How to Clean Your Car or Truck with a Pressure Washer

how to wash your car with pressure washer

Maintaining a good appearance for your car is very crucial. And many people want to spend some time cleaning their car which includes adding a protection layer on the body and detailing the inside. However, the main washing is done of the body through the use of a pressure washer. But is it everybody who knows how to clean their cars with this device?

Unfortunately, some people do not know how to use it to get the best results, take a short time and prevent damaging the car paint. So, the information that we are going to share here below is very important to any car lover who wants to clean their car at home.

Preparing the Pressure Washer

First of all, it is crucial to know that pressure washers require a source of water and power. Therefore, it is important to have a water tap just near your car wash area. The benefit of this is that you can switch the water on and off with ease and avoidance of using long horse pipes.

It is also good to have a power point near the car wash area and it should be located in a dry place to avoid accidents. If your pressure washer is gas powered, then you will avoid the use of long cables. But make sure that you have enough gas to use during the car washing process.

The last part of preparing the pressure washer is getting the right nozzle for your car or track.  Car and truck pain are delicate and they require a 40 degrees nozzle that will remove all the loose dirt yet prevent the paint from chipping.

Clean the From Top to Bottom

When the car cleaning process starts, you must start cleaning from top to bottom. Pressure washer forces the dirt out of the surface and gravity will pull it down the side panels of the car. Therefore, it is logical to do it from the top of the car or truck to the bottom. After the first wash, you will now proceed to the two-bucket and shampoo methods before rinsing the car in the same process.

Do not Use Pressure Washer for the Interior

As a rule of thumb, the interior of a car should not be washed under pressure. If the floor mats, dashboards, seats, and the electronics are soaked in water, bigger damage could occur to them. Vehicles and trucks of today have numerous driver assistant gadgets either from the manufacturer or aftermarket suppliers like EyeRide Company which can be damaged by water. So, the best way to do it is by wiping with the right solution and polishing the interior. Vacuum cleaning is also an option that should be done once in a while.


Washing your car with a pressure washer reduces the wash time by almost 50 percent. If you want to make it even easier, you could add a snow foam device with the right car shampoo for better results. Be sure to wipe the car or truck dry using a microfiber towel when the process is complete.

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