Kobalt Table Saw Review

kobalt portable table saw

Kobalt generally refers to a company possess by American home improvement chain Lowe’s. Its product line encompasses hand tools, mechanic tools, power tools, and tool storage products.

When it comes to Kobalt table saw, it has come to the light that this pocket-friendly outstanding saw is a must-have for woodworking errand.

Many people are inclined towards this saw for multiple reasons. It has a maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees and the ability to cut different sized materials.

Moreover, if you want to move it from one place to another, its portable nature allows you to do the same. With that said, here are some reviews of the different models available in this power tool category.

The comprehensive buying guide will help you make a more informed buying decision.

Top 2 Kobalt Table Saw - Detailed Reviews

1. Kobalt Portable Table Saw KT1015

Kobalt Portable Table Saw KT1015 is a sturdy model equipped with a strong motor capable of ripping any kind of wood. Its assembling can be carried on own by just reading the manual.


  • Build And Quality- This rough and tough Kobalt Table Saw model promises high quality that assures its life span upto several years. It features a rolling stand which proves very helpful in transporting the saw from one place to another. With 88 lbs in weight and three years of warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind without any worry of incurring repetitive maintenance cost.

  • Power And performance- Kobalt Table Saw comes with decent power and performance. It has 15Amp Motor with a satisfactory speed of 5000 RPM. Its 10-inch blade is quite effective for any type of wooding task. It stays sharp for an extended time. However, on the downside, many people have a complaint that the motor gets heat up if used for a prolonged period.

  • Use And Storage- It houses a storage room where you can safely store your tools and access them at your convenience. In addition to this, it also comes with a folding stand that negates the need for buying anything additionally. With a good cutting capacity, it becomes a preferred choice of woodworking enthusiasts.

  • Safety Features- It incorporates various safety features like sliding table fence, push stick, outfeed support & much more.

  • Maintenance And Warranty- Though it offers 3 years of warranty, it requires regular maintenance. The customer service is available round the clock for your assistance.

  • Dust collection- Although this table saw model features a dust collection port, however, its dust exit hole is quite small. Mostly, sawdust is sprayed out of the machine.

2. Kobalt Portable Table Saw KT10152

The Kobalt Portable Table Saw KT 10152 is an updated version of Kobalt Portable Table Saw KT1015. While making a head to head comparison between both, only a few differences have come out. However, the recent model is quicker and lighter in movement. It makes the portability swift and smooth.


  • Build And Quality- The model is lesser in weight as compared to its predecessor. The sliding has been designed from a double latch to a single latch.

  • Use And Storage- It comes equipped with an added three inches of rip capacity. The right rip capacity is the same as 30 inches while the left has increased to 17 inches. It also adjusted the sliding rip fence so it now locks into place with a single latch for fast setting.

  • Power And performance- Its carbide-tipped blade is capable of ripping off any kind of wood. The best part is that the blade remains in good shape even after carrying out hard tasks.

  • Table Saw Stand- Another highlight of this Kobalt table saw model is the lightweight portable stand that comes that is easy to fold and roll.

Comparison Of Kobalt Table Saw With Dewalt DW745

Dewalt745 Table saw weighed at 45lbs is lightweight and compact than Kobalt table saw. The former one has 15Amp motor with 3850RPM of speed while the latter one has a speed of 5000RPM.

Both the table saws come with 3 years of warranty. On the downside, the ripping capacity of Dewalt is 20 inches which is less than the 30 inches capacity of Kobalt.

Rest, the built, safety features, dust collection system, and warranty of both are the same.


Sturdy built with good quality motor, decent performance, ease of use, and varied safety features; makes variants of Kobalt table saw worth buying. Being budget-friendly, these are undoubtedly, a great addition to your tools.

Each model has its own and pros. Depending upon your requirements and personal preferences, you can go through the aforementioned comparison and then make a choice accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Kobalt table saw variants comes with which type of safety accessories?

While buying a Kobalt table saw, you will notice that it comes along with quintessential safety accessories. These are sliding table fence, push stick, outfeed support, featherboard, and much more.

Q2. Is Kobalt table saw better than Dewalt DW745?

Dewalt DW745 comes equipped with 15Amp motor of 3850RPM speed while Kobalt Table saw has a speed of 5000RPM. Also, the former one has a rip capacity of 20 inches which is less than the 30 inches capacity of Kobalt. Therefore, Kobalt is better a table saw than Dewalt DW745.

Q3. What are common table saw problems that a user might experience?

Here are some of the common table saw problems that a user might experience. Have a look.

  • Difficulty in adjusting the blade height

  • Bad angle cuts

  • The blade spins too slow

  • Overload trips

Q4. Who manufactures Kobalt Table Saw?

Kobalt Table saws are manufactured by JS Tools out of Las Vegas, NV. However, they outsource the tools from Taiwan and China.

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