Norwood Sawmill Reviews

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

Norwood Sawmill Review

Working in the woods is not just a passion for some people but something more than a way of life too…..which has been shared with utmost fervour among generations.

Norwood- A global leader that has mastered in building thousands of portable sawmills for 25 years.

The sawmills are built-to-last and survive the worst gruelling conditions ever. You can’t ask more from sawmills that not only fit your bill but are hard at work offering efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

A brand you can trust which has 50 patents registered worldwide and over 100 countries using them. They have different models to offer the peak performance along with reliability and durability.

Industry benchmarks are set by these sawmills and Norwood creates what exceeds your expectations.

Norwood is said to live and breathe personal and portable sawmills… no other sawmill could be more productive, versatile, and reliable at this price….

You can find out for yourself!!

Short On Time? Here's A Quick Product Synopsis

Norwood Sawmills - Comparison At A Glance

5 Top Norwood Sawmills - Detailed Reviews

Portable Band Sawmill

norwood portable chainsaw sawmill

LumberMan MN26v2


  • Laminated Sawhead.

  • Patented Auto Locking Sawhead.

  • Standard with Blade Lube System.

  • Solid Frame, 4 Post Carriage Design.

  • Log Diameter: 27″ (69cm), Board Width: 19″ (49cm).

You can simply take your projects to level next with the LumberMan MN26v2. This is specially designed for hobbyists and features newest industry-leader Sawyer-Assist technology.

This has impressive features, is dependable, accurate, and makes lumber enjoyable, easy, and precise. Like a backbone of every project, this is somewhat different than the others.

The levelling feet ensures safe, stable, and cuts full of accuracy. This is ultra-versatile and comes with numerous custom attachments which will help you raise your game.

LumberMate LM29v2


  • Laminated Sawhead.

  • Patented Auto Locking Sawhead.

  • Standard with Blade Lube System.

  • Multiple customization options.

  • Log Diameter: 29″ (74cm), Board Width: 22″ (56cm).

The LM29v2 is adventure ready and can handle and finish many projects without any inconvenience. Be it fine furniture, cabins, kids play house, and other jobs at hand.

The LumberMate will help you promisingly at every step. Like the previous one this also flaunts the industry-leading Sawyer-Assist technology. You can process your timber with confidence and ease.

So many impressive features like the dual-configuration solid-steel log clamps, dual-precision machined blade guides, and micro-adjust levelling feet, and in class power this sits unique.

Chainsaw Mill

PortaMill PM14


  • Super portable, mill remotely.

  • This is the only patented tool that transforms your chainsaw into a machine that functions into a real sawmill.

  • The depth can be adjusted by raising and lowering the saw head, carriage and saw head can be guided through the cut.

  • Safely engage the throttle from the operator station with throttle actuator.

The chainsaw mill – PortaMill PM14 is extremely easy to use. The saw head height can be adjusted and automatically the securing handle locks it into place.

The working of the PortaMill is quite similar to that of a real portable sawmill. This one doesn’t support any fussy rigging or bracket clamping. Includes all the attachments that your require.

This boasts of a patented mechanism that fits all chainsaws comfortably and the adjustable push handle offers comfort to the operator. Storing this is super easy as comes in a compact size with quick-disconnect components.

Moulder Planer

Log Moulder LX 26


  • This is suitable for log home construction.

  • Plane, finish or shape beams for custom work.

This accurately shape and plane beams and over-sized boards with maximum efficiency, straight on your sawmill.

For achieving some next level projects this moulder, planer will be an unbelievably power packed addition to your milling.

By using this you can craft unique furniture out of lumber woods that are heavy and with large dimensions. You can also customize porch columns, stair case posts, and balcony etc. You can easily depend on it for handling full-sized logs.

Manual Or Hydraulic

LumberPro HD36


  • Only portable sawmill that can be taken from manual to hydraulic.

  • Designed to deal heavy logs and mill lumber accurately.

  • Highly customizable and ideal for your operation.

  • Log Diameter: 36″ (92cm), Board Width: 28″ (71cm).

This Norwood model speaks volumes of huge capacity for maximizing the output. Designed with cutting-edge innovation this is the easiest-to-use along with being strong and most productive.

This remains strongest due to the way it is formed with a boxed front with rear-end frames that are extra-rigid to offer torsional stability and added strength.

The super-duty construction can effortlessly manage higher load inputs for milling with control and accuracy. Ultimate versatility comes as this can go manual to hydraulic with the optional attachments.

Why Norwood?

Norwood Is Built To Work

The brand has made its name and place in the previous 25 years and are still running very strong. Milling of even the hardest exotic hardwoods is much easier and many of them are operating two 8-hour shifts a day.

They are great as:

  • Log deck is proven to support 10,000 lbs.

  • Even and accurate milling is ensured by the 4 post carriage frame.

  • Made with cutting-edge fabrication, machining technologies, high-quality steel, by highly-skilled operators in America.

Norwood Is Built To Last

Since many of the customers have been using and still continuing to use the earlier-model equipment such as the LumberLite LL24, LumberMate 2000, and the LumberMate MK1-MK4. Hence, this is itself the proof of the durability and quality of the Norwood portable sawmills.

This comes with a commercial-grade powder coat that keeps your investment in the best condition. Though this costs more but Norwood finishes every critical component with the best quality powder-coating that will last long and keeps your product chip, scratch, and rust-resistant.

The Best Value For Your Hard-Earned Dollar

  • The Norwood is known to have the only sawmill that goes from manual to hydraulic whenever you want.

  • In comparison to other brands only the Norwood models come with optional attachments and time-saving upgrades.

norwood portable sawmill for sale

At Norwood, VALUE Is Based On Four Important Pillars

These five essential Norwood pillars are:

  • 1. Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, And Hard Work:

    These four qualities form the heart of Norwood. They work hard to manufacture some of the most efficient, reliable, and accurate portable sawmills. Even the customers are treated with honesty and in the best way.


  • 2. Equipment Quality Vs Prices:

    The brand aims at providing reliable, high-quality, and hard-working forestry equipment for its users at fair prices.

    The roots of the company began when its founder Peter Dale wanted to buy a portable mill but designed sawmill on his own, as he couldn’t afford one. Neither quality nor fair prices, nothing is sacrificed by the Norwood.


  • 3. Production Vs Maintenance Cost:

    They manufacture products with components with trouble-free reliability, and unlike some brands they don’t plan to make profits out of the sale of replacement parts.

    Everything stays in stock with Norwood in case you want anything. Though, they design products that do not require much maintenance and the mills deliver their best by working at their peak efficiency.


  • 4. At Norwood Owners Come First:

    Unlike other companies or brands Norwood doesn’t say it just for the sake of saying…. that their customers are everything for them.

    The customer support of the brand is great and this can be known from what the real users of their mills have to say (customer stories). For knowing more you can visit the Norwood Connect and Norwood’s online chatroom too.


Full And Final:

We get short of words after talking about the world’s leader in portable sawmill innovation – The Norwood. They are plausibly unmatchable and loved by many of the users all over the world.

The Norwood sawmills are created to deliver maximum strength, maximum versatility, maximum efficiency, and productivity. The prices are affordable too!! Owning a saw mill of this brand will certainly add more worth and fun to your adventure experience and otherwise.

Be a happy customer by milling in the best possible way ever!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How reliable are Norwood sawmills?

They are truly reliable as the brand is into manufacturing portable sawmills for 25 years and approximately 35,000 sawmills have been working in the field in over 100 countries.

The brand believes in using premium quality materials in combination with the newest technology and provide industrial-grade powder-coated protection to their sawmills.

For more details you can refer above.

Q2. What does customizable mean?

Sawmilling needs are different and no one size will fit all. Over time and use your sawmilling needs will certainly evolve and grow.

But thanks to the Norwood technology that makes the only portable mills available, in the market which you can conveniently customize to fit your needs. You are free to select the commercial-capacity attachments along with the right accessories for your different milling operations.

Q3. How fast can I receive my Norwood portable sawmill?

The Norwood remains ready with its inventory of sawmills and forestry equipment. They can generally to ship the order within 2-3 business days (not weeks or months).

Once the order is ready and leaves the factory then it takes just 3-10 business days to reach at your door step.

Q4. What about the resale value of these sawmills?

With proper and timely maintenance a Norwood sawmill will have virtually zero depreciation and this will get you money almost near to its initial purchase price!

Q5. What kind of guarantees and warranties are offered by Norwood?

The Norwood equipment comes with a warranty of complete two-years. And the guarantee is a 30-day money back one.

Q6. How much does a Norwood sawmill cost?

The Norwood sawmills are not only known for their efficiency, accuracy, and reliability but also for their affordability.