7 Best Portable Sawmill For The Money Reviews 2024 & Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

By: Grady Galvez ∣ Updated: January 09, 2024

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An old Sycamore tree in my side yard planted by my great grandfather was required to be cut? Sad I was to think that that big old history just disappeared. Suddenly, an idea struck me!!

And perhaps my portable sawmill could save that history. Guess what!! I turned that tree into a unique dining room table. Now I and my family can cherish the memories of my great-grandpa for many more years.

best sawmill

This was perhaps my experience, but even many other homeowners, woodworkers, carpenters who use these portable sawmills have saved a lot of money and earned too in many ways by turning logs of wood into something extensively innovative and useful.

Even for commercial use, these just cut the logs into fine slabs and make many tough projects super easy. Furthermore, their portability makes them more preferable over the traditional sawmills.

I am not just flaunting, but can prove it wonderfully…..So, here are the top-5 portable chain sawmills that work like magic!!

Note: Each one is different in its own way with a separate set of benefits. Shop one that makes a perfect one for you. The buying reasons and tips mentioned in the article are not to be missed either.

portable logging mill

YEEZUGO 36″ Portable Chainsaw Mill

The YEEZUGO portable sawmill is the perfect tool for lumberjacks in the making. It is designed to be assembled quickly by anyone, but also operate with precision and ease, thanks to the advanced engineering behind each model.

This sawmill is built to last, and with a 15 HP motor, it is also powerful enough to match its durability.

Best Mobile Sawmill Compared

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Full Reviews For Each Portable Bandsaw Mill

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1. YEEZUGO Saw Mill for Saw Bar Size 14" to 36"


  • Aircraft grade 29mm square aluminum mill frame

  • Square steel 25mm clamping pad brackets

  • Tubular steel 22mm handle bars

Made with high-quality aluminum and stainless-steel this Chainsaw mill speaks volumes of toughness with lightweight.

The YEEZUGO 36″ makes a great option for homeowners, carpenters, and woodworkers. All its features are in support of it being used for farm or personal use. Cutting lumber planks height and width is also adjustable. Here’s a quick video review.

This can convert rough logs into excellent slabs in 1/2″ to 13″ thickness and 36” wideness. Its 14″-36″(42-93.5cm) bar size provides the ideal size for many projects, allowing a wide range of board sizes.

You can conveniently pack and carry this into your ATV, truck, bus, etc. as this doesn’t occupy much space.


  • Lightweight and collapsible aluminum construction.

  • Allows a wide range of board sizes.

  • Perfect option for homeowners, woodworkers, etc.

  • Protective perspex plate to guard against injury.

  • Suitable for chainsaws with a bar length between 14″ and 36″.


  • Works on small bar chain saw.

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2. Imony 24" Saw Mill with 304 SS & Aluminum

This portable chainsaw mill by Imony is another amazing one in our list of top-rated sawmills. This is also a superior stainless-steel aluminum construction which is stronger and lighter.

The chainsaw mill is 36 inches in length and fits a chainsaw bar length of 10”-36”. Works efficiently for diameter logs of 36-inch, planking mill height, and width adjustable. This is a lightweight and tough tool and helps in turning your chain sawmill into a portable and comfortable milling machine.

Wide slabs can be cut with this in no time and the least effort as this is designed in such a way. This will turn all your previous tough tasks into the simplest ones.

The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty, and you can mill your own lumber at home or in the woods. See a list of upcoming offers here


  • Made from high-quality 304 stainless-steel aluminum construction.

  • Light and strong.

  • Enables you to mill your own lumber at home or in the woods.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Only larger bar saws work.

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3. Carmyra - Portable Chainsaw Mill

The Carmyra portable chainsaw mill is manufactured with high-quality steel and aluminum. Cuts cedar, walnut, and oak into superior-quality lumber.

This super-efficient mill cuts beams or lumber from 0.5” to 13” thick and 36” wide. Attached to a saw without a drilling bar. High-quality mills cut beams or lumber from 0.5“to 13“thick and 36” wide. See it in action here.

Due to the above-mentioned features, higher production and commercial usage can be undertaken with this sawmill. The automation quality also helps well the sawmill to work quicker and easier.


  • Superior-quality mill.

  • High-steel steel.

  • Reasonably priced.

  • Attaches to saw without drilling bar.

  • Cuts Walnut, Oak, high-quality lumber.


  • The parts are not as durable as others in this category.

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4. HiHydro Saw Mill (14''-36'')

This sawmill by HiHydro is constructed with durable stainless-steel and aircraft aluminum. The mill is lightweight and a tough tool.

Turning your chainsaw mill to a portable milling machine the superior-quality mill cuts beams or lumber from 0.5“ to 13“ thick and 36” wide.

The aluminum rails are quite well-finished and the steel parts appear to be chromed.

This thing is sturdy, well-built and looks really cool at this price of $89.99 which is less than its other counterparts. This is a great and an inexpensive way for the hobbyist to mill lumber so this stands the most budget friendly sawmill.

You can assemble it with ease by following all the important instructions mentioned by the manufacturer.


  • Perfect for homeowners, woodworkers, carpenters.

  • Great an inexpensive option.

  • Lightweight sturdy tool.

  • Well-finished sawmill.


  • Good one for price with no such noticeable downsides.

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5. CO-Z Portable Chainsaw Mill

Constructed from top-grade heavy-duty steel and aluminum, this chainsaw mill can withstand years of high-intensity outdoor and indoor alike. This flaunts of an implacable performance by staying ultra-sturdy and durable.

Makes an ideal option for outdoor work due to its portable and light weight design. With only a few turns of the wrench this portable chainsaw mill can be comfortably attached to your chain saw.

This sits adjustable as height and width can be adjusted to cut logs and planking from 1/2″ up to 12″ thick & 24″ wide in regular piece. Certainly a unique design with some upcoming and unmatchable looks. This makes this piece of equipment stand out of the crowd.


  • Made from durable and robust materials.

  • Can be attached conveniently.

  • Adjustable height and width.

  • Versatile and easily portable.

  • Decent price.


  • Good if instructions could be elaborated a bit more.

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6. Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 30" Rails

Granberg MK-IV is one of the trusted chainsaw mills. It is worth recommending owing to the top-notch qualities it excels in.

It is extremely easy to use and can be set up with a simple wrench from harbor freight. Made up of high-quality steel and aluminum, you can have peace of mind that this going to last for a number of years.

If you owe the one, you can go through workpieces from ½” to 13”, which is actually great. It allows you to cut the tree where it falls. Though it carries a hefty price tag, however, it offers the full worth of the money spent.


  • Sturdy built that ensures longevity.

  • The instruction manual is easy to read enlists has a step-by-step guide.

  • Cutting depth can be easily adjusted.

  • Manufactured using A1 standard steel and aluminium.

  • Allows the user to cut through the slabs with safety.

  • Cut cedar, walnut and oak into high-quality lumber.

  • Lightweight and portable.

  • Designed with anti-vibration metal runners.

  • Can cut larger planks.


  • Some people find it a bit expensive

  • Heavier than similar models.

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7. TTF 14 to 36 Inchs Chainsaw Mill

TTF Chainsaw Mill is a highly durable milling bar that is meant to last for a long time. Made up of steel and aluminum, it is widely appreciated by people. It is ideal for most outdoor activities by woodworkers, builders, and homeowners. You can use this tool for cutting walnut, oak, and cedar.

Apart from its reliable performance, it is worth trusting because of the portable characteristic that allows you to use it at different places. Its length can even be adjusted between 14 inches to 36 inches as per your needs and requirements.

You can avail a 2-year warranty with this chainsaw mill that is better than other options that offer a 30-day guarantee


  • Cut Cedar, Walnut and Oak into high-Quality Lumber.

  • Maximum cutting length of 36 inches.

  • Sleek and portable design.

  • Steel and aluminium construction.

  • Negates the need of drilling bar for attachment.


  • N/A

Which Is The Ideal Sawmill?

Selecting the perfect sawmill could be a daunting task. In case you choose wrong that may consume more of your time and efforts.

Portability brings ample of convenience and flexibility, do check out the top-most five reasons for owning and usage of a portable sawmill.

Deciding According To The Use:

Do You Need A Mill To Fit A Budget?

There are budget mills too if you wanna save some money of yours. You may be thinking about this as the cost of lumber is also increasing.

At Virtually No Expense All The Lumber Needs Can Be Supplied On The Farm Or Property

Many of the homestead mills are also available that will fit into your varied needs. You get adequate freedom when you have your own supplied lumber and this endless supply will help you build a garage, camp, home, or a building.

best portable sawmill for the money

Are You In Need Of Higher Productions?

  • If your need is for a portable mill that could saw on the other people’s sites. You get commercial band mills too for this purpose.

  • These can be easily set-up stationary or on trailer units. The automated features of such types help a lot for moving the logs or even the mill itself. The cutting process becomes faster and easier.

When You Require To Cut Large Diameter Trees?

It becomes a memory when you cut a large diameter of a tree and the first slab with its wide face shows-off the wood grain. You can turn any old tree into something unique and useful with some innovative ideas.

Henceforth, you can categorize this way:

  • Budget

  • Farm or Personal Use

  • Higher-Production Commercial and Automation

  • Wide Slab

portable saw mills


After taking the decision of the category, you will require to pick the perfect log options that you will be actually sawing.

The band mills, most of them have limitations to what diameter logs they are designed to handle. You need to seriously check the diameter of the logs to assure that whether the mill will be able to tackle it.

Next to this even the slab width needs to be given importance. This refers to the width of the board and the specifications should be clear to you prior. Lastly, the long length is also quite essential and the band mills facilitate desired length extensions.

Keep all these things in mind as they actually effect your investment.

BUDGET: Setting Your Budget

You are well aware with the fact that a personal saw mill will offer you a lot of savings and will provide you income too. Portable ones are efficient as they not only “make you save money but let you make money”.

Savings are related to the lumber costs as you will be cutting them on your own. Whereas the income will be what the customers will offer after commercial use.

Things such as:

  1. Furniture
  2. Slabs
  3. Sheds
  4. Beams
  5. Artwork and many ways can get you a lot of money


Of Course These Mills Are Portable, As the term itself means that you can move it from one site to the other and this is way more different that the traditional ones.

The most commonly used ones are:

  • Ground set-up mills

  • Mills on-a-trailer

small portable sawmill

The second category mills-on-a-trailer are absolutely easy to move from one site to another. As the logs will require loading, ensure beforehand that there is a log loader as lifting could be a bit tiring. Even the log ramps will solve the purpose if there are no log loaders.

There are sections or track systems in the ground unit mills, and this type requires disassembling and picking-up. These are not as expensive as the trailer mills and allow you to roll logs onto the mill (with a Cant Hook or Peavey).

Still the confusion persists!!!

Your decision will surround with the fact that how often you will be moving your mill. As bringing logs to the mill are easier than the other way round.

Grabs and skidding winches also need to be checked and considered for moving lumber.


An Essential Factor When Shopping For A Portable Sawmill

Believe us….more the automated features along with log-handling options will call for more service and maintenance.

Remote location residents should go for simple mills that will need minimal service needs. Some of the mills may need dealers to check and serve while some are DIY (do-it-yourself) ones.

Considering accessories that will facilitate standard-maintenance such as blades, belts, guides, greasing, and more.

Maintenance schedules should be checked in order to keep the mill running in efficient condition.

Note: Keep sharp blades for better, faster, and precise cuts.

Portable Sawmills FAQ’S

What Is A Portable Sawmill?

Portable sawmills are used to move logs and set up in the fields. They are smaller in size and are thus easily portable as compared to other big sawmills.

How To Select The Best Sawmill According To Your Need?

To select the best sawmill, you need to look upon and compare the performance features of the sawmill with your needs. You can broadly check the three key points which are operation, power, and log handling.

How much does a portable sawmill cost?

The minimum cost of a portable sawmill starts at $4,000. It depends on your need for the machine i.e. for which purpose do you want this and with which features. The cost can go up to $80,000.

How much to charge for a portable sawmill?

The charges for a portable sawmill varies according to the location and species. The pricing depends upon the risk of productivity because the owner gets paid for the lumber the customer gets. Thus the price could vary between the range of $0.25 to $0.50 per board foot of lumber.