Krud Kutter House Wash Reviews – Is It Really Safe To Use?

We assume that cleaners ought to be rough on krud but gentle on nature. Effectively Krud Kutter prevents the hardest stains and daily messes that most “all-purpose” cleaners are unable to manage grime, grease, pet stains, and cracks. It can remove food stains, wax, lipstick, grease, shoe polish, stickers, blood, crayon, and paint, marker, and so on from surfaces such as linen, shoes, hard surfaces, glass, plastic, vinyl, and automated finishes.

A number of Krud Kutter products are labeled with the EPA Safer Choice certification. This means they are one of the more than 2,000 products that have been inspected and tested for safety and have met the strict criteria for all ingredients and are eligible for that labeling.

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5 Best Krud Kutter House & Window Wash Models

1. The Size 5 gal Cleaner Degreaser

It is a proficient quality degreaser attempts to tidy up oil messes by dissolving and lifting oil, oil, and soil development from surfaces. No other single product removes really hard stains from so many different surfaces as quickly and efficiently but it can easily remove harsh stains.

Adhesive and wood glue, grease and oil, marker and crayon, overspray paint, pet stains, tape dust, tree sap, wax and much more can be removed easily. Cleaner Degreaser is a water-based solution in a mixture of biodegradable surfactants, detergents, and emulsifiers. It does not have solvents from gasoline, chlorine, or ammonia.


  • It is absolutely the best cleaning product ever.

  • Removes grease and oils like they are water. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces.

  • It can be used in different areas of the house, inside and outside.

  • It is Water-based, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic and non-abrasive.

  • Product certified with EPA Safer Choice.


  • There are much better alternatives that are much stronger and quicker.

  • It leaves a hazy residue. But it does clean the grease.

2. Krud Kutter 32 oz. Gutter Cleaner (32 oz., 3 Packs)

This Krud Kutter gutter cleaner removes streaks of black, dirt, stains of mildew and more. It is specifically formulated to remove tough soils from outside metal, vinyl, plastic, and aluminum surfaces. Ready to use formula, wipe off application makes cleaning gutters easy with a simple spray on. It is ideal concrete cleaner that also cleans the surfaces of plastic, and vinyl including gutters, window and door frames, side frames or lanai frames.

It can remove tough outside stains like mold, mildew, oxidation, tree sap and bird droppings. It has a simple ready to use the formula: apply the product, allow penetrating for 2 minutes and wiping or rinsing clean. It has a water-based formula that can also be used on mobile homes, RV’s and campers to remove black streaks and other stains.


  • Non-toxic provides a superior clean with no bleach or ammonia.

  • Friendly to the environment, safe for humans, pets, and plants.

  • It has simple ready to use formula.


  • May not work as advertised on some stains.

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3. KRUD KUTTER Window Wash 32 oz

Krud Kutter 32 oz. 32 oz. Window wash cleans the window without scrubbing, even though the screen. The concentrated formula removes hard external dirt and grime and cleans sparkling without wiping. Ready to use the hose-end sprayer cleans without scrubbing: just spray and rinse. It has a convenient hose-end sprayer that is powerful enough to clean second-floor windows. It cleans 12-18 average-sized windows.

KRUD KUTTER Window Wash 32 oz complete jobs quickly- clean to a sparkling shine through screens, saving time and energy. It is easy to use: spray from top to bottom, allow soaking for 20 seconds and rinsing until suds disappear. It is possible to use Krud Kutter Window Wash to remove dirt, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria as well as the stains that may leave behind. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable so for humans, plants, and animals it is safe.


  • It is a non-toxic, water-based formula that provides a superior clean with no bleach or ammonia.

  • Friendly to the environment; safe for humans, pets, and plants.

  • It can either be used in full strength or mixed with water.

  • It can be applied in a number of ways, including with attached hose ends, power washer, or cloths and brushes.


  • Especially in humid areas, this product may not work very well on mold.

  • The people who used this product in the previous report are dissatisfied with the new formula.

4. KRUD KUTTER GO32 Gloss-Off Prepaint Surface Preparation, 32-Ounce

Krud Kutter Gloss-Off Prepaint Surface Preparation is a non-rinse, easy-to-use product designed specifically to prepare hard to apply to surfaces for repainting and cleaning. Cleans and produces tiny surface etches by rubbing on in a circular motion and wiping away with a clean cloth. Removes grease, grime, crayon, smoke, and other dirt inhibiting adhesion and is ready to paint in as little as 10 minutes.

It is specifically formulated before wall-papering to help bind new paint and varnish to old finishes, or as a wall preparation. It evacuates dirt, oil, grime, smoke, mold, food stains, heel marks, colored pencils, old backdrop glue, and wax from painted and unpainted wood, metal or vinyl backdrop. Cleans paint and roller brushes between colors; eliminates dusty waste left by removers and strippers.


  • It can be used with full strength or diluted depending on the surface to be cleaned and the amount of soil to be extracted as required.

  • Works great, easy to apply and no sanding dust to clean up.

  • Cleans stuff almost nothing else will.

  • KRUD KUTTER GO32 Gloss-Off Prepaint Preparation Surface is a real time saver and works like a charm.


  • Great for the environment but not great in comparison to the real deglosser.

5. Krud Kutter 316492 Original Concentrated Cleaner Degreaser 32 oz

Sold in single and multipack sizes as well as in larger sizes, this original water-based cleaner is American made. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, and free from xylene. The formulated cleaner can be applied to old or new grime, as well as to stains and mess wet or dry. It can also be used in a number of ways. It should be used at full strength for heavy-duty cleaning like outside (grill, lawn, patio furniture), kitchen (hood and exhaust fans, stovetop, refrigerator, microwave), bathroom (tub, washbasin, shower), and more.

Some messes may require several applications, plus scrubbing. Allowing the cleanser to sit on the surface for longer periods of time can also increase its efficacy. This cleanser can be used as a spot-treater and pre-wash for your clothes and as an additive for extra loads of soiled clothing in the washing machine.


  • It can be used both inside and out in a number of areas of the house.

  • It can be used with full strength or diluted based on the surface to be cleaned and the amount of soil to be removed as needed.

  • Fabricated in the USA.

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, free from xylene and based on water.

  • In most situations, it doesn’t need to be rinsed.

  • Use as a pre-treatment fabric for removing especially greasy, oil-based stains.

  • It is available in single units, multipack, and larger.

  • All right for use in carpet cleaning machines as well as in gas or electric pressure washers.


  • In every case, maybe not work.

  • Specially unpainted wood, fragile materials, and easily damaged surfaces should be checked before use on any surface.

  • Especially older or more costly crystal should not be used on the fine crystal which might become clouded or damaged if poorly cleaned.

  • Perhaps to be used on some surfaces it may need to be reapplied. For certain forms of messes can also involve brushing and scrubbing.

  • Until installing this cleaner, read the label on your carpet cleaning unit, as it may not be compatible with your system.

Frequently Asked Question's

Is Krud Kutter good?

If you’ve been looking for a good all-purpose cleaner that’s non-toxic, biodegradable, will clean nearly anything and is still fast in color and safe on fabrics. Krud Kutter is a good brand but this product has struggled to clean the house and remove tough stains.

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Krud Kutter effectively removes the toughest stains and everyday messes that most “all-purpose” cleaners cannot handle grime, oil, pet stains, and cracks. It even removes permanent marker and dried latex paint.

Does Krud Kutter need to be rinsed?

This works well on grease but can still be used safely without the need for rinsing in and around the food preparation areas of your kitchen.

Can you use Krud Kutter in a pressure washer?

Yes, you can use Krud Kutter in a pressure washer. If 1:10 (concentrate with 1 gallon of water) is mixed, one concentrate bottle can produce 11 gallons of premix, and clean up to 3,200 sq. Ft. brush, roller Pressure washer or pump up sprayer can be applied.

Is Krud Kutter a Deglosser?

Krud Kutter Gloss-Off Prepaint Surface Preparation is a non-rinse, easy-to-use product designed specifically to prepare hard to apply to surfaces for repainting and cleaning. Cleans and produces tiny surface etches by rubbing on in a circular motion and wiping away with a clean cloth.

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