Worx Hydroshot Power Washer Reviews Of 2024

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

Portability remains the central issue for pressure washing, the reason why most power washer brands provide long electric codes, wheeled pressure machines and extra-long washer hoses to make it convenient. However, there still remains the limitations while using these machines in so many situations.

Hydroshot Worx Reviews : A Quick Comparison

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Worx Pressure Washer Models By Experts

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1. WORX WG629.1 Hydroshot 20V PowerShare - Ultra Light

Worx Hydroshot WG629 is the answer to all such problems and is truly the most portable pressure washer, light-weight, and a versatile cleaner for all your cleaning needs. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Worx hydroshot pressure washer can be operated in all situations and places, even if you don’t have a water outlet around you.

Yes, you heard it right, you can use a bucket of water as a source to supply water to the machine which further adds the thrust of up to 450 PSI and up to .9 GPM through a 40V power.

It’s ultra-light at just 6.9 Lbs and provides efficient and easy operability. And above all, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years which removes all doubts about its durability and quality. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge. Let’s see what real users have to say.


  • No power cords needs, rechargeable battery powered.

  • 5-7x more spraying power than other water hoses.

  • Light-weighted (appx. 3 pounds).

  • Five spray angles available.

  • Could be used as a water pump.

  • Flexible front extension bar.

  • Same battery sharing as other WORX products.


  • Less capable than other pressure washers.

  • Clumsy to carry when used outside the home.

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2. WORX WG644.9 40V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

There are various hydroshots available in the market, but some are unique with their enormous capabilities. The new Worx wg644.9 comes with major features for hydroshot working. This product is very portable and unique which has purely cordless capabilities.

The Worx li-ion is powered up to four times that of the ordinary power hydroshots available in the market. It has a long 20-foot high pessure hose which can reach longer distances. The products also support various multiple sprinkling favors.

With the help of different buttons, you can opt for this specific feature. It helps you to source the water from any tap or running or still water to approach the concerned area. The Worx products are used severally by major commercial firms or where there is a vast used of the particular product.


  • The Worx hydroshot is unique in its ways as it is the only product available in the market with dual efficiency.

  • It has a 20 v power battery which helps you to work in a portable way.

  • The cordless features added a unique feature in your bucket.


  • The product is not that popular as its predecessors.

  • It has multiple sprinkler systems which make it complex to use for rural farming and other techniques.

  • There are several options available on the Powershot which demand maintenance from time to time.

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3. WORX WO7046 Hydroshot Dual Charger

The all-new Worx wo7046b is the new of its kind which provides a unique feature of multi loading. The price tag of this Worx wo7046 is quite popular nowadays in the market. The new Worx 7046 is a self-driving power cleaning and watering machine that enables you to move quickly across your day to day work with efficient home solutions.

It has many remote qualities. The maximum pressure it allows you to reach is 320 psi which is a market leader ratings at this cost. The model is so lightweight and compact that you can take it on the go and travel along with your portable device to any time farming. Does the flow of water increase if I use a hose instead of a pail of water?

It can draw fresh water from any source such as a water pond, bucket, or various other resources. The major two-speed operation helps you to achieve a higher concentration of flexibility.


  • The machine is a market leader in terms of its quality and made.

  • There are various other models available in the market but the Worx wo7046 works entirely on the powered 20 v li-ion battery making it one of the most favorable on the charts.

  • The Worx models are so popular that the parts if any get damaged, can be replaced easily.


  • The model is entirely based on the previous models, making is somehow outdated.

  • The Worx products are so popular that the uniqueness is not followed by the product launch.

  • The li-ion battery is not of the highest quality, there is a lack of company status on the battery part.

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4. WORX WG625 20V Hydroshot - Cordless Power Cleaner

THE NEW WORX 625 hydroshot helps you to deliver the supple at a very fast pace. It is a market leader and a chart-topping model. There is no second thought that this hydroshot is the fasting selling product among amazon vendors.

It can pull water from buckets, pool or anywhere whether it is from still or from running water source. In fact, you can use them with a garden hose. There is an abundant source of Worx water supply hydroshot as it is a very specifically designed product and helps you to achieve maximum comfortability.

It is a very lightweight and powerful pressure washer hat will definitely help you to make you life comfortable. It is easy to handle and use as there aren’t many options. There is two speed for dynamics and three carry forward loops.


  • The main reason behind the Worx brand being number one is that it works entirely on the product specification.

  • The Worx is a customer-friendly product as the genuine parts are available with much easiness.

  • The state of art of the product is the chart-topping.


  • The bottle adapter which is carried with the funnel is not of good quality.

  • There is not much basic difference between the last two products from the Worx as it is not a much-updated version.

  • The arms of the hydroshots are quite short as compared to others in the market.

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5. WORX WG644 40V Power Hydroshot Cleaner

The new Worx wg644 is the first of its kind that is fully loaded with dynamic qualities of specifications of hydroshot. This product is entirely dependent on the product quality as the made is quite genuine and unique. But is this worth the money?

There is full fledge 450 psi pressure immersive from the model as the battery of 4v acquires enough power to the source. It enables you to draw water from any still or running source with a very customer-friendly appearance.

There is a special feature of the 4-in-1 nozzle system which makes it unique from other products available in the market. There are 2 speeds available with the hydroshot i.e. low and high speed which help you to work according to your need of conduct.

The Worx wg644 also enables you to minimize the water usage by around .90 GPM. There is a 4 in one nozzle system which will help to work with varying angles.


  • The product is highly rated among the domestic as well as international customers.

  • As the brand suggests, Worx applies super quality to its product that is outstanding.

  • The product finish and working portability are very unique.


  • This particular product is new in the market so the genuine spare parts are frequently not available.

  • The water flow doesn’t vary with actual flow.

  • The wastage of water and product involved is much as the looping and is not that good as compared to other products of the Worx.

What’s in The Box - Worx Cordless Pressure Washer

WORX is known for its innovative approach and keeps introducing highly-technical solutions for home improvement. Worx Hydroshot 40V is no different when you unbox the contents of the product neatly packed. Virtually you are only left with just a pressure washer gun when the whole set is collapsed one by one. Most of the parts are detachable which makes it very portable to move in its packing and east to store. The following are the pressure washer attachments that one receives in the box.

worx cordless 20v hydroshot pressure washer

Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

the worx power washer


worx cordless pressure washer

Spray Nozzles

worx hydroshot 40v vs 20v

Quick Connect Couplings

worx hydroshot 40v review

20V Lithium Battery

worx power washer reviews

20 Ft Hose

worx hydroshot reviews

Dual Battery Charger

About The Machine

The Dual Activation Mechanism on the grip assures the safe usage, with a sliding switch at the back of the grip which is required to be turned on before using the trigger grip to release the water. The High/Low button further down the barrel provides an advanced level of sophistication while working on different surfaces.

It comes with two battery ports on the controller, which gives an additional power back up while working on long jobs. The batteries can be used on all Worx products interchangeably. So one can easily have a power back up of up to 1 Hour with two fully charged batteries. Of course, it has the mechanism to keep track of the remaining battery power, all you have to press the power test button.

All in all Worx Hydroshot is an eco-friendly pressure cleaner that doesn’t have power cords and works on a rechargeable battery. Despite its small size, this pressure cleaner works efficiently and offers a long-lasting life. Along with just pressure washing, it could also be used for watering the plants as it has the ability to lower the water supply.

Core Features Of Hydroshot Worx Power Washer:

  • Rechargeable battery powered.

  • Flexible extension bar.

  • Light in weight.

  • Easily moveable.

  • Cordless.

  • Included battery charger.

  • 5 Adjustable spray patterns.

  • Same battery sharing as other WORX tools.

  • 20 feet garden hose (self-filtering).

Worx Hydroshot 40v Vs 20v

Worx Hydroshot 40v Vs 20v

Let us see how both of these are different from each other- 40v and 20v Worx Hydroshot:


The Worx Hydroshot 20v stays versatile with 5-in-1 pressure nozzle whereas the 40v 4-in-1 pressure nozzle.

PSI (Pound-force per square inch):

With a PSI of 320 the Worx Hydroshot 20v has 5x more pressure than a traditional garden hose while the Worx Hydroshot 40v delivers maximum efficiency at 450psi while minimizing water usage at only .90gpm.

Spray Intensities:

The Worx Hydroshot 20v comes with spray intensities- 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, with watering setting whereas the Worx Hydroshot offers water stream intensities of 0, 15, 25, 40- degrees.

Battery Capacity:

The Worx Hydroshot 20V comes with a high battery of 4.0 AH while the Worx Hydroshot 40 V has 2.0 AH battery.


Both are easy-to-use around pool, lake, marina, home, and more wherever fresh water is available. Both are lightweight, portable, yet powerful.

Bottom Line:

The 40V offers minimal pressure but flaunts of a better battery life. In comparison to the 20v the 40v is double its size and weight. As per users the 20v 2 AH battery is capable enough to run for constantly 30-minutes in one go.

Hydroshot Worx Reviews FAQ’S

Q1. What is a hydro shot?

Ans. The hydro shot is a unique power cleaner with great portability and self pressurized cleaning device. It delivers quick and easy cleaning capability as it is light-weight, free from bulky hoses, and easily carried.

Q2. How long does the battery last on a Worx Hydroshot?

Ans. The battery of Worx Hydroshot gets charged quickly in 1.5 to 2 hours and it could be used for around 30 minutes. But if it runs non stop at the high pressure then it could work for 15 minutes.

Q3. How do you use Worx Hydroshot?

Ans. Worx hydroshot is considered best to be used for light-duty jobs. To use this power cleaner, only a bucket with water is required to be carried where the cleaning is to be done. All you need is to get fresh water and use this hydroshot as a gun to do the effective cleaning.

Q4. How many PSI is the Worx Hydroshot?

Ans. Worx Hydroshot is an awesome cleaner with having maximum pressure of 320 PSI and it could even be reduced to 290 PSI. This is an ideal power cleaner for residential use and other light-duty jobs.

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