The Norwex Reviews Of 2020 – I Think It’s Great To Be Honest

The hours which I have spent cleaning the house so far are just beyond compare.

I am a cleanliness freak since my childhood, and I love to keep my house spic and span all the time. My friends envy me for this, ha…ha… and that is a moment I am full of pride! Actually.

Since I want my house to remain sparkling clean, similarly, I expect the cleaning tools to be perfect. Any cleaning aids making unusual sounds irritate me a lot. Even my heart flutters sometimes.

I don’t want any messing around with some low standard stuff; after all, it is all about me, my family, and the overall health of my house.

A topsy-turvy and unclean house needs to be cleaned sooner or later, and everyone wants that to be done with the involvement of minimum chemicals.

Personally, I feel the cleaning should be absolutely natural, toxin-free, and have the ability to detox your surroundings. I won’t be that selfish that I don’t tell you my cleaning trick, and that’s the Norwex! Undoubtedly, this is my all-time favorite product. I have used the ultimate products of Norwex for more than nine years, so sharing with you is nothing difficult.

I am a customer of Norwex who is all full of praises for this magical cleaning wonder!

Norwex Is The Best!

Before writing a script for you, I did undergo a lot of research and then decided to share my marvelous cooking experiences with you. This is certainly the best cleaning product in the market and is loved and appreciated by thousands of people.

You must be thinking that there must be some reasons to support this. Yes, of course!

Nothing holds truth just by words, so let me make you aware of the real benefits of the amazing Norwex products.

Norwex Products Are Anti-Bacterial

The microfibre used in manufacturing the Norwex products is of supreme quality. This boasts of the quality of picking up the smallest particles along with germs when it is wet. When you rinse your cloth in the basin, all the germs and dirt go away. The cloth dries and simultaneously disinfects itself.

And now it is perfectly ready for the next use.

Two more factors support the anti-bacterial claims.

Microfibre of High-Quality

If you buy a normal microfibre cloth from a store, they feature an average of around 1/16th (width of a human hair). When we talk about Norwex microfibre, it is 1/200th. It supports more clarity as these clothes have more power to grab germs or dirt.

There are bacteria that you can’t even see, and that is cleaned from the surfaces with the Norwex.


“Baclock” – Embedded Silver

The cloth microfibres of this amazing product contain agents that are silver-based and labeled “Baclock”. The silver material acts as an anti-bacterial agent, and according to studies also the toxicity is lower and can be safely used on applications.

Silver also possesses anti-viral qualities, and I have personally tried this while using sprays for sore throats. Colloidal silver works well for medicinal purposes.

Don’t confuse it with this thing that silver will disinfect the surfaces; rather it helps in inhibiting and preventing the growth of mold, mildew, or any bacterial growth in the cloth.

One thing should be noted that after heavy-duty use, it should be laundered (raw meat juices, cleaning washrooms, tough stains).

Though in routine, this can be rinsed and hanged to dry. I love to keep my cleaning cloth dry and neat.

The other clothes I just throw for laundry in a day or half, but with my Norwex cloth, I go on for 3-5 days.

Better Than Other Alternatives

After I started using the window cloth of Norwex, believe me, it worked brilliantly, and I don’t feel like using any other on my stainless steel and glass. You must be thinking that I am overpraising, but seriously when I use and felt the difference, it really matters.

To add more, I use a regular cloth for cleaning and scrubbing for my faucet (stainless steel), and it leaves a lot of streaks and smudgy spots. But this is not the case of my favorite Norwex as it leaves the surfaces flawlessly clean and sparkling new.

It is fun to use this cloth, and I love the shine which it brings to my widows and the smile on my face. This works just like my friend.

You can see the soap and scum and the window I have cleaned with this, and it looks beautiful.

It Is Cheaper In The Long Run

They work efficiently like a horse and have a long life. This is a superior product, and I don’t mind spending dollars for it as the efficiency and effectiveness with which it works is simply adorable!

I have used many different cloths and just thrown them in my closet’s back and don’t even feel like giving them a look.

I can bet anyone who uses it will find the difference.

I had bought a few clothes (window and environ cloth) about nine years back and can you imagine they are still so good and strong. Now, you might be thinking that I maintained them well. Actually, it is the quality of this cloth that make sit preferable and lovable. In fact, I have saved a lot of money by keeping all my supplies of cleaning cloth of Norwex. And now, I have placed different types in every spot of my house for different cleaning needs.

I have more cleaning cloths of the company in my proud collection.

Other than the toilet bowl cleaner, I haven’t bought any other disposable towels, sprays, or cloth that people usually buy.

Makes Cleaning Simple And Comfy

Just water is enough to have the maximum cleaning, and these products are completely chemical-free. If you use soap, it may clog the fibers, so better stick to water.

Many of us have allergies and chemical sensitivities, and it is good news for them as the Norwex products are completely non-toxic than the other conventional clothes available. A perfect product for the ones which are prone to sensitivities.

The best part I like about this is that I can just wet and leave. Any kind of complicated assortments like that of cleaning sprays, scrubs, or mitts is required.

Just wet it and get out of any kind of mess with this magical cloth. For tougher jobs, I have used their cleaning paste too, and have kept it in a jar. So convenient that I can just say, Wow!

My house remains sorted with these cleaning cloths, and I feel relaxed and joyful.

The Best Norwex Products

  • Enviro Cloth – I have placed many in different rooms for quick usage.
  • Kitchen Cloth _ This is an everyday use cloth, and I just adore it! I love the thickness and cloth grooves, which makes tough scrubbing easy. The messes vanish away in no time.
  • Scrub Mitt for washroom – This one scrubs seriously and effectively.
  • Dusting Mitt – It is great fun when we use this one as this gives a perfect solution to remove dust. Even my kids love to use this.
  • Cleaning Paste – My Norwex never fails me, but in case of tough stains, that may happen due to kids or a notorious toddler, then the cleaning paste acts fast with the cloth.

Norwex – An MLM (Multi-Level Marketing Company)

The business structure of an MLM is what Norwex is. Don’t confuse with a pyramid scheme, and this is similar to Tupperware, where the product is sold, and the commission is earned by the sales agent or rep. They recruit people further to make a chain, and the company earns profits and the agents commission. The sales work in levels, and we call it MLM. Though, some of the companies tend to sell the products directly too through websites like amazon.

This kind of model is full of criticism as people think that the products are over-priced, as many people need to be paid at different levels. While the companies which aren’t MLM don’t require to pay any extra prices to sales reps. Definitely, the MLM companies offer products that are superior and work brilliantly when we are putting it to use. You may not find it true with all such companies, but Norwex is one of them, with products par excellence.

Are Any Alternatives Comparable To Norwex?

For many years I have been using Norwex products, and I am so much satisfied that I didn’t feel the need to try other products. I have praised this one and made a few of my close family friends to buy and use this.

One more cloth which I got a chance to try is eCloth, an alternative which is lower priced. I was not so keen for this product but after going through the reviews of people I decided to try it out, for ensuring honest comparison. The comparable claims which the eCloth company gives is good along with product quality. These are low-priced and will prove of help if you are tight on budget.

Henceforth, I go with Norwex as this gives some magical cleaning. I personally want to advice you that invest in a good quality product to enjoy the benefits of hassle-free cleaning.

Keep your life sorted, and your house sparkling clean!

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