How To Maintain Your Pressure Washer

Pressure washers need maintenance just like any other mechanical tool on the earth. They are sensitive, but if you maintain them, you can expect heavy duty work from them. There are maintenance tips that are surely going to work wonders for your pressure washer, let’s discuss them.


  • A powerful pressure washer engine needs oil just like your car. Use pressure washer oils that are specially formulated for them. The frequency should be after 200 hours of work or a year. Changing oil means you’re extending the life of pressure washer by 2 years on an average.
  • The engine doesn’t only need lubrication, but also on the other parts also. Antifreeze or lube cans are easily available from any hardware shop, buy them and use them. Just attach the can to the inlet, and runs it, till the water on the outlet becomes soapy and full of lube. The piping needs lube because before you store it, you don’t water to eat it up. The antifreeze can be used in winters, not only in the piping but also in the pressure washer’s pump oil.
  • Storing them is a huge maintenance tip you need. The place they should be stored in must be dry and dark. You can buy a cover from the shop to ensure they don’t get dirty. Store them after winterizing them, so that you can use it fresh
  • When stored, make sure that the piping has no water, clear it with pressurized cans. The gas tank should also be empty. Always use fresh gas. Use fuel stabilizers with new gas when you start it up. Fuel stabilizers help in fewer gas fumes, high efficiency, and long life.
  • Buy a longer cord so that you don’t have to move the pressure washer frequently by shutting and starting it up again. They come with 25 ft. cord, which is short if you’re working in a larger area. Buy a 50ft host and extend it, so that you don’t have to move it.

  • Lubrication is also required on the accessories, like nozzles, O-rings, and connectors. The pressure can wear them out. Lube which is compatible with all the materials used in making should be used. The O-rings are definitely the most important, and you should preserve it with lubes. Make sure you do with every other accessory.
  • You should use solutions specially made for them. This includes the chemicals, detergents, oils, lubricants, anti-freeze, fuel stabilizers and soaps. This will increase the effectiveness as well as efficiency.
  • Know the safety ratings of the parts and accessories of the pressure washer. This will help in making the best out of your accessories. Because you don’t want a part blown off. If the nozzle is handling greater pressure, and water is not coming out full, it could damage the pump.
  • Pull the pressure washer trigger first to release the pressure. This way you can lower the pump resistance, make the pump to start up easily.

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