6 Easy Steps to start your Own Pressure Washing Business

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Last updated on November 9th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

Pressure washing is quite satiating as it’s a charm to see something turn into new again. But more enjoyable is a 6 to 7 digit income. Isn’t it!

pressure washing business

Is the pressure washing business worth the investment?

YES, it has a tremendous scope of growth as the current pressure washer market has a share of around $1.8 billion at global level. Not just this, it is expected to increase massively till 2025 at a compound annual growth rate – CAGR of 3.4.

Before you start minting money choose a relevant and pleasing business name and your target will be:

  • Residential markets
  • Commercial establishments
  • Homeowners

Furthermore, once you start maintaining great relations with your clients then they will contact you every time and refer to others as well.

But just like pursuing any other you need to consider a myriad of factors prior to starting a pressure washing business such as upfront costs, investments, strategies, insurance, other legalities, and more.

To have you on the right track I have tried to list up everything in 6 simple steps for your new pressure washing business.

The power washing business will certainly grow with you and with a small budget you can go for your business expansion over time.

Do some hard work and smart work using the steps below and you will be ready to juice-up your business in no time.

Hone your Skills to Pressure Wash like a Pro

Prior to starting a pressure washing business you need to learn to pressure wash like an expert. There are 2 underlying reasons for this:

1. You need to get the proper experience of cleaning customer’s surfaces without causing any harm to the surrounding area such as plants, flowers, and more. Even flying debris could be harmful.

2. And the second is do you actually enjoy your work? As lack of interest will never make you land-up doing your own pressure washing business.

starting a pressure washing business

You must be thinking how to learn it?

So, for this you can apply for any free online courses on youtube.com and then practice accordingly.
You can even borrow a pressure washer from a friend and use it for short periods of time in order to remove dirt, grime, algae, moss, lichen, mildew, paint, stains, graffiti, bird droppings. You can take help from a pressure washing company too for more clarifications on any queries you have.

This will not only make you a pro in less time but give you a strong foundation to build on. Mistakes will make you learn and improve more and offer your customers the best services ever.

Weighing the Profit Point

“PROFIT is not something to add-on in the end, it is something to plan for in the beginning.”

Here’s how you figure out the profit point.

First you need to assess the expenditure, in other words Money out.

Some of the start-up businesses such as software or digital companies require minimal up-front cash requirements. Power cleaning being a service based business needs more capital start-up.

I have categorized 4 main up-front expenditures:

1. Power washing equipmentsurface cleaner, nozzles, chemicals, & trailer
2. Costs such as insurance, business permits, and license costs.
3. Cost of acquiring initial customers (pamphlets, ads, flyers, and more).
4. Transportation costs to get to the homes of customers (truck, van, etc.)
Apart from this there are costs such as fuel, marketing, and ongoing maintenance.

After expenditure comes the revenue part, in other words money in.

Just ensure that the prices you charge from your services should be low enough to be competitive (with other service-providers) and high enough to earn profits.

Expanded version: Revenue (Money-in) – Expenditure (Money-out) = Profit

You should start at bare minimum starting prices and do some research for pressure washer gear prices beforehand.

Hence, design a complete business plan that earns you profits in the long run.

start a pressure washing business

Legality Aspect - Business Permits, Licenses, Insurance

It’s mandatory to get proper permits, insurance, and licenses in order to remain safe (in case you injure someone or damage property) from any legal charges and bankruptcy.

In short go to Google.com and then enter – “your town/place + pressure washing business license and insurance”.

Though I am mentioning a rough business guide here and you should consult a business lawyer prior to commencing a pressure washing business.

Ensure every legal aspect thoroughly:

Documents required for Business:

All these requirements may vary from state to state so you should contact and check your city licensing office or country clerk’s office.

Business License – Register your business with the state as it is a must.

Bond – Paying a bond may also be the need before you get a license for operating a pressure washing business in your area.

Sales Tax Registration – For tax purposes with the IRS you will need to register your business.

Contractor Permit – Contact the licensing office for more details as you will require a special permit for pressure washing in the place you will work.

Environmental Permit – An environs permit is the need of some states as you will be discharging water for storming drains in several cases.


There are 3 varied insurance types that your pressure washing business will require. Ensure to visit several insurance agents for advice and quotes.

1. Liability insurance – For covering damages which you may create while pressure cleaning.
2. Workers compensation – Keeps you or others covered for injuries while on work.
3. Equipment Insurance – Covering damages in case they get stolen.

Joining Voluntary Pressure Washing Associations is also a great idea…..

Of course, ‘yes’ as it’s a great idea to be surrounded by a network always. Some prominent ones are:

UAMCC – United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners
PWRA – Pressure Washing Resource Association
PWNA – Power Washers of North America

Invest in the Your Own Equipment

The best equipment or gear is supposed to be the most expensive but it also shows your honest inclination towards pressure washing business. This is certain to generate more customer trust in turn inviting further recommendations by your hot prospects.

Just look at the two pictures below ascertaining that both do a decent job:

Pressure washing business vehicles comparison

Some more appreciable attributes of owning a good equipment are:

The job can be done right and fast

Whether removing paint to fleet washing you can do the work with just a 1,400 PSI and 1.4 GPM machine.

A Business Marketing Tactic that’s FREE!!!

I always feel the first impression is not the last one but it has a great impact as any business is about quality + perception.

Offering great service is bound to gather customer appreciation and trust. A good piece of equipment will get more calls and this is human psychology.

Gain Goodwill

As I have mentioned above also with good gear you will get a trustworthy authority that will help you grow your business and juice up profits in years to come.

Saves Money

Good equipment invites less maintenance and replacement costs that you may need to incur in future. Low quality things cost less initially but trouble doubles in future while good quality ones will support you more in every way.

The Gist

If you are serious about your pressure washing business then invest in a proper pressure washing gear.

Hidden Secrets to get more Customers

Grabbing the attention and interest for getting new customers is the ultimate goal Henceforth, some hidden secrets are right here:

😊 Create a HEADLINE with a Solid Offer

For example: With a purchase of driveway cleaning you will get a free front stoop + patio cleaning.

😊 Add a FACT for Seeking Interest

A cleaner driveway can increase your home’s perceived value by $10,000.

😊 Make them FEEL they are Missing Something

Many of your friends/neighbors have increased their home’s appeal in the past one month….so why wait!! Call us. Book your service immediately as this fair deal expires soon!!

Such kind of statements are certain to grab the attention of the customer.

😊 Put your business online

The internet is the best way in comparison to creating flyers the old fashioned way. You can tell your story with all details and numbers on a contact page. Make your business a Google business so that when people surf pressure washing you are seen as per the listing done.

The bottom line:

That’s not all as you will have to experiment with different offers and tactics with time. So, be creative, vigilant, and proactive for becoming a successful business tycoon.

Plan Ahead Always for your Business

If your plans are to start a pressure washing company, then it is important that you plan ahead. You need to know what type of equipment and supplies you will require in order to get started with the right amount of money saved up.

It’s also good to have an idea about how much work you can expect from each job so you don’t end up overworking yourself or underpaying clients.

For having a good growing business you need to be many steps ahead of your competitors.

ALL the BEST!! For your new venture.

I hope this write-up of mine helps you get a start-up with a boost for your pressure washing business.