How To Clean Vinyl Siding Without Scrubbing?

Everybody hates the thought of scrubbing vinyl siding’s mildew, mold, green or black spots. You just cannot escape this important task unless you’d prefer dirty side looks from your neighbors. Every now and then you would like to wash your siding. It could be a few months later, quarterly or biannually.

There is so much pressure to clean up your vinyl siding that even the Good Samaritan neighbors have offered their help for this purpose. Although there are various options to clean vinyl siding that can take time and cost. So to ease your pain we will illustrate how you clean the vinyl siding without scrubbing in this article. You can always wash your vinyl siding with a gas or electric pressure washer, and for several of you, this is often the foremost viable option. A pressure washer can is perfect for the removal of grime. If you do not have a pressure washer then best way to clean vinyl siding without a pressure washer is using cleaners that are specifically for vinyl sidings.

Abrasive cleaners are a clear no-no for your vinyl siding. You ruin the siding’s finish and cause additional damage. You can use a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water to cure a stain that does not come in with other processes. If not, stick to other methods for regular cleaning.

Why Does Your Vinyl Siding Need Cleaning?

The vinyl siding helps prevent bad weather in your home and increases energy efficiency. It additionally makes your home progressively attractive. It is critical to keep your siding perfect and well-kept up in light of the fact that when water enters your siding, it can create dampness that prompts the development of form, turning wood and other inside harms. Enjoy the great advantages of cleaning your vinyl siding, some of which are:

Do you have to sell your home? If that’s true, then you will practically need to keep it in great condition. This basically starts from the outside in such a case, that your vinyl siding is appealing when you are in a position of getting potential buyers.

Algae and mold can be risky to your wellbeing and that of your friends and family. With the best vinyl siding cleaners accessible available today, they can get rid of such development consequently securing your wellbeing.

Cleaning your siding without scrubbing can save you a great deal of time, and you will get the best results. You won’t make any harm your siding; regardless you’ll find a workable pace house looking excellent.

best house wash for vinyl siding

Now that you have learnt what it means to do the job, we can now explore how vinyl siding should be washed without scrubbing.

Here we will discuss two approaches; the scrubbing at all is not required.

Best Way to clean vinyl siding without a pressure washer

So here are the steps that illustrate how to clean vinyl siding without a pressure washer or without scrubber using a Vinyl Siding Cleaner :

  • Associate the vinyl siding cleaner on your nursery hose. You would first be able to test it out on a little spot to guarantee that it doesn’t stain your siding.

  • If it works well, turn the garden hose on and sprinkle the cleaner on the siding and let it sit down for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Get a stepping stool and tie-down it to the ground with the goal that you don’t tumble off. Move up with your steed and shower up until your substance has secured the field.

  • The cleaner may seem like it isn’t doing anything. With that, you don’t need to frenzy and start cursing. Give it a couple of moments and afterward go to the subsequent stage.

  • After the given time, turn the nozzle on your cleaner to evacuate it and later on flush and wash the siding with water.

  • When you’re finished flushing off all the substance altogether, assess choosing to check for any outstanding buildup and spots.

  • On the off chance that there is any, rehash the procedure until you’re certain that there isn’t any dirt or spots left.

How to clean vinyl siding with a pressure washer step by step:

Always search for a pressure washer that contains the detergent and soap box. Choose accessories that are intended for use with a pressure washer. This is because the washer can be destroyed by some items. You must use a particular chemical such as vinegar since the mold and mildew will not be destroyed by water alone. You can use a pressure washer by following the given steps:

vinyl siding cleaner for pressure washer

  • Switch the pressure washer ON and start your cleaning with low pressure. This can be done to prevent you from destroying delicate vinyl siding. Make sure you work from afar (don’t stand close to the siding). It protects the surface from being hit by a lot of stream energy.

  • As you proceed, you can increase the pressure gradually if the stream isn’t sufficiently mighty to get the siding clean.

  • You also have to hold the nozzle straight or slightly downward to prevent the overlapping parts from getting water in between. To guarantee proper spraying, you should stand on a ladder.

  • In the event that the entire siding is showered once you are certain, let the cleaning arrangement settle down for a couple of moments. The water and the solution will make the siding flakes smoother.

  • Never let the cleaning solution completely dry up because it leaves a wasteful residue. Rinse the solution with water once you have left for a couple of minutes. In the areas with a bit of mold left, repeat the process.

Maintenance Of Your Vinyl Siding

Regular cleaning of your vinyl siding can help you remove stain from vinyl siding. The vinyl siding, of course, is resistant to mold and mildew, but grimes that can cause mold and mildew production on the siding. Remove mildew from vinyl siding helps to fully reduce stains.

Cut the shrubs and branches of the tree to trap the sunlight on your siding. Sunlight also helps you prevent mold on vinyl siding and dries out grime so that your cleaning products make it easy to wash.


You can clean your vinyl siding without scrubbing by following these simple steps. You have to take care of and frequently maintain your vinyl siding, to keep it clean and perfect. Always remember the best way to clean up your siding is by doing it time to time rather than waiting for it to become a crisis. The more you care the cleaner your vinyl siding.

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