A lot of people usually have trouble with their car ignition. This frequently happens when rainwater found its way into the fuel tank. Fixing the issue requires the use of an oil extractor pump. But shopping for the best oil extractor pump is a daunting experience.

There are a lot of fuel extractor pumps in the market right now, and making a decision on which one is the best is quite tricky. In this guide, we have highlighted some of the best fuel pumps in the market, and the reviews will help you make an informed decision before buying.

Oil Suction Pumps - Compared at a Glance

8 Oil Evacuation Pump Detailed Reviews

1. EWK Pneumatic/Manual - Best Vacuum Oil Extractor

With this product, you no longer have to crawl underneath your vehicle to change the oil, because you simply open your hood and insert the tube instead. It provides for two-way usage – pneumatic and manual – and, therefore, it can fit any conditions. If you’re curious about which option to choose, think of it this way: with the pneumatic mode you get higher speed, and with the manual mode you don’t have to use any other equipment to get the job done.

The EWK Company is a reputable company, and this product will show you why. Its extraction speed is fast at almost half-a-gallon per minute, and it can extract engine oil in a four-cylinder vehicle within five minutes provided you use the pneumatic mode. You can use this pump for cars, boats, lawnmowers, and much more, and you can easily change your oil any time and any place. It is also compact and portable, and it is a product that will definitely make your life a lot easier.


  • Lightweight at under seven pounds and, therefore, portable.
  • Has a working pressure range of 40–170 PSI.
  • Works on fluids between 35ᵒ Fahrenheit and 200ᵒ Fahrenheit.


  • Some complaints about there being not enough pressure to suck out the oil.
  • Some complaints about receiving defective parts.

     ★ Top Pick       

2. OEMTOOLS 24389 Engine Oil Extractor Pump

This oil removal pump is a multipurpose extractor and can extract oil and fluids from cars, motorcycles, boats, and even certain types of industrial and commercial machinery. It can extract everything from power steering fluid and low-viscosity fluids to coolant and water, and its flex hose and specialized dipstick adapters can even extract fluids directly from the dipstick tube. Its shut-off valve prevents the fluid from overflowing, and there is even a 1.4-gallon reservoir that is guaranteed to reduce the amount of spillage that you experience.

Lightweight at under seven pounds, it is compact and portable and even has an extra-large handle so that you can carry it from one place to another with ease. Because it is made in one piece, it comes with a leak-proof bottom and, therefore, provides you with a long shelf life.


  • Saves you a lot of money over time.
  • Good overall value for the money.
  • Simple and fast to operate.


  • Some complaints about the hoses being too short to do an effective job.
  • Some complaints about it not lasting for very long.

     ★ Top Pick       

3. Gastapper 12v Vacuum Oil Pump

Gas Tapper company is behind the manufacture of a 12V gasoline transfer pump. The company has been in the industry for over some decades now. The most beautiful thing is that the dry lift and siphon gas pump is ideal for vehicles, boats, and other pieces of machinery. Setting up the gasoline transfer pump is quite simple and comfortable though the rate of transfer usually is slow. This is something that is making many people be a little skeptical. All in all, the gasoline transfer pump has received both praises and criticism from many forums and Facebook groups.

The good thing with the 12V gasoline transfer pump is weather resistant. This implies that it can easily withstand harsh weather when exposed to it. It tends to experience minimal wear and tear. That’s not all. The transfer pump is enclosed in a fume proof case with a pressure release valve, making it ideal for transportation in the vehicle.

The LED power indicator helps the user to know when the oil is being extracted during the transfer process. The feature is behind the popularity of the pump in the market right now. The usage of this fuel pump does not require any form of training, and it is the reason why anybody in need of it can use it easily.

The essential kits come in a protective case to enhance its portability and transportation as a backup kit while in the field. Last but not least. The price attached to the product is relatively affordable, and this does not compromise with the quality. The main drawback of the fuel pump is that it contains some chemicals that contribute to the causes of cancer and congenital disabilities or reproductive systems.


  • Weather-resistant gasoline transfer pump.
  • Has a higher performance rate.
  • Simple and easy to set up.
  • Relatively affordable to acquire.
  • Highly portable when it comes to transportation.


  • Has some low-quality materials.
  • Contain chemicals that can cause cancer and congenital disabilities.
  • Tend to pump gasoline slowly.

     ★ Top Pick       

4. New For Volvo Penta Electric Oil Extractor Pump

Carmocar is a giant brand when it comes to the manufacturing of oil suction pumps. The company has been in the industry for over some decades now. Volvo Penta electric fuel pump is one of the products offered by the company, and it has received a lot of praise from many users. The most beautiful thing about the suction pump is that it is a direct replacement for the Volva Penta OEM part. Besides that, it can also be used interchangeably with other OEM parts; hence, no need to worry about it anymore while setting up.Also, setting up the electric fuel pump is quite accessible since it comes with instructions that are quite clear and easy to follow.

One thing that makes the electric fuel pump to receive lots of praises in many forums and the Facebook group is the warranty that it comes with it. This is the feature that has install trust among many customers across the world and hence the reason for their popularity.

The painting on the fuel pump fosters durability and long-lasting. It is rarely affected by harsh conditions that promote rusting. The fuel pump has a better acceleration when compared to others in the market, and it is ideal for propelling the boat.

Another fantastic feature of the fuel pump is the lack of noise production. This is something that can give you peace of mind when using it. There is no need to think about soundproofing.Unfortunately, it is not good to be used on boats since it can trigger fire risk. Besides that, the filter hole usually is not similar in terms of size with OEM.


  • Quite simple and easy to install.
  • Suitable replacement of Volvo Penta part.
  • Relatively affordable to acquire.
  • Come with a two-year warranty.


  • Filter hole not same size as OEM.
  • Prone to wear and tear.
  • Can cause the fire to the electric boat.

     ★ Top Pick       

5. Gastapper 12V Electric Oil Change Pump

12V max electric transfer pump is another product offered by Gas Tapper Company, and it does fantastic work. The most beautiful thing about the electric transfer pump is that it is suitable for both gasoline and diesel transfer. This is something that is done by very few oil extractor pumps in the market. Besides that, the fuel pump is weather-resistant, and this implies that it stands a high chance for lasting long despite being exposed to harsh weather conditions.

12V max electric fuel pump is packed in case mount that is strong and durable. This helps to hold the essential kits and prevent them from getting lost during transportation. Also, the case mounted pump has a handle that helps to enhance its portability. Many people prefer to carry it in their vehicles since it is safety. If you are looking for something that is fume-free and safe to carry, then think about the 12V max electric fuel pump.

Another thing that sounds good about the electric fuel pump is the large room case mount that can hold several kits needed for setting up the pump extractor. Unfortunately, the price of the electric fuel pump is relatively high, but it is worth it in terms of a performance rate.

The rate of extracting gasoline and diesel is relatively low. This is one of the things that has made many customers cold about it. All in all, this is an ideal product for use since it emphasizes more on the safety of the user. Despite that, it is made from high-quality materials recognized by the United States of America.


  • Suitable for both gasoline and diesel transfer.
  • Weather-resistant fuel pump.
  • Has a case mount pump for holding essential kits.
  • Easy transportable due to the case mount package.
  • Entirely safe for use and transportation.
  • Large room case for carrying all the bags.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Tend to be slow to some users.

     ★ Top Pick       

6. Super Handy Automotive Fluid Extractors

Super handy is another reputable brand when it comes to the creation of a fuel transfer pump kit. These kits have received a lot of praise due to their high-performance rate. The massive duty electric transfer pumps offered by the super handy company is highly portable, making them suitable for the emergency backup application. The company has partnered with top-quality employees who work around the clock to produce cutting edge equipment and technology that empowers the users. The most beautiful thing is that it comes with essential kits that have different specifications for easy usage. This is another factor behind the popularity of the heavy-duty pump.

That’s not all. The suction hose can easily be cut and customized to fit the needs of the user. The instructional guidelines are quite simple and easy to follow when setting up. Besides that, the fuel pump is packed in a robust and durable frame that offers maximum protection during transportation and operation.

Did I forget to mention about the warranty? The company works around the clock to ensure customers have secure shopping and trust when using the item. Another feature that makes the fuel pump stand out from others is the ease and safe application, aside from being a portable backup unit. The main issue with the fuel pump is that it is limited to diesel usage alone. It is regarded not to be ideal for gasoline. Also, the price tends to be relatively high, but it is worth the value of services offered by the pump. Lastly, it usually blows fuses frequently, and it is good to be careful when using it.


  • Tend to be compact and portable.
  • Packed in a durable and robust steel frame .
  • The suction hose can easily be customized .
  • Come with kit essentials and specifications .
  • Suitable for pickups, trucks, and boats.


  • Limited to diesel fuel only.
  • Relatively too expensive.
  • Tend to blow a fuse easily.

     ★ Top Pick       

7. Astro Pneumatic Dipstick Pneumatic Oil Extractor

Because it includes everything you need to make it work right, including dipstick tubes and extension hoses, this fluid extractor can extract oils and liquids from transmissions, transfer cases, crankcases, differentials, cooling systems, and so on. Its large two-plus gallon capacity makes it a very convenient and useful product to have, and it even comes with a very unique brake fluid attachment that has a hose and seals onto brake bleeder fittings easily.

The Astro Pneumatic Tool extractor has reinforced packaging and a base that is extra-durable, as well as a design that is both compact and lightweight at only 8 pounds. It is a sturdy, well-built product that is made to last for a very long time, and you can use it for everything from bleeding your brakes to removing power steering fluid, among others. It can even shut itself off to prevent spillage.


  • Has very high ratings from real-life purchasers.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Saves you a lot of money on oil changes.


  • Some complaints about the pump leaking.
  • Some complaints about no suction after a short period of time.

     ★ Top Pick       

8. Trupow Engine Oil Vacuum Extractor Pump

Trupow is a company that has been in the industry for over some decades, and it is known for producing high-quality products. The electronic self-priming fuel pump transfer is one of the products offered by Trupow Company, and it has the most excellent reputation in the market right now. The incredible thing about this fuel transfer pump is the ability to last for an extended period when compared to others. It is made from cast iron impellers and copper motor coil.If you have been looking for a fuel transfer pump of your vehicle, trucks, caravans, boats, and machinery, then think about the Trupow fuel pump.

The fuel extractor pump has received lots of praise in many forums and Facebook groups, mainly due to the ease of usage but that’s not all. The fuel pump has low voltage, which implies that the rate of energy consumption is too low.

The cord usually is long to enhance natural functioning regardless of the position. Another thing is the ease of transportation since it is highly portable and fitted with a bypass valve.This makes the pump to be ideal as a backup fuel pump.

The package comes with several essential kits that are importable when it comes to setting up the fuel pump. The only big problem with the fuel pump is the humming sound production after connecting it up. This is something that can distract your peace while extracting the oil. Lastly, the material used to design the fuel extractor pump is made from low-quality hence making it prone to breakage.


  • Has a longer lifespan due to cast oil impeller and copper motor coil.
  • Energy-efficient fuel pump.
  • Suitable for diesel, biodiesel, and kerosene.
  • Highly portable with inner bypass valve.
  • Highly versatile fuel pump.


  • Produce humming noise.
  • Not ideal for gasoline.
  • Made from poor quality materials.
  • Time-consuming during installation.

Oil Removing Pump Buying Guide

In case you’re wondering how to purchase the best fuel transfer pump, not to worry. Before you decide on the perfect pump, there are a few things you need to ask yourself first. Once you determine the answers to these questions, you should be able to easily decide which product is right for you.

  • How often do you plan to use this product? The size of the equipment and the number of times per day/week/year you plan on using the product can directly affect which product you should choose, in part because they affect the flow rate that you need. Flow rate is always listed as gallons per minute, or GPM, and the higher the GPM number, the faster the refueling rate. This is a great aspect to keep in mind when deciding on the appropriate extractor pump.

  • What power source will you be using? Keep in mind that electric pumps usually come in either 12V DC power for more mobile applications, for example, a tank in a truck bed; or 115V AC power for more fixed applications, such as above-ground fuel storage tanks. Commercial applications usually use either 24V DC for mobile applications or 230V AC for fixed applications.

  • What type of fluid will you be transferring? All pumps do not work with all types of fluids, so you need to make sure you read the instructions on the packaging to make sure the product can accommodate your needs. The pumps usually handle one or more of the following: gas, diesel, ethanol, kerosene, lubricants, motor oil, antifreeze, and transmission fluid, to name a few.

  • What type of work will you be doing? In other words, your work will either be standard and involve tasks such as work on automobiles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and lawnmowers; or light commercial or industrial use, including work on construction sites, mining operations, and large farms.

Fluid extractors also come in both electric and manual types, and they are both very effective at what they do. If you don’t work near a power source or if it’s too inconvenient to be close to one, a manual pump is likely your best option. Standard duty pumps usually offer from 8 to 20 GPM, while commercial duty pumps offer from 15 to 25 GPM.

Knowing the answers to the above questions is the best way to ensure that the pump is going to work the way it should. It is crucial that the pump you choose be able to handle your power supply, for instance, and the only way to know that for sure is to decide beforehand exactly what you need in a fuel transfer pump then read the information included with a specific product to make sure they are compatible.

It is easy to get the information you need for the product you’re considering, but first you have to know exactly what you’re looking for or you will be disappointed in the end.


Shopping for an oil extractor pump for your trucks, machinery, and vehicles can be a daunting experience to some extent. The oil extractor pump listed in our guide is proven to be active, and it upon you to choose one that fits your needs. Also, you should note that there are some fuel pumps meant for gasoline and diesel, respectively. It is advisable to choose the one that can do both works effectively.

I hope the guide was useful when it comes to choosing the best oil extractor pump for your machinery, trucks, and vehicles. Kindly use the comment section below and share your experience after using any of the above oil extractor pumps. We will highly appreciate it. Good Luck.

In determining the best fluid extractor out of the above products, the SuperHandy diesel-only transfer pump kit seems to be the winner. This was determined for several reasons. First, it is an electric pump and, therefore, very easy to use. Next, it comes with everything you need to start using it immediately, and it uses cutting-edge technology to provide fast and efficient results.

The SuperHandy pump kit also has a very strong steel frame that can protect it during transit, not to mention protect the user when he or she is operating the product. In addition, the company that makes the product promises to make things right if you are dissatisfied with the product, which is simply icing on the cake.


What is an oil extractor?

An oil extractor works to suck the oil out of a car with great ease. A thin tube is embedded in the opening of the dipstick to get the oil out of the crankcase. It uses a pump to create a vacuum so that hot air gets the oil pulled out that could be stored in a container.

How do you use a pneumatic oil extractor?

To use a pneumatic oil extractor, push it under the engine oil outlet by lifting the car. Then make the ball valve ON and open it. Unscrew the engine's oil drain plug, transfer the oil, and finally screw on engine’s drain plug.

How does a fluid extractor work?

The fluid extractor pulls fluids such as oil out from the fill hole of vehicles by making vacuum. The thin tube lets the oil flow to a container. Vacuum could be made using different types of methods such as with air compressor, hand pump, or an electric pump.

What is the best oil extractor pump?

The choice of oil extractor pump depends upon your requirement, utility, and the vehicle for which you want to use it. If you want a multipurpose extractor, then EMTOOLS Extractor Pump could be an ideal choice for you. And if you want to use it in multiple locations, then gasoline pump would be better than electric ones.

What happens if you overfill the oil in your car?

If a car gets overfilled with oil, then it can cause crucial damage to its engine or other internal parts. So you must check the oil in the engine first and remove the excess of oil to prevent it from overflowing.

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