How To Clean Roof Shingles Using Pressure Washer

Roofs are probably the hardest part of the house to clean. This is because roofs get dirty easily and at times have grown mold, algae and mosses. These things do not wash off easily and if not cleaned can spread to the entire roof and damage it. Scraping is going to take you ages to clean and therefore pressure washing would be your best bet. Pressure washing is also known as power washing and here a high-pressure water spray is used that is used to get rid of dust, dirt, mold, paint, etc. What you need to learn is how you can pressure wash roofs like an expert.

Things You Would Need To Consider For Roof Pressure Cleaning

A Good Water Source – A good source of water would offer the electric pressure washer with the amount of water that it requires so as to perform efficiently. You could check the user’s manual to find about the specific GPM that your pressure water needs.

how to clean a shingle roof

The Appropriate Pressure Washer For The Job – Cleaning the roof of the house requires a lot of water volume so as to wash away the dust and the dirt. The experts recommend using a minimum of 2.5 or higher GPM (Gallons of water per minute) and 2000 PSI so as to do the work effectively.

Cleaning Solution – The pressure washers of superior quality come equipped with a method so as to dispense the cleaners by siphoning the cleanser from an additional or a self-contained container of the cleaning product that you prefer. This system is set up in such a way that it would mix the chemical at a ratio of approximately 15:1 or so. This means that you would not have to do all that measurement all by yourself.

Safety – The pressure washers might turn out to be dangerous if not operated in the correct way. When you are using it, you must wear appropriate protective gear so as to save yourself from any serious injury. Eye and ear protection are a must. The experts also recommend wearing boots, gloves, and long-sleeve shirts. As it is said, one should be safe rather than being sorry. Safety should, therefore, must be your topmost priority.

How To Wash Your Roof Using A Pressure Washer

Listed below are the steps that would help you in cleaning the roof like a pro.

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Getting Started

The first step would be to set up the garden hose. You can do that by hooking up the hose to a water outlet. You must check the hose for any kinks or cuts, the strainer and the gasket assembly which would ensure that both of them have been installed properly and are in an appropriate working condition. after you have set it up, make sure to turn the water on for a minute before you hook up the pressure washer so that any kind of debris that might have been present in the hose can get flushed out.

Setting Up The Pressure Washer

You would need to attach the garden hose to the side of the pump with lower pressure. This is, in fact, is the only place on the pump wherein the water hose can be hooked. After you have attached the garden hose on one side get the high-pressure hose and attach it to the opposite side of the pump. Turn on the water faucet in its full force and then squeeze the trigger which would be present on the handle that is attached to the end of the high-pressure hose. Allow the water to flow for a couple of minutes. This would help in removing air that might have been present in the hose and the pump.


Start The Engine

After you have attached the hoses carefully and turned on the water in full force that would ensure efficient operation, it is now time to start the engine. But, before you start up the engine, check the fuel and the engine oil. The engine, of course, wouldn’t start if it doesn’t have adequate oil and fuel. Also, the engines that are equipped with oil sensors, the machine would shut down immediately if the oil of the engine is at an unsafe level. Therefore everything must be checked thoroughly so as to ensure that the machine works efficiently. Now, when all these have been double-checked, you can go ahead and follow the instructions of the manufacturer given in the user guide for the specific model that you have.

Now that you have a clear idea as to how you can pressure wash your roof, you must not forget the limits of the machine. There are a few stains that won’t come out no matter what you do and can cause damage to the property if you try too hard. Remember to wear protective gears when you are doing this. By following all of the above-mentioned tips you would see that you have managed to clean your roof just like an expert.