3 Best Portable Sawmill For The Money Reviews 2020 & Buyer’s Guide

Moving the lumber and logs from the place of origin to sawmill can be pretty hectic and tedious. It needs a lot of effort and is really time-consuming. So, it’s better to have portable sawmills that make the work of woodworking and carpentry really easy.

However, the selection of the perfect portable sawmill can be hard and confusing for you if you don’t have the basic idea about these sawmills, as the market is full of dubious and bad quality products.

Here, I have jotted down the best portable sawmills that would help you take a profitable decision. So, read the reviews and then select the best one from so many choices!

Top Small Portable Sawmills - Detailed Reviews

1. 7 HP Best Portable Sawmill For The Money

When it comes to best portable sawmills 7 HP portable sawmill is the numero uno choice. This portable sawmill is fitted with an amazing and powerful 280cc engine. This makes it really the best in its class. This robust power gives it the energy to cut logs even to 22inch in diameter and 20 inches in width. The best part is that this mean machine runs on regular unleaded gasoline. If we speak about the engine displacement it is 280cc fuel type 87+ octane. This gives a horsepower of HP7. It can reach maximum speed (rpm)of 3279 FPM.


  • High cutting capacity.

  • Robust engine.

  • Very precise cutting .

  • Runs on regular gasoline.

  • Low at maintenance.


  • Hard to assemble.

     ★ Top Pick       

2. Norwood LumberPro Mini Sawmill

If you are into woodcutting and carpentry then the Norwood lumberPro is a very smart selection. It makes your work super easier and saves you a lot of your precious time with its quality and precision. It uses automated quick cycle sawing, which means that all your bigger and difficult jobs would be done much faster and with more ease. Which would make you more productive and saves you lots of labor time, which can be utilized in other works?

It is a state of the art engineering design with durable double plated steel plates, heavy-gauge tubular steel vertical mounts, and a solid frame. It is fitted with an electric motor. It releases a 23 HP power, the rail material used is twin double plated galvanized steel. It can handle easily woods up to 36 inches in diameter and 28in in width.


  • Can cut log up to 13 feet in length.

  • Uses super high carbon, steel, Sabretooth band saw blade.

  • Can work for long hours.

  • Very efficient and fast.

  • Can be used for big projects.


  • Frame bots tend to get loose on vibration.

  • Complicated assembly.

3. Wood-Mizer Portable Bandsaw Sawmill

If you have a passion for carpentry, run a small business or into timber farming then this product is for you. When it comes to producing high-quality lumber and ease in operating the LT15 portable sawmill is hugely popular worldwide. The feature that makes it distinct and unique is its small design and versatile operation. It can easily cut woods up to 28 inches in diameter and 17.8 inches in length, which is quite remarkable looking at its frame.

Sawmill is designed as such that it sits low to the ground, which makes lifting of logs pretty easy and effortless. If you have longer logs to cut it can be done with a simple 6-8 bed extensions which can give sawmill any desired length. Logs are put onto the bed by six side supports plus two fully adjustable log clamps that actually tightly clamp the logs and allow for cuts within 1inch of the bed. The cutting involves placing the head height correctly. When positioned with a quick turn of up and down the dial, the blade is effortlessly connected with the handle.

Cutting is cultivated by relentlessly propelling the sawmill head along the length of the log by turning low support, hand-wrench feed framework which runs on a rope rather than a link. A power feed is accessible as a discretionary redesign. When the cut is finished, the head is raised up and maneuvered back and brought down into position for the following cut. A water tank bolsters oil straightforwardly to the blade to improve cutting execution and keep the blade clean. The customizable blade direct arm keeps the blade all around bolstered while cutting different estimated material. Blade strain is effectively balanced and keeps the blade at the best possible pressure for cutting.


  • Sleek and compact.

  • Can meet any cutting requirement.

  • Delivers maximum log yield in minimum waste.

  • Less energy consumption.


  • Not good for longer log.

  • Not efficient for big projects.

Portable Sawmills VS Portable Chainsaw Mills

This particular confusion always bothers the carpenters and people in timber farming and business. So here is a comparing by displaying the uses and benefits of both:

Portable Sawmills:

Portable sawmills are sawmills that are small enough to be carried easily from one place to the other and can be easily set up for usage. The main advantage of this is that they can be easily carried to the job site, where the trees are cut and can be used there and then. This saves a lot of valuable time. The disadvantage that they possess is the blade needs to be sharpened and replaced at regular intervals. Plus they also need the help of hydraulics to lift the logs, which can be an expensive and tedious affair.

best portable sawmill 2019

Portable Chainsaw Mills:

The chainsaw mills are useful in cutting smaller frame trees. The best thing about chainsaw mills, particularly a procut, is you can back it up the tree and roll the log directly on absent a lot of set up. The chainsaw factory, whenever set up appropriately, will leave very nearly a planed surface. It is also relatively cheaper than the portable sawmill.

Crucial Points To Consider When Choosing the Right Portable Lumber Mills

Now that you have got a decent idea about the portable sawmill and its productivity and functioning, we can move further to a more detailed description of the buying guide.

How will you be moving logs?

Moving heavy logs is a herculean task. It cannot be done with hands or can be dragged for that matter. Unless we are talking about extremely light lumber. Which I doubt would be the case. Dragging can also cause substantial damage to the lumber. So there are a few methods by which you can move the logs.

  • By backhoe.

  • By loading on-ramps and clamp hooks.

But this all is really tiring and can also cause a lot of extra money. It is also dangerous and is prone to accidents. So the best option and that too a better one is by bringing the portable sawmill to the log.

Plan to make lumber, beams or both?

The second question is what the lumber to be used for is. Whether is for cutting a large beam or for some artistic installation. The primary usage decides on the type of saw to be used. The best choice can be described as:

  • For large beams, it is better to use a bandsaw.

  • For lumber, circular saws are the best.

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Length to be Milled:

The next thing to see is the length of the log to be milled. For logs that are up to 20 feet the bandsaw mill would be perfect but if you are cutting logs in lengths of 25 feet than the circular sawmill would be the best choice.

Width to be Milled:

After the length, the other important factor is the width to be milled. For circular sawmills, the largest depth cut done singly would be 10 inches. Most Portable bandsaw mills, on the other hand, can cut up to 28 inches and the higher ones can cut up to 36 inches cuts.

Slab work:

Slab work is another important criteria for selecting a sawmill. In a dedicated slab machine, a circular sawmill with a stabbing conversion can be a great option. But if you have very large logs than cranes would be needed.

Production Business VS Hobby

The next thing to analyze is whether you are buying the portable sawmill for hobby or for production business. Because a lot depends upon that. If you are buying it for your business then you need to buy the larger ones with more output. They are on the expensive side yet would be very helpful in the long run. While if you are buying it for a hobby then you can buy a lighter version which would be less expensive.

Portability, Mobility & Setup:

The next important selection criteria are the portability of the sawmill and the setup. When we need to cut heavy pieces of timber like 120 pieces from 56 logs we need to anchor the mill for a longer time. So we need a sawmill with good mobility and easy setup. Sometimes in various sites, we need to change the location of the sawmill frequently so we need an easily movable one with the fast setup process.

Milling Hardwoods: Milling hardwood is another testing feature when buying a sawmill. When milling a hardwood two things should be kept in consideration.

Waste: Always choose the machine which produces less waste and more lumber.

Effort: Always choose the machine which takes much less effort.

Budget: Sawmills are an expensive investment. It all depends upon the type of sawmill that you buy. Some high-end sawmill can reach a staggering price of even $70k. But it would be foolish to buy it for some hobby work. There are sawmills available for a few hundred dollars that can be tried for hobby work. In general circular mills are on the expensive side while the bandsaw mills are cheaper.

Parts, Serviceability & Warranty: The after-sales service, warranty, and availability and cost of spare parts are other factors that should be considered before buying sawmills. The heavy ones require high maintenance and the blade needs to be replaced at regular intervals. So always choose the company which gives a great warranty, who’s after service is excellent and the spare parts are easily available.

Blade Sharpening: Blades are a very important part of the sawmill. In Fact, it is the heart of the sawmill. Blades tend to get blunt after several uses. So it is always necessary to sharpen the blades. The sharpening can be done easily by ReSharper’s available at very low cost. The blades should also be protected from rock, spike or fencing that can be in the wood.

Engine Type & Altitude: As of now, the most well-known power plants accessible are single and two-cylinder four-stroke fuel motors running from 10hp up to 25hp. A few organizations do offer a solitary cylinder two-stroke diesel alternative on some factory models. Electric models are additionally accessible in the event that you’ll be introducing your plant almost a power supply.

When seeing force plant choices think about sharp edge width, creation speed, hardwoods, life span, and noise. You’ll need to take as much time as is needed thinking about where you intend to saw as altitude diminishes control, just as commotion before making your choice.

Portable Sawmills FAQ’S

What Is A Portable Sawmill?

Portable sawmills are used to move logs and set up in the fields. They are smaller in size and are thus easily portable as compared to other big sawmills.

How To Select The Best Sawmill According To Your Need?

To select the best sawmill, you need to look upon and compare the performance features of the sawmill with your needs. You can broadly check the three key points which are operation, power, and log handling.

How much does a portable sawmill cost?

The minimum cost of a portable sawmill starts at $4,000. It depends on your need for the machine i.e. for which purpose do you want this and with which features. The cost can go up to $80,000.

How much to charge for a portable sawmill?

The charges for a portable sawmill varies according to the location and species. The pricing depends upon the risk of productivity because the owner gets paid for the lumber the customer gets. Thus the price could vary between the range of $0.25 to $0.50 per board foot of lumber.


Portable sawmills are like a savior for a carpenter or a lumber farmer. It makes the work easy and saves a lot of precious time. Not only it gives us the mobility to move towards the place of work, but also makes us work at different locations and thus increase our revenue. It is also a marvel to the hobbyist as it expands their creative horizon. In all, if you are in the lumber business in any form which requires cutting of logs, portable sawmills are an absolute necessity.

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