Best Power Washer Attachments -Enhanced Performance & Cleaning

Last updated on November 9th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

✰ Best Surface Cleaner ✰

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-18 power washer surface cleaner attachment

✰ Best Rotating Brush ✰

Pressure Washer Rotating Brush

Rotating Wash Brush

✰ Best Wands & Guns ✰

Pressure Washer Wands & Guns

Pressure Washer Spray Gun

Out of the box it helps you to clean surfaces easier because the combination of high pressure water, soap or detergent and heat (if you have a hot water pressure washer) removes stains, grime and mold with zero issue.

But you can also increase the cleaning capacity and performance of your pressure washer with certain aftermarket attachments. These turn your power washer multi-functional: Safely clean your car, your garbage can, your BBQ grill and more.

Anyways These are the attachments you can add to your pressure washer. They are designed to help clean specific surfaces without damaging them.

Match an attachment to your needs:

8 Pressure Washer Attachments That Will Make Your Outdoor
Cleaning Fun And Effortless

     ★ Best Surface Cleaner       

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-18 power washer surface cleaner attachment

1. Surface Cleaners

A great equipment for deep cleaning flat surfaces which have collected grim, dust or other hard substances like grease, oil etc. quickly and efficiently. With a heavy body plastic top, it consists of a pair of rotating nozzles underneath, that thrust the water on a targeted area with the help of pressure washer. The surrounding walls of the cleaner keep the water within its enclosure and keep the water pressure under check to prevent any undue spillage of water and damage to delicate surroundings. It’s a perfect device for cleaning large areas like decks. Patios, driveways or garages.

Some of the most popular brands manufacturing surface cleaners attachments include Yamaha, Generac, Simpson, Karcher, PowerFit and Briggs & Stratton.You can check out our detailed buying guide on pressure washer surface cleaners and also see the reviews for top selling surface cleaners.

     ★ Best Rotating Brushes       

Rotating Wash Brush

2. Rotating Brushes

Created on the same principle as surface cleaners, pressure washer rotary brushes are used for cleaning smaller areas with precision. It has a wide application though, one can use them as car cleaning tool, in boats, canoes, bins, tiles, etc. The water flow, through the center of the brush acts as an enabler for the rotating brush to remove hard grim, dirt, etc. and clean faster. But one has to be cautious while using them on delicate surfaces as they may cause damage. You can check out our detailed buying guide on pressure washer rotating brush and also see the reviews for top-selling rotating brushes.

They are quite effective but are best applied to smaller areas, take a look at top choices for rotating brushes here for a better understanding and a wise decision making for your requirements.

     ★ Best Lances And Wands       

Pressure Washer Lances And Wands

3. Lances And Wands

A telescoping wand, also known as a lance doesn’t come as a standard accessory with most power washer models but you can always get one in the after-market as it’s not something to be missed from your pressure washer kit if you’re into commercial cleaning. It enables to reach out to places beyond your physical reach. Equipped with a quick-connect they are easy to use with any jet washer. One can easily reach out to first story window or an underground sump pit without having to risk personal safety using a ladder or a suspender.

They come in different sizes from 6’ to 36’ depending upon one’s need. You can have a detailed read on top-selling presssure washer wands from our buying guide.

     ★ Best Spray Guns       

Pressure Washer Spray Gun

4. Spray Guns

Spray Guns often come as a standard accessory with most jet washers but you might want to buy an after-market if doesn’t. The reason its quite a great tool for cleaning when you require to turn off the water quite often during a job. They come in stainless steel or brass fittings for greater life and durability. Spray guns offer greater control and are quite easy to handle and maneuver. I’ve discussed in detail, about the best selling spray gun models, something that is worth a read if you are planning to buy a spray gun in near future.

You can check out our detailed buying guide on pressure washer spray gun and also see the reviews for top-selling washer spray guns.

     ★ Best Turbo Tips       

Washer Turbo Nozzle

5. Turbo Tips

Another great accessory to use with your pressure washer, electric or gas. Rotary turbo nozzles create a powerful fountain of water up to 3000 RPM that can peirce through the most hardened grimes. Very effective for cleaning areas like sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, terraces etc. and best suited for washing concrete patio decks, exteriors and tiles .

     ★ Best Brooms       

concrete pressure washer attachment

6. Brooms

Pressure washer broom comes as another variation of a surface cleaner or a rotating brush, it connects with the pressure washer wand with a standard quick-connect coupling. A jet washer broom further distributes the water in 3 or 4 nozzles sprays for efficient and close cleaning. Unlike the normal pressure cleaning operation with power washers, the brooms add an advanced level of sophistication with less water wastage and more targeted cleaning. However these brooms tend to work better with less hardened stains and grime and aren’t effective enough to clean surfaces with greasing mostly found in garages or industrial facilities. It can be good for domestic usage especially for decks and wooden surfaces.Cleaning the surface efficiently & are helpful in many concrete, decks and wooden surfaces.

Check Out 6 Factors To Consider Before Buying Pressure Washer Water Broom

     ★ Best Foamers       

pressure washer soap attachment

7. Foamers

Many power washers come equipped with detergent tanks these days which add to over all efficiency in cleaning operations with application of chemical or detergents. But there are still so many models that lack this feature and Pressure Foamers are just meant for such jet cleaners. Like all other accessories, they can be connected directly to a Spray gun or a wand and adds the soap application along with the water spray. Specifically used for smaller operations, these foamers could be a good for cleaning homes, flat surfaces, cars, boats, tiles, walls etc.

Before you use a pressure washer, read our guide for how to use a pressure washer tips and techniques.

     ★ Best Water filters      

Pressure Water Filters

8. Water filters

In certain areas, the water is quite hardened and often contaminated with residue or other matter due to its source like dam, lake or a even a well. The usage of such water can harm the pressure washer when it passes through it quite often.

Water filter attachments play an important part in such situations. These water filters become indispensible for usage so that your pressure cleaners clean and safe. These filters are particularly apt for usage in farms where the source of water is harvested from rain or other mediums like sump or well and thus required to be connected between your pressure washer and water source. Check out some of the best water filters for pressure washers here.

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