Powerstroke Pressure Washer Reviews

Last updated on December 30th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

If you are the person who likes to have a clean house and pristine neighbourhood then you got to have a power washer. Pressure washer in colloquial sense can be defined as a hose pipe which is pressurised. It has a motor that makes high-pressure water smoother and more powerful than a brush or vacuum cleaner to help you wash debris. But you need a good pressure washer to achieve high pressure flow rates that can accommodate your type of work. But when it comes to choosing the best electric pressure washer it is always confusing to select the one which suits you the best.

Hence, we have researched and prepared some in depth powerstroke pressure washer reviews to see what types of pressure washers make them a suitable washer for design and construction. This review would give you the advantage of selecting the best among the best. The model which would suit your requirement and budget.

4 Top Rated Powerstroke Electric & Gas Pressure Washers Reviewed

Powerstroke PS80519B 2200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

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  • Ultra compact frame and powerful 140cc motor. Material: Rubber.

  • Aluminum axial cam pump.

  • Precision 25 and 40 degree high pressure fan nozzles, low pressure soap nozzle and 21-inch chrome plated spray wand with quick connect nozzle coupler.

  • Convenient onboard hose, trigger gun, wand and nozzle storage compartment.


This powerstroke 2200 PSI electric pressure washer model is in our top selection because of variety of reasons. The combination of various qualities and price comparison makes it the best pick. We really like that unit in the lower medium-duty range, partly because it’s priced right (mid-range) and partly because it cleans “bigger” than you would expect from a 140cc engine.

Powerstroke PS80519B pressure washer pump and motor are in a frame that is quite lightweight for a gas power washer, along with the chrome-plated spray wand, there are two high-pressure fan nozzles in addition to a low-pressure nozzle for use with detergent (sadly, there is no onboard tank).


  • The most and foremost quality is that it has very powerful engine.

  • It is very durable because they used solid stainless steel to make the engine, and they used an ultra compact frame for its longer life.

  • You will find various nozzles that are 25-degree, 40-degree and low-pressure soap applicator nozzles for your various uses.

  • The Company will provide two years of warranty for any of its manufacturing defects.


  • Just cold water can be used which could be a small problem when you go to clean oil, rub something sticky. Although the friction will purify most of the soil, some of the users may not be pleased.

  • As you need, you can’t adjust the strain. So the pressure is always the same unless you use the nozzle for the soap applicator.

Powerstroke Electric Pressure Washer with 1600 PSI

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  • Front entry trigger gun, m22-threaded hose connection.

  • Bayonet connection wand with qc nozzle coupler.

  • 20′ non-marring HP hose.

  • Precision nozzles (15 Degree, Turbo, soap).


When it comes to power washing this model from powerstroke is a versatile power washer. It would do your sidewalk washing as well as car washing with ease and comfort. The new Powerstroke Electric Pressure Washer from 1600 PSI is ideal for all your cleaning tasks to tackle. This dependable patio furniture or car cleaning tool will get the job done quickly. This pressure washer features a 20 ‘non-wedged hose, 6″wheels for easy maneuverability and precise nozzles for various spray patterns and strengths: 15 °, soap and a turbo nozzle. The nozzle is turbo and generates up to 50 % more power for washing.

The pressure washer detergent tank provides optimum 20: 1 mixture ratio for optimum performance and rapid detergent. This model is best for people who need an economical and medium range power washer. The size factor is also important here, as this model is relatively smaller in size it is best for people who need a smaller unit. The PS14113 comes with a design that is rollcage increasing the protection and stability and making it convenient to store also.


  • Powerful design gets the job done quickly.

  • Folding handle and integrated wheels for convenient transport.

  • Great power sprayer for the price.

  • It is compact, easy to manage, assembly and use.


  • Good product but bad spray gun.

Powerstroke PS80947 2700 PSI Subaru Pressure Washer

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  • Gas pressure washer with pro-style angled and soap spray nozzles for work versatility.

  • 25 foot non-marring high pressure hose for reaching jobs around the house.

  • Commercial grade 189cc OHC Subaru EA 190 volt engine.

  • Large, flat free 12 inch tread cap wheels excellent for rugged terrain.

  • 3-pistol aluminum pump for reliable, corrosion-free performance.


This poweratroke 2700 PSI pressure washer is mean and efficient at the same time. It is foremost when it comes to home cleaning. This PS80947 model is a powerful and versatile model. It features a Subaru 189 OHC engine, four different professional model nozzles, and a three-pistol pump for optimum corrosion-free power delivery. It is also a high-rated pressure washer, and has long been a popular home use product. At first sight the pressure washer looks stylish and strong.

But closer examination of the highly rated machine also confirms that it is a very reliable and powerful pressure washer. The architecture, for example, strategically positions the motor and the pressure pump in a way that properly dissipates weight. This power washer is for those who love power washing at home. The quality, power and value for money on this model is unmatched.


  • Highly recommended, if you’re looking for a power washer with lots of power, easy to use and a great price.

  • You can clean a patio at less pressure with the different nozzles, but you can increase the water flow pressure with a form of 25 degree nozzle when you want to clean masonry equipment.


  • It’s a little bit pricey.

2.5 GPM Pressure Washer From Powerstroke

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  • The PSI of 3000, GPM clocking 2.5.

  • Detergent tank capacity of 1 gln.

  • Nozzles that can be interchanged.

  • Wheel spread of 12”.

  • Extra space for storage given.


when it comes to power washer from powerstroke this model cannot be ignored. It is among the best power washer produced by the company. The quality that identifies this as one of the finest is that, the latest PS80544B Pressure Washer from PowerStroke is an amazingly strong and efficient pressure washer run on gas for large-scale outdoor washing. The wide 12-inch wheels allow even the thickest and most uneven exterior surfaces to ride smoothly, with a rubberized coating to slip during cleaning on wet surfaces.

This powerstroke 3000 PSI pressure washer having 2.5 GPM compressor that allows even the most stubborn and hard to remove dirt and debris to blast off a high level of cleaning strength, while the 4 interchangeable nozzles allow a high level of control for different project sizes or different levels of subtlety required. Which gives the best cleaning results and you would be more than happy with this product.


  • There is a lot of convenience to the machine.

  • It is also gas powered, so you can move it around your house or building site easily and not worry about power issue.


  • Exposed muffler gets super hot and will burn you or melt hose if you touch it.

  • No shut off valve for soap so you have to use all soap before going back to rinse.

About Brand And Its Features

Powerstroke is the name which you can trust when outdoor power equipment is considered. Powerstroke gives quality products that are ready to perform whenever required and are durable enough to keep running season after season.

The product offerings include a variety of pressure washers, generator and handheld power equipment. Irrespective of the size of the project, they have a product that will suit all your needs.

The powerstroke pressure washer is good for a variety of applications from washing cars to power washing sidewalks, it gets the job done in a flash. If you like to have a clean house and pristine neighbourhood, then powerstroke pressure washer is the correct choice.


  • 150CC OHV Engine

  • 3 Quick connect nozzles to clean various surfaces

  • Extended reach 25′ high pressure hose

  • On board hose, nozzle, trigger handle storage


  • Trigger handle and wand

  • 3 Quick connect nozzles

  • 25′ high pressure hose

  • Engine oil

Powerstroke Power Washer Advantages

Top Notch Performance

The powerstroke pressure washers are popular mainly for one reason that is their great performance. The combination of powerful engines and great pumps help them to achieve cleaning jobs with a lot of efficiency. When it comes to performance even their low budget machines never disappoint the user.

powerstroke electric pressure washer

Great Designs

Powerstroke pressure washers have nearly the same but great design. They are constructed in a way that they offer great durability, which is an important aspect of a good pressure washer.

Easy To Use And Move Around

Powerstroke pressure washers have convenient startup systems and handles that don’t need much strength. The strong and big wheels of the machine also make them easy to operate.

powerstroke power washer

Strong And Long Hose Pipes

Most of the powerstroke Machines have Pro style non marring 25 feet hose pipe. The long size pipes are big enough for convenience, which you may need while cleaning around your home.


Top rated pressure washers do not cost as low as dollar hundred. Powerstroke has the commercial grade pressure washers at a very reasonable price than other brands.

Power Stroke Pressure Washer Problems

  • They are gas powered, they can produce harmful fumes but not in great quantities. They should not be used in closed door environments.

  • They produce some amount of noise. The gas powered powerstroke pressure washers are meant for outdoor purposes, which does not make their noise levels so alarming.

  • They are meant for home use purposes, they can’t handle powerful cleaning needs as they have PSI ratings below 3000. Their construction and their engines do not allow them to work efficiently at commercial places.

  • When compared to electric power home use pressure washers, they seem to be more expensive.

  • Some powerstroke pressure washers take a long time to assemble.

  • Only a few powerstroke machines have on-board accessory storage units for wands and the spray guns.


The powerstroke makes some of the best home use pressure washers in the world. You can get a powerful and reliable gas powered pressure washer to handle your home cleaning job for less than $200.

Most of the powerstroke pressure washers are PWMA certified, which means you never get disappointed by the machine you choose for yourself. The reviews of powerstroke pressure washer is one great reason why you should consider them over any other brand.

You may wish to evaluate your requirements and choices before purchasing any pressure washer, sometimes you may realise that a more powerful, higher priced machine may be the most ideal pressure washer for your cleaning requirements.


Q1. Is powerstroke a good pressure washer?

If you think about outdoor machines or equipment, nothing can beat powerstroke. It is a pioneer company in the field of outdoor equipment. One of the most efficient gas powered pressure washers out there is the Powerstroke models. It is also one of the most suitable cleaners for cleaning stairs, sidewalks, patios and garages due to the high water pumping capabilities of Powerstroke. So you can trust powerstroke for its credibility and quality. 

Q2. Are 2.4 gpm powerstroke pressure washers good?

Yes this can be considered do their job efficiently. PSI will be between 2700-4000 with GPM 1.0-4.0. This pressure washer size is incredible for solid carports, windows, decks and outside. Gas-powered systems can produce carbon monoxide, so in an enclosed area it should never be used.

Q3. How long do powerstroke power washers last?

Before coming to the technicalities it is important to understand that any machine’s life depends upon its usage. If you use it rough it wold wear off quickly and if you take good care than it would perform better and longer.  If you happen to be a mortgage holder, you are probably going to utilize a washer with under 50 hours of pressure every year. For this situation, a machine evaluated for 500 hours will run for a long time in the event that you keep up it appropriately. However, if you use it at work, you want something worth 2,000 hours or more.

Q4. How often should you change the oil in a powerstroke pressure washer?

Oil changing is very important and should be given primary importance for longevity of the machine. Replace the oil every 200 to 250 hours of work during normal service, approximately every three months if you use your computer regularly, and if not at least every year. One way to remember changing the oil in your pump is to plan it along with changing the oil in the engine of the press washer. That way you can keep a check on it better and would be best for the overall maintenance of the machine.