10 Best Garden Hose Reels of 2020

Garden hose reel plays a very important role in the day to day activity for gardening and its management. Hose reel varies from area to area, depending on the gardening culture. It comes in a variety of categories, out of which wall mount is highly popular. It help you to decorate your garden according to your needs. Reels are specifically designed to set a tone for rotation which helps them to operate in a very convenient manner. We are elaborating on some of the high-end garden hose reels with their detailed specifications and reviews.

Garden Hose Reels - A Quick Look-Up

★ Wall-Mounted ★

Eley Wall-Mount Hose Reel

  • Rust-Proof

  • Commerical – Grade

  • Best For Home & Business

★ Portable ★

Eley Portable Hose Reel Cart

  • No Leak

  • Durability

  • Most Comfortable

★ Retractable ★

Power Retractable Hose Reel

self winding garden hose reel

  • Automatic

  • Top-Quality

  • Super Heavy Duty

★ Metal ★

AMES Metal Wall Mount

  • Easy Spin Crank

  • Integrated Tool Tray

  • Corrosion Resistant Metal

★ Carts ★

Liberty Industrial Hose Reel

  • Best Brand

  • Top of The Line

  • Perfect For Professional

★ Heavy Duty ★

Liberty Multi-Purpose Reel

  • Most Solid

  • Multi Purpose

  • Industrial Grade

★ Hideaway ★

Suncast Swivel Hose Reel

  • Unique

  • Multidirectional

  • Fully Assembled

★ Spring Loaded ★

Goodyear Hose Reel

  • Reliable

  • Extra Long

  • Ease Of Use

Best Garden Hose Reels Reviews

1. Wall - Mounted Hose Reel

Introduction- Wall mounted garden hose reel is the most popular hose reel among all. The wall-mounted hose reel is attached to the wall in the area such that the hose could easily be accessible throughout the serving area. Wall-mounted hose reel comes in a variety of material but aluminum is the best out of all.


  • Wall the mounted hose reel is used for the outdoor service area.

  • They could be used for gardening, sidewalk or even for car wash around the parking area of the house.

  • They are used for organizing your water needs for the outdoor area.

★ Most Recommended ★

Eley Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel Model 1041…

Eley Wall - Mount Hose Reel Model 1041

Wall mount the garden hose reel is very popular these days and Eley is the name which is popular in the market. Elley wall mount hose is a very portable hose helping you to save your space while gardening. It is a very rugged product and its made is completely solid. This product could be fitted on both the dimensions, whether it is parallel or perpendicular as it is composed of high-quality aluminum.

The highest capacity of the notch is 125 feet which included a polyurethane hose of approx 6 feet. It is free from any chemical and highly recommended for drinking water quality which comes with a combined warranty of about 10 years. The weight of the reel stands at a mere 20 pounds. The product is being manufactured by the Rapid reel industry. The dimension of the product stands at 16”.

2. Portable Hose Reel

Introduction- portable hose reels are some of the easy-going hose reels in the market. They are very portable to carry as there are lightweight or either has tires. With a portable hose reel, you can get easy access to our backyard very frequently. Portable hose reel provides you one of the market-leading solutions for wash techniques or gardening.


  • They are used for gardening in the backyard or where there is a needy space within the nearby area of the house.

  • They are randomly used for washing or even drinking water supply.

  • As they are handy, they could be even used for commercial facilities.

★ Most Recommended ★

Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart…

Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel

This product from Eley is very portable to use as it consists of inlet hose with wheels to access. It consists of a brass swivel with a geometry of 6.5’ * 5/8”. The inlet hose of the product consists of polyurethane material. The tires of hose reel are tread with flat surface 10” which provides easy carry on the facility. The capacity may vary from 150*5/8”. The nozzle system is not included with this product.

It comes with a classy 10-year warranty but needs to mention that it does not include leak and break warranty. The weight of the product stands at 33 pounds. The weight is an advantage in this category of the model. This reel is being manufactured under the Eley corporation itself. the dimension of the product stands at 22.5*25*36.6. Eley products are always high quality with good market trends.

3. Retractable Air Hose Reel

Introduction- Retractable air  commercial garden hose reel works on the principle of retracing the hose at the same initial position. Retractable air hose reel traces back the or rewind the hose automatically with the use of an internal coil or spring. They are highly recommended for commercial use. Tension of the reel completely depends on the amount of hose pulled out of the reel.


  • They are mainly used where there is a scarcity of the water or water-saving techniques are being introduced.

  • Some of the major reel which are being used in the market right now are, Goodyear l series, coxreels and durate.

  • They are used for water providing techniques in the commercial arena.

best retractable garden hose reel

Power Retractable Hose Reel 100 ft

The power heavy duty garden hose reel is a fully automatic water hose reels provided simpler and efficient services as compared to the manual one. This product comes with a 100 feet hose. It supports a slow return feature with 500 psi. The top-end brass fittings with twist collar and heavy-duty fittings support the return structure very well. The hose is fully auto-retractable. The product is completely wall mounted.

It comes with three hybrid hosen super heavy duty with a patented nozzle system made of brass fittings. This product could be locked at any end with a swivel angle of approx 180 degrees. This product could be easily used for washing cars & sidewalks. This provides multiple uses of the product. The warranty of the product stands tall for 3 years and the product has returnable and refundable services as well. The weight of the model is counted at 31.8 pounds.

4. Metal Hose Reel

Introduction- These types of hose reels are mainly used by the professionals. As metal garden hose reel is rigid and heavy-duty, they are also costly as compared to other available hose reel in the market. There are various models available in the market for a metal reel with different shades and design. They somehow give a unique taste to your garden or working area.


  • The basic need of metal hose reel is watering solutions for garden and backyard area.

  • There is a huge collection available for the metal reel as they are rigid so frequently used for industrial purpose as well.

  • These reels provide heavy-duty options.

★ Most Recommended ★

AMES 2398110 Metal Wall Mount

The Ames 2398110 is made from a corrosion-free material. This product is very popular throughout the market due to its rigidness and builds quality. The aluminum never leaks foundation helps it to attain high time durability. The hose reel extends up to 125 feet which is a market-leading figure. It is completely wall mount hose. The installation of ames products is very easy with operational durability. It gives a bright view of your living space as well.

The diameter of the hose is about 5/8” of 125 ft reel inspired by a floral pattern. The aluminum thus used in the product differentiates it from other plastic hose providing better threading and leakproof operation. The weight of the product stands at a mere 15 pounds which is a market-leading trend for the concerned model. The dimensions apart from this vary at 19.2*15*15.9 inches.

5. Hose Reel Carts

Introduction- Hose reel cart is usually made with a portable technique which is used to produce the genuine service. The hose reel cart has a trolly shaped structured which is attached to the main body and on which hose could be placed efficiently.


  • It is used for larger areas as compared to other hose reels.

  • They consist of trolly shaped structure which helps to carry hose with the reel and hence improving the stability of the cart.

  • With the help of hose reel cart you can efficiently carry a permanently fixed hose from one place to another.

★ Most Recommended ★

Liberty Garden 880- Industrial 2-Wheel Pneumatic Hose Reel Cart

This liberty model is highly used for the industrial purpose which stands for commercial and professional ratings. The model could hold the nose for approx 300 ft which is a market-leading unit. The pneumatic systems help to keep the hose nozzle free and neat to use. The brass connector for the swivel mechanism allows grading of 90 degrees.

It is highly durable and features rigid steel construction for a 13 gauge. It includes a 5-foot inlet hose with galvanized fixtures. The product also consists of a storage basket for tools and frequently used items for operational safety. It has a low center of gravity which helps in providing better stability. The weight of the product is 35.7 pounds and dimension stands at 24*38.8*36.8”.

6. Heavy Duty Hose Reel

Introduction- Heavy duty water hose reel is used for heavy-duty industrial work. They help to provide better stability to the commercial area as they are easy to fix and provide larger spacing. Industrial spacing is used for the higher working as they require high capacity loading and in this model hose is made from a high-quality material.


  • They are used in industries.

  • Their application is based on major gardening area and hotels.

  • They are highly recommended for farm houses.

★ Most Recommended ★

Liberty Garden 703-1 Multi - Purpose Hose Reel

Liberty is a well-known source when it comes to the garden hose reel. It is a highly valued brand which not only provides rigid quality but also showcases an antique look to its products. This liberty product is a multi-purpose use as it could be fitting on both, the wall as well as on the floor depending on the choice of the client. The leader hose stands at a 5 feet dimension. The mounting panel is not included in the package.

The product is completely weather resistant. The base is provided with rubber boots for the perfect fix. The leader size of the product extends up to ft with internal support from the hardware extension. This unit does not come with pre hardware fitting. One has to add them additionally through an online store or base hardware store. The extending capacity of the hose for the reel is measured at an approx value of 200 ft. Tan is the only color option available on the market.

7. Stationary Hose Reel

Introduction- Stationary hose reel is the one that is permanently attached to one place and cannot be moved from there. It is either fitted horizontally or vertically on the wall with brackets.


  • Stationary the hose reel is used where there is compact spaces.

  • As they help to save spaces, it is highly preferential for indoor units as well.

  • They are even used for fire extinguishing elements.

NanaPluz Light Taupe 100 Ft Hose Reel

Nanapluz light taupe is a new product in the market without any rating. This product is highly enclosed in a box type apparatus. The swivel mechanism is covered in the inside of the box. The hose is extendable up to 100 ft as the product suggests and could not be extended because the whole mechanism is enclosed in the box type unit. The rotational unit seems of good quality but the box structure is made from a light material.

The stand extends from the box giving a better look for the outdoor showcase. The upper half could be used for keeping operational stuff as well. There is no rating available on amazon till time for the concerned product but the product enhances the quality and builds with the price tag. The color option for the model available is only white whereas the dimensions views are still on demand.

8. Hideaway Hose Reel

Introduction- Hideaway hose reel as the name suggests is enclosed in a square-shaped box in which the reel is provided. The complete package lies inside the hose and there is nothing outside. A beautifully designed handled is viewed from outside of the box.


  • They are used in parks.

  • They provide a good look so they may be public areas.

  • Many hideaway hose reel with a bigger bracket could also be used in the industrial trials as they are safe from dust and damage.

Suncast Resin Swivel Hose Hideaway Reel

The sun cast is a very well known company in the production for the hose for gardening. The outdoor hose is very durable consisting of a swivel base. The sun cast model also consists of a crank handle with sliding lid. The product is very durable with a rigid structural balance. The sliding pattern makes winding and unwinding of the hose a very easy task. The base of the hose is 360 rotation with swivel attached to it.

The measure of the reel for this product stands at 25*27*23.5 for outdoor spacing. The tight seal in this product elaborates on the reinforcing techniques which enable the testing scheme for water leakage. The crank handle is used in the model to help to operate the model with knick free assembly. The weight of the product is calculated at a mere 23 pound and shipping weight stands at 24.3 pounds.

9. Spring-Loaded Hose Reel

Introduction- spring-loaded hose reel is the reel which is retractable itself. They are used in the short span of the area as they may carry the lesser hose. Spring hose reel is permanently fixed on a bracket and when the reel is traced it goes back to its initial position after the use.


  • They are used in the shorter span of an area like home and outdoor patch.

  • They could be used in color industry.

  • They are highly used for washing purposes.

Goodyear Air / Water Hose Reel

The Goodyear is another big name in terms of hose reels for gardening. This is a rigid reinforced and highly decorated set which is popular in the online market. This product is completely spring-driven with 1/5 inch 65 ft premium extra-long commercial hose. The maximum psi level stands at 300. The construction of the material is heavy steel made with high-quality corrosion resistant powder coating.

The working pressure of the model is maintained at 250 to 300 Psi which is also market-leading trends and helps the product to get hold of the concerned category. The dimension of this product varies at 21*8.4*22 inches. The raw weight of Goodyear hose stands at 64 pounds which is much heavier than the other models available in the industry. It is well coated with anti resistant powder on steel.

10. Decorative Hose Reel

Introduction- As the name suggests they are used mainly where there is a need for decorative hoses. They are usually placed in the area which are crowded to get a better look for the product. The decorative hose reel is usually made of metal like aluminum. They are classified under domestic and commercial uses. They are highly branded under all of the other available hose reels.


  • Decorative hose reels are used in the lawn area.

  • They are highly used for marriage grounds.

  • They could also be used in the theatre scheme where there is a greater public gathering.

★ Most Recommended ★

AMES 2397200 Never Leak Decorative Swivel Reel

This ames the product consists of approx 100 ft house capacity with a rating of above 4. Unlike other products of ames, this 2397200 comes with fully pre-assembled parts. It could hold the 5/8” hose up to 100 ft. This product has a unique swivel that goes back and forth with locking joints. The ames maintained its reputation by providing decorative stuff in the product. This model showcase a unique antique bronze finish with varies tarot designs.

It consists of sturdy metal which is coated with powder for weather-resistant performance. The dimension of the product is entitled to 1*1*1 with a metal color perforated layer being added in a single variant. The metal color may vary depending on the weather situation of the places. The weight of the product is measured at approx 15.4 pounds. This model is marketed under the banner of Ames true temper which is a very reputed one in terms of the garden hose reel.

Buying Guide:

The buying guide includes the methods and types of models you should opt for. One thing that needs to be always kept in mind while choosing any of the following products is the need for your solution. First, you need to make an idea of the product you going to need. Prepare a basic guideline for the basic entity and then implement them on the products one after another hitting the checklist. There are the following points through which you could choose your product easily depending on your needs.

Length Of The Hose: The very first thing that you need to be of sure is the area of your garden. You could choose the hose according to your needs to make proper savings and investing in what it demands you. This option is going to save you a few bucks.

Durability: The durability of the product should be well checked if you are going to use the product randomly as this will require repairs and hence increasing the productivity of the model. The fitting and hardware need to be well checked before opting for the same as this directly affects the durability of the product.

Portability: You need to be very sure while opting for the garden hose. The retractable hose could be very useful and more productive in case you have a long and big garden as they will help you save your time and increasing the gardening aspects.


Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. What is the average weight of the garden hose reel?

The weight of the product directly depends upon its type. The average weight for the manual model ranges from 15-50 pounds.

Q2. What is the rating of the Eleys hose?

Eley is a very productive company in terms of hose and reels. They provide high-end product with decorative schemes. The rating of this product usually goes beyond 4. They are rigid and reinforces in term of build quality.

Q3. What are the Are color tons available for the hose in the market?

There are several color options available in the market depending on the type of model you are opting for. They provide usually a blackish theme to make them attractive.

Q4. Do these carry a gardening kit with them?

No there is no such kit available with the products however with some automatic product you can get a link for free access through which you can opt for some innovative gardening measures.

Q5. What is the price tag for the manual gardening hose?

The manual gardening hose reel is the highest selling product in this category. It purely depends on the basic need of the users for gardening. The price of such a model starts at a mere 500$ and goes up according to the facility and material being provided.


There are many garden hose reels available in the market but one should choose wisely according to the need of the time and place. The manual product should opt for the smaller area whereas automatic hose to opt for larger gardens and commercial areas.for commercial use go for the wheel and portable product to increase productivity and to save time. For domestic use, opt for the antique one, it also showcases your quality choice.

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