Grease Police Cleaner Reviews – Is It Perfect Magic Degreaser?

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

By: Grady GalvezUpdated: 2023

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Looking for a cleaner that cuts the grease and grime in almost no time? If yes, consider using Grease Police Cleaner. It has been tested to degrease and clean almost every type of surface.

Made using a unique formula, it is biodegradable and completely safe to use. Ever thought about how does it works? This super-concentrated formula changes grease and grime on contact by cutting through them almost instantly.

It is a must buy cleaner especially for daily uses. It has come to the light that sometimes it fails to clean the stubborn dirt and grease from the kitchen stove.

Though it comes with few limitations, but you can still consider buying this Grease Police Cleaner owing to a number of benefits it offers.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Use to clean a wide range of surfaces.
  • User-friendly.
  • Reliable.


  • Not meant for strong grease usually found in the kitchen such as on the stove.
  • Leaves behind its own greasy residue.
  • Watery in nature.

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Features Of Grease Police Magic Degreaser


Grease Police Cleaner is capable to be used on a wide range of surfaces such as wood, ceramic, metal and tiles. Being biodegradable, you can even safely use it on the barbecue grill. If you have dirty shower doors in your home, buy this cleaner and get your shower door cleaned in a few seconds. It is best suited for even commercial purposes. With this, you can get your greasy restaurant equipment cleaned effectively.


Another cherry on top is that Grease Police Cleaner is not a harsh chemical. It works upon the safe, biodegradable and non-toxic formula therefore giving the user peace of mind that he can consider using this cleaner even on a delicate surface. Upon using it, you will not experience any awful odor and chemical fumes. In addition to this, this cleaner is highly recommended for those who are environment enthusiasts. You can simply spray the product and run away from the risk of harming the environment.


The Grease Police Cleaner doesn’t come with a hard to read manual. Instead, it is extremely effortless to use. All you have to do is just spray and leave it for rest. Meanwhile, you can carry out your other errands. After a while, you can simply wipe it off without any need of hard scrubbing. Moreover, the cleaner comes in a portable bottle that is highly convenient to use.


Another consideration to buy Grease Police Cleaner is the reason that it is relatively a reliable cleaner. Made with a special combination of non-toxic and biodegradable formula, it eliminates every type of grime and grease that too without tarnishing the color and finish of your cooking appliances, wooden surfaces, or other any applied area.

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Real User Reviews:

For your more informed buying decision, we have turned to reviews from real customers to see if Grease Police Cleaner actually live up to the hype and eliminates your harsh stains and scums.

  • A user proclaimed that the stove had plenty of grease to deal with. It appeared that the Grease Police degreaser was the solution to the black grease on the stovetop however it was not. The cleaner failed to make any difference on the stovetop.
  • Another Grease Police cleaner user revealed that either the TV ads are complete lies, or he got fake Grease Police. He said,” I had nice pans that were shiny on the outside and now are darkened over time just like they show on the commercial. This stuff did no more than cold water, had a ZERO effect on the baked-on grease. I soaked it with the stuff repeatedly and let it sit, reapplied and still couldn’t get the baked-on grease even a little cleaner. On the TV ad, they just wipe it clean and its brand new looking. But, in reality, it didn’t work at all. Extremely disappointing.
  • Another user mentioned that Grease Police cleaner runs just like water and there is nothing magical about this cleaner. Though it smells nice but it is not recommended to waste money unless you want to have nice smelling water.
  • Another user who used this cleaner to remove grease from his popcorn maker was left completely disappointed as the cleaner failed to work on this appliance too.


Grease Police Cleaner is part of the new “Police” line of cleaning grease cleaners introduced by Telebrands. It is meant for daily use and not so stubborn stains. When it comes to harsh kitchen grease, old burnt grease areas, and removing grease from pans and other kitchen appliances, it fails to work effectively.

There is not anything magical about this cleaner. However, one plus point of Grease Police Cleaner is that the company has promised if you don’t find the cleaner highly effective, you can get two bottles at the price of one. Also, the bottle can be returned even though its an empty bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. List the ingredients of Grease Police Cleaner that makes it clean the grease?

Ans. These are- Water, Synthetic High pH Cleaner and Degreaser.

Q2. How to use Grease Police Cleaner?

Ans. It is extremely user-friendly. It doesn’t require any hard training or following any set procedure. All you require is to spray the cleaner on the surface that has to be cleaned and leave for a few minutes before cleaning off. This is the most preferred method because it is convenient and incredibly easy to apply.

Q3. Is Grease Police Cleaner safe to use for the environment?

Ans. Grease Police Cleaner doesn’t use harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. Therefore, it doesn’t have any deteriorating impact on the environment.

Q4. Grease police cleaner is meant for which type of surfaces?

Ans. The Grease Police can clean wood cabinets, cooking appliances, ceramics, metal, and tiles.