Hurricane Spin Scrubber Reviews

The one place in a home that is the hardest to clean is the bathroom. This is despite the fact that bathrooms typically have tiled floorings and walls, with porcelain fittings. All of these materials are resistant to dirt and do not collect grime easily. However, by nature of  its use and the type of dirt that flows in bathrooms, there is an accumulation of hard to clean stains and lime scales. The use of harsh chemicals to clean bathrooms is not a good idea for multiple reasons. One – the finish and glossy look of tiles and fixtures will be lost to  the abrasive effect of harsh chemicals. Two – the effect of chemicals on the human body and the environment need to be remembered always.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber

The hurricane spin scrubber offers an easy way to clean bathrooms with a powered scrubber that effortlessly removes the dirt and the grime. The high speed with which the scrubber turns is enough to tackle even the most hard to remove grime and embedded limescale from bathroom floors, walls and fixtures. The best part about spinning scrubbers is the ability to clean the surfaces without the need for applying any kind of pressure on the cleaner. Here is a good look at the specs and the features of the product to ascertain if this is the most suitable for cleaning bathrooms.

Specifications of Hurricane Spin Scrubber:

  • High speed cleaner – torque of 300 RPM: spins its way across dirt and limescale to give a shiny new look.

  • Interchangeable brush heads – the three interchangeable brush heads are designed to offer the user maximum reach to clean all surfaces and hard to access places in your bathrooms.

  • Extension pole – gives the users great flexibility in reaching high places or beyond fixtures installed in narrow spaces. The extension pole comes in handy for cleaning high locations in ceilings.


  • The feature rich scrubber is utilitarian and handy. The rechargeable scrubber speeds up cleaning and turns the activity into a fully effective action.

  • The rechargeable scrubber can be carted anywhere and used for cleaning surfaces without the need for a plug point or messy wires dangling from everywhere.

  • The spin scrubber is high speed – rotating at 300 RPM, it can easily fight dirt and grime, including the most stubborn and old stains on walls, floors and fixtures.

  • The extendable pole reaches upto 44 inches.

  • Works perfectly indoors as well as outdoors, due to the robust build and the portable cum rechargeable nature of the model.

  • Removes dirt from soap scum, grime, and all kinds of dirt, including hardened dirt that may not have been dislodged for years.

  • Helps remove discoloration from fixtures and walls, floors in combination with gentle cleaning suds.

Pros And Cons Of Hurricane Spin Scrubber Brush

The product is packed with functionalities and features that make it a best seller. It is innovative in the manner in which bathrooms can be cleaned. The accessories that come with the cleaner make it convenient to use. The noteworthy pros of the product include the following :

The cons that are associated with the cleaner are relatively minor.


  • Rechargeable and portable model – the powered cleaner can be recharged making it useful in taking it to any location in the house. The portable nature of the compact cleaner eliminates hazards associated with the use of powered appliances in wet bathrooms.

  • High torque spinning of the scrubber – at 300 RPM the scrubber will take care of all dirt and grime that accumulates on surfaces. This can be accomplished without the need for using harsh chemicals. Gentle cleansers are all that are required for cleaning surfaces. The high speed cleaners feature superior quality fibers on the bristles, which do not damage the surface or fixtures, but only remove the dirt from the surface.

  • Interchangeable brush heads and extendable rod – the interchangeable brush heads make it easy to chose a suitable brush head which can then be easily fitted and used to clean the most difficult of surfaces. The extendable rod offers the scrubber an incredible reach that gives it access to virtually any place in your bathroom.

  • High quality fibers on the bristles of the cleaning heads make the cleaning more effective and friendly on the surfaces. The powered scrubbed does not leave trail marks on the surfaces that are cleaned as very little pressure is required for cleaning when using the powered cleaner.


  • The battery does not always hold the charge long enough to clean large bathrooms. This makes it necessary to break down cleaning into different sessions.

  • The charge indicator lights offer no assistance to users regarding the battery status. This affects the ability of users to identify if the battery is charged or if it has been drained of its backup. This could be the reason why users find insufficient backup.

The convenience of power cleaners makes it hard to imagine life without one. Cleaning is a repetitive task and most importantly cannot be ignored. It is a part of routine and often takes up a lot of time if performed manually. Bathroom cleaning cannot be ignored and manual cleaning not only takes time, it involves a lot of effort in moving a brush back and forth. The need to bend, the need to apply pressure and the use of chemicals to rid the surfaces of dirt makes the whole cleaning process challenging.

A good power cleaner, dispenses with the need for harsh chemicals and allows individuals to swiftly clean the bathrooms without having to bend or use pressure. The hurricane spin scrubber is full value for money as it removes the dirt and grime with great ease from the surface. The extension rod, the rechargeable nature of the cleaning tool, and compact yet powerful cleaner makes it possible to quickly clean bathrooms without the feeling of drudgery. Despite the minor issues that are normally associated with most products, the hurricane spin scrubber is certainly a good choice and all user reviews and feedback have reported satisfactory performance.

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