refueling.
  • Budget-friendly alternative.
  • Higher PSI is not needed as you just need to wash your windows, cars, garden equipment, home exteriors and more.

rent an electric pressure washer

Renting Accessories

For maximizing efficiency some specialized tools can be used for various tasks. As in the picture below you can witness a surface cleaner which is absolutely suitable for areas which are large and flat like a driveway.

If you want to accelerate your work you can go for renting this popular accessory – a surface cleaner for $31/day at Home Depot or $60/day from other places. In comparison to other accessories surface cleaners are expensive.

Surface Cleaner Pressure Washer Attachment Rental

For other accessory options Negotiating the shop for throwing them with the rental is the best thing you can do

Benefits Of Renting:

  • ‘No’ maintenance work for you as the rental shops will take care of it.
  • ‘No’ hassles for storing in your garage.
  • ‘No’ winterizing needed.
  • Since you are renting and not buying, it’s a less expensive affair overall.
  • You get a quality machine to use.

Downsides Of Renting:

  • All the work has to be done on your own.
  • You need to follow some strict state rules regarding power washing discharge.
  • Sometimes hiring a pro is better for certain typical cleaning jobs.
  • For some equipment renting may be slightly more expensive than owning one.

So, you just need to weigh all the options for a fair deal.

Should You Rent Or Buy?

The renting of a pressure washer will cost you between $29.99 – $260. Of course the rental charges will depend on the model you choose. If you buy a new one it will cost you about $50 – $500.

It all depends how often you use the equipment. If you use it on a regular or frequent basis then I suggest you buy your own and testing it out prior by renting is also a great idea.

When To Hire A Pro?

Rather than buying or renting, hiring a pro is sometimes the best decision to go for.

But, when should a professional be hired for the job

Probably according to me there are 3 main reasons:

  • You are an amateur for the power washing job.
  • If you do not have the requisite power and time to deal with massive cleaning jobs.
  • Time consuming cleaning jobs call for more rental charges day by day. Hence, it is beneficial to hire someone.

If you hire a pro this will cost about $173 – $311 a day (depending on the area and your job).

Deposits & Damage

In case to cover any damages you may need to pay a damage deposit. This may happen due to any uncertainty or mishandling of the equipment.

Home Depot being the only rental place that offered the complete and detailed up-front cost. If you rented a heavy-duty machine for $92/day then total deposit up-front is $125. If you get a surface cleaner too then the rental would be $31/day with up-front of $50.


I hope after reading the above blog post you will be in a clearer position to decide and go about the pressure washer renting procedure.

Be safe while you do the power washing job yourself and some safety tips you can’t miss while in action.