How To Rejuvenate Old Gasoline?

Last updated on December 26th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

Limited storage factor is one aspect that is attached to any fuel. Chemical reactions take place with time and that leads to breakdown and degrading of its quality. Any kind of exposure be it air, water, catalytic metals lead to faster reactions.

The reactions cannot be seen while they occur, but in due course of time the end results can be witnessed. Phase separation is the most common thing that can happen to gas over time as it gets darkened and stratified. The separation of the gas and alcohol takes place in the ethanol fuels. Even the similar problem is faced by diesel fuels (except phase separation).

The ‘old gas’ is a common consumer problem, as gasoline is stored by very few businesses for a substantial time period. Diesel fuel being the only one that can be stored by any business. This problem is mostly suffered by consumers, who store this for future use. With due course of time they tend to forget to use it and to their dismay that becomes old gas.

How To Make Old Gas Usable & What Should Be Done With It?

How can you refresh old gasoline? Can the old gas be conditioned to use again? Let’s try to figure out:

The first and foremost thing that has to be found out is the phase separation if it is ethanol gasoline. If the gas is left untreated for few months, then the phase separation id sure to occur.

This process separates the gas into two layers in the store tank. The alcohol settles at the bottom, while the water becomes the upper layer and the topmost layer is gasoline.

How To Rejuvenate Old Gasoline?

Fixing Phase Separated Gas With Bogus Fuel Additives

Some Bogus fuel additives for old gas affirm that they can rejuvenate phase-separated gasoline. Though it is not confirmed that the old gas can be restored with surety and is quite unlikely to think so. The gas might have started the process of separation and may be at this level fuel additives help for restoration.

People might expect some miracles to happen before trying any such thing. But speaking honestly, nothing can bring back the old gasoline into its homogenous condition. Even nothing cost effective will work out in this concern.

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What Can Be Done If The Old Gasoline Is Darkened?

how to recondition old gasoline

When the heavier-end components polymerize, they might form gums or varnishes over the time.

The gasoline might not be phase separated if it is in a darkened state, and in case using this to burn the engine might work out but not with the proper combustion.

It might lead to deposits in the injectors or carburettors as the heavier components won’t combust properly.

Your engine’s efficiency might be greatly affected with this, and it not advisable mostly in the cases for using or burning such type of fuel. Until and unless a fuel additive is added, which possesses high detergency levels, the fuel cannot be used.

The additives work nicely to remove any sort of deposits if formed, and enables your engine to stay problem free. The engines will operate with more efficiency if done so.

Go With Pib Or Pea Detergents

When it comes to using fuel additives, just remember to use the one with the high power. The ones which are supposed to be the best in category, will come with the injector facility or other detergents.

Ironically, they won’t come with any sort of claims or fancy adds for cleaning fuel engines. And I am not joking! I haven’t seen any engine cleaner saying ‘nano technology’ for cleaning engines or something like that.

There is a wide variety of detergent packages available in the market. the detergents may be PEA (polyether amine detergents), or PIB (polyisobutylene) detergents that work well for cleaning and show compatibility with gasoline (which has more than 20% ethanol).

You may be able to use old gas if you use good quality detergent, which would help in restoring old gas. One thing to be kept in mind is that the gas that is being treated should not have undergone phase separation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There A Need To Use An Additive When We Get Much Cleaner Gasoline Today?

Ans 1. The gasoline that was sold years back (10 to 20 years) and what we get today, is much cleaner than before. But if we compare the stability aspect then, the today’s fuels are not stable, reason being they are produced by cracking processes than the less efficient process of (straight run). As the fuel deteriorates faster than the carbon builds up is more in the engine, and is advisable to refresh fuels for best performance.

Q2. If Pri-g Is Used Every Tank Full, Will It Be Costly?

Ans 2. It won’t be costly to use a PRI-G, as it will enhance the combustion efficiency and the fuel economy can also improve with this. If we talk about cost it will lead to more fuel saving, as less carbon deposits will be there and the engine will work more efficiently. The abrasion and wear are increased with the carbon deposits and untreated fuels, so we should take care of that.

Q3. Are All The Gasolines That Are Available Are Same?

Ans 3. For a lay man any gasoline is gasoline. But you should be aware that the gasoline that is refined in the same refinery are also different. There may be great variation in them, as the crude oil feedstock, processing controls implementation and others at the refinery matter a lot.

Q4. If My Engine Manufacturer Doesn’t Recommend The Use Of Fuel Additives, Then Should I Use Or Not?

Ans 4. The manufacturers sometimes do not recommend the use of fuel additives, as they are not clear about its quality and usage. As there are no products with claims as discussed earlier, so their safety cannot be assessed. As PRI is time tested and is safe to use, so you can go for the fuel refreshing as it becomes must for the health of your engine.

Q5. Can We Use Two Types Of Additives?

Ans5. If you use a good quality additive such as PRI-G, that is a multifunctional product, then it will rule out the use of any other additive by far. So, always go for a premium quality additive that gives you complete satisfaction while doing a full job. A good additive will certainly all your issues related to fuel.