Kreg Accucut Adaptive Cutting System Review – Updated 2024

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

The woodworking process has been made much easier!! Even the users love it.

KREG, a name that defines quality and creates easy-to-use jig systems and more.

As the brand claims of connecting head, heart, and hands every time……they make woodworking task much convenient for the newbies and the seasoned professionals alike.

They have landed up creating systems that make long cuts accurate and straight. So, let us take a look at the KREG ACCU-Cut details and find out whether they are worth it or not.

Kreg ACS Circular Saw Track - Overview

Did you ever wish to make a long cut or a crosscut a plywood sheet?

Let me tell you, you have two options for this:

  1. Either to set-up your own jig

  2. Or go for a rail system option such as Festool, Dewalt, or Makita.

Hard-core workers may go for the second option but what about the homeowners that just want to make straight cuts or repairs and that too occasionally and do not prefer to invest in a complete rail system.

Kreg Accu-Cut comes into play here! In case you own a circular saw then you can convert it into a rail system that will make cuts that are precise and accurate.

Not every day I want to make long or short cuts but whenever I do, like to perform them with a reasonable amount of accuracy (for example: for my new corn-hole game today).

I wish to elaborate further, how I do it….

Kreg Accu-Cut Detailed Reviewed, Below

1. Kreg Accu-Cut 48" Circular Saw Track System

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Product Features

  • Make rips, crosscuts, and angled cuts up to 48” wide.

  • Anti-slip/Anti-chip strips hold the track in place.

  • Two-piece saw the track, each component 26.5″ long, assembles for 53″ total guide length.

  • Transforms your circular saw into a high-performance, track-guided system.

Product Specifications

  • Aluminum Rail: 53” long with dual anti-chip, anti-slip guide strips.

  • Materials: High-quality aluminum and impact-resistant plastic polymer.

  • Saw Sled: Accepts left- and right-blade saws, built-in indexing stop, and precision cursor.

  • Cut Width: Maximum 48″ (1220mm).

  • Includes: Universal Saw Sled, (2) 26.5″ Aluminum Guide Tracks, (2) Track Connectors, (1) Starting Block, (1) Track Indicator Clip, detailed setup and usage instructions.

A Complete Review

The set-up of this is quite simple and intuitive. You just need to attach the aluminum rail sections together- Two T-shaped steel bars with Phillips-head set screws. The screws are secure, but I could not find any play and the track sections that matched up together perfectly.

I needed to peep at the instruction book for knowing how the starting block should be connected to the track.

Starting block- This is a friction fit that can fit snugly into the track. I do not think or doubt that there may be some real reason to remove it in the future.

The Track- This comes in an aluminum construction with a blue-sacrificial material on the edges that will keep your saw blade protected when you hit it. Similar to the other track saws, only a small part of the material is removed so that it is a perfect match to your saw.

Later on, the saw blade should exactly track against the material-edge. This will aid in lining up more precise cuts and less surface chipping of the work-piece you are working on.

kreg circular saw track

There are black strips under the track that enable a great “grip” when it is laid on the material and helps you to track in place.

In case you feel that the track may move on the material you are working on, then there are optional track clamps that can be used. You can fit them into the bottom side of the track and sliding is possible anywhere down the length and the track can be locked too.

The Sled: Another important component is the saw sled. Surprisingly, this is quite light in weight. Except for the fasteners ad clamps, everything is plastic. When I mounted my rigid 18V Gen 5X brushless circular saw, I just felt that it fits perfectly like a glove.

The clamps are made of metal that holds the sled to the saw. Note that there should not be tightening in any case and the screws should be snugged properly for sufficient fit for holding the sled in place.

Blade alignment may require a bit of setting as I had to set it up a bit.

kreg saw guide

Using the Track System: After setting the track and the sled I was ready to start and build my corn hole set! Earlier for running my saw I generally used some Irwin Quick-grip clamps along with a 4-foot level for the task.

As you need to offset the fence from the cut you need to do some set-up and take measurements.

Practice Makes Everything Perfect

Prior to making the real cuts for the game pieces, I performed a lot of practice cuts for giving the track system a serious run. Firstly, I did proper marking of the ends of the cut (both sides), later lined the blue-edge of the track. Ensure that locking of the clamps is very important here.

Few cuts made me see the nice, flat material and the track working properly even without the clamps.

Work-piece and the saw do not have to face major friction because there is no lateral movement in case you are pushing straight on the track.

The plastic saw sled and the metal track move with very little resistance down the track. One thing I noticed here is between the sled and the track there is a minute side-to-side play- just 32nd of an inch. But I could not find any visible effect on my cuts.

I feel that a slight amount of built-in play is essential for assuring that there is a free movement of the sled up and down the track.

Game Time

For my corn hole cuts, the boards are supposed to have a length of 48” and a width of 24”. This is a perfect set-up for tackling cuts as long as 48”.

I lined up the track, set the marks, and was able to cut some perfectly straight cuts. Certainly, this is a backyard cook-out game and once your set-up is fine and with a bit of practice you can do all well.

kreg Adaptive Cutting System Review

2. Kreg KMA3700 ACCU-Cut XL

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Product Features

  • Straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts made easy.

  • Get perfectly straight, accurate cuts every time with track-guided cutting.

  • Splinter-free cuts with tear out protection.

  • Break down panels and plywood easily, cutting capacity up to 100”.

  • Make the cuts you need – anywhere.

  • Easily attaches to your left-blade or right-blade circular saw, and removes easily.

  • No clamps needed due to anti-slip guide strips.

The ACCU-Cut XL helps in setting up your projects successfully by allowing accurate, straight, and splinter-free cuts. This can rip, crosscut, and make angled cuts up to 100 inches. in length in the plywood, large panels, and MDF with great accuracy and adequate control.

This kreg accu-cut circular saw guides the saw  along an aluminum track of extended-length. This is designed simple and you just need to mount your saw to the Universal Sled and align the XL to the cut line. Now you are absolutely ready for some high-quality cuts you desire.

Any kind of splintering and tear-out is prevented by the anti-chip guide strips through the cut (entire length). This strip also comes with an anti-slip surface that works well to hold the track in place without using any clamps.

3. Kreg Accu-Cut 48-Inch Guide Track System

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Product Features

  • A versatile guide track system with a rip cut of 24-inch.

  • Enables easy sawing.

  • Eliminates need for measuring, repairing, and layout lines.

  • Rip, cross cut, and make angled cuts up to 48″ long in plywood.

  • Oversize guide helps for precise control cut throughout the cut.

This makes rip cuts, crosscuts up to 24” wide with ease and cuts multiple pieces to the same size with just one set-up. Like the others, this also has anti-chip strips that prevent splintering while the material is being cut.

You should use the oversize edge guide for precise control throughout the cut and eliminate the need for measuring, marking, layout lines. The Guide Track System allows easy sawing and lets you carry the saw to the material in spite of taking your material to the saw.

The bundle includes Kreg KMA2700 Accu-Cut 48-Inch Circular Saw Guide Track System.

Extra Tools

4. Kreg KMA2750 ACCU-Cut Expansion Pack

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Product Features

  • Doubles the cutting capacity.

  • Easily and quickly break down panels and plywood.

  • Same straight, accurate, splinter-free performance as the accu-cut.

  • No clamps needed.

  • Make the cuts you need anywhere.

This is an additional tool to work for more output.

If you want to double the cutting capacity then you can add two more sections of the track that will help in making cuts up to 100” in length.

You can cut and break down plywood and panels with convenience with a circular saw at any angle. You should make the cuts you require and that too anywhere.

Like the others, this also has anti-slip guide strips that will help in keeping the track in place throughout the cut.

Final Observations and Thoughts

By investing in Kreg ACCU-Cut you can do numerous projects like building things, occasional repairs, home tasks, handy-man kind of work etc.

We really appreciate the Kreg ACCU-Cut 48″ Circular Saw Track System due to its price and performance. You can also use ACCU-Cut XL, Accu-Cut 48-Inch Guide Track System & KMA2685 Rip-Cut 24-Inch for more straight and splinter-free cuts. Add the expansion pack for doubling the cutting capacity.

For some great, precise and accurate cuts just use KREG ACCU-Cut with confidence!!