MaxClean Robot Vacuum Reviews

MaxClean Robot Vacuum Reviews

Last updated on December 30th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

Robot Vacuums - Home Cleaning Digitally Inspired

They’re smart, they can clean your floors and carpets better than you ever could, and they don’t need much upkeep & maintenance.

The best robot vacuum cleaners are the ones that can clean your home without any human intervention. They do this by using sensors to detect obstacles and dirt, as well as a navigation system which allows them to steer around furniture and other objects in their way.

It has been a year that I have been using the MaxClean RoboVac and seriously it’s worth every penny. Cleaning was never so easy ever, till I used my hands on this device.

The quintessential thing is for you to be able to control these robots remotely so they don’t get into trouble or damage anything while cleaning.


MaxClean Robot Vacuum
Just read below to know how true this gadget is…..

Why a MaxClean Robot Vacuum?

Simple reasons people prefer to use Robot Vacuums:

1. Efficient and Effective

Hiring a professional to do the job is somehow quite expensive and these robotic vacuums offer cleaning that’s beyond comparison with any other cleaning tool ever created. The cleaning mechanisms are something users will surely appreciate.

These efficiently clean:

  • Bare floors
  • Hardwood floors
  • Carpets
  • Pet hair
  • Other stains etc.

2. Easy-to-use

These are automatic and can be put to use even when no one is at home. There are no complicated configurations or switches.

3. Super stylish Compact Design

The RoboVac is designed in the shape of a disc, super thin, and only 2.85” in height. This particular shape type helps to perform cleaning in hard-to-reach spaces where other standard sized vacuums can’t (glides under the sofas easily).

4. Cutting Edge Technology

The MaxClean robot vacuum incorporates cutting edge technology and is smart enough in every way (check the features below).

5. The new RoboVac – Sturdy & Durable

Need not worry about its long life as it is made using premium components and the anti-scratch tempered glass offers a sleek look and higher protection for the RoboVac. The brand maintains the quality of this amazing machine overall.


Quiet Cleaner

The MaxClean robot vacuum is designed to disturb dust and not people, and is much quieter than other vacuum cleaners. Just makes noise like a microwave oven while working 100 minutes continuously (noiseless even on wooden floors).

The vacuuming noise is further minimized by the advanced brush less motor.

3 - Point Cleaning System

Works on the principle of 3- point cleaning with strong suction power and three brushes:
1. Effectively loosens
2. Extracts
3. Vacuum’s dirt
Keep all your worries at bay as this facilitates a superior clean.

Boost IQ Technology

This comes with an in-built IQ technology that lets the vacuum cleaner increase its suction power automatically within 1.5 seconds. Quite efficient and offers cleaning of floors with extra strength.

Volts usage

The RoboVac cleaner works using voltage ranging from – 100 to 240 volts. Many people prefer this due to one important reason as this one doesn’t require high voltage.

Sensing Technology

This makes use of advanced sensing technology for detecting drops due to which the chances of falling down from the stairs remain minimal.
You can just relax! while it cleans.

Smartly Returns Back

This amazing mini gadget comes back to its charging position when its battery slows down as it can charge itself automatically. This is another good feature that keeps you satisfied.

Infrared & Anti-collision Sensors

Apart from the dropping sensors this has 10 built-in infrared sensors also.

INFRA-RED sensors help the vacuum to sense its surroundings properly (makes it know its location and surroundings).

On the other hand, the anti-collision sensor reduces the chances of the RoboVac to bump into things. These features protect the machine and furniture too and the big wheels help it to roll over the carpet on a continuous and consistent basis for hours.


Things we liked:

  • Super slim body that glides easily under spaces
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Wi-Fi convenience and app supported
  • Least Noise
  • 3 – stage cleaning system
  • Programmed intelligently
  • Simple remote control
  • Offers extended cleaning time
  • High suction power
  • Versatile with multiple sensing technologies
  • Least vacuum noise

Things we disliked:

  • Slightly higher priced
  • Cleaning the bin involves time
  • When the vacuum changes its mode there are sometimes loud transition sounds

MaxClean Robot Vacuum VS Dyson 360 Eye VS Roomba Robot Vacuum

If we talk about Dyson 360 eye then this is probably one of the best performing robotic vacuums available.

Like the MaxClean RoboVac this also offers amazing cleaning but has certain downsides too. The Dyson isn’t as versatile like that of the MaxClean or the Roomba and can’t clean all the things or surfaces. This bumps into things (thin) and cleaning it is slightly tricky.

Though the MaxClean has the ability and capacity to hold more dust, fluff, and hair but Roomba is also the one that is said to be 10x more powerful than other robotic cleaning gadgets. Both can be controlled using smartphones. They have the smart feature to map your house and then start cleaning it.

Both have their own set of qualities so comparison is a bit tricky.

Dyson 360 Eye VS Roomba Robot Vacuum

Final thoughts

Above all a great vacuum cleaner which matches the needs of today’s busy times. Without any hassles you can clean your home whenever and wherever you are. I think it’s worth what you spend!!

Experience heavenly cleaning…..