What Are The Requirements For Flood Insurance?

When you’re a homeowner, it is vital that you take the responsibility of insurance seriously. There are several flood insurance requirements that a property owner of a Myrtle beach home should be aware of.

Mortgage Lender

Most mortgage lenders will necessitate the need for flood insurance, no matter what your situation. If you have a loan which is insured through the FHA, the federal government will require a flood insurance policy from the lender if the property is situated in an elected FEMA flood zone. The zone map is restructured regularly to reveal areas that have a particular level of flood risk. Apart from your mortgage lender, the home association will also require you to carry flood insurance.

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Requirements For Insurance Coverage

When the mortgage lender obliges you to purchase flood insurance, the amount you will be required to pay for insurance is varied depending on if your property is located in a flood zone and based on your situation. Flood insurance law necessitates an owner to have Myrtle Beach flood insurance coverage for at least the minimum outstanding balance on the mortgage or the insurance value of your house and the mortgage lender will also be a nominated party on the flood insurance policy.

If you are unsure about your flood insurance requirements, it is advisable to speak to an insurance agent to guide you accordingly. They can assist you with a better understanding of what your insurance needs are and what type of cover you’ll be needing. Before you decide on the coverage, you’ll be buying; these are the questions you need to be asking.

1. Do You Have Enough Coverage – if you haven’t studied your policy limits in the last few years, it’s possible that you’re underinsured? It is essential to document any improvements or upgrades done along with substantial purchases that you’ve made for the property and store the information in a safe place where it is not vulnerable to fire or water damage. If the policy is not covering your property and possessions adequately, you’ll need to raise your policy limits if possible.

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2. Must You Reconsider The Deductible Amount – make sure you ask your agent about the advantages and potential drawbacks of lowering or raising your deductible. If supplementing flood insurance to your policy is increasing the amount above your means, levitating the deductible may bring the costs down.

3. Does Your Policy Cover The Full Replacement Cost – Most policies don’t cover the actual replacement costs and generally has a cap on the home structure and contents. This means you may want to consider paying a little extra for “guaranteed replacement cost” in your current policy. If you don’t have this additional cover, you’ll be stuck with paying for replacing aged electronics and other items out of your pocket which can be a substantial expense. Make sure your policy provides cover for up to 125% of your home’s insured value to compensate for drywall and other construction materials in case of a disaster happening.

Your home is an important part of your life. Make sure it is protected against water damage. It is better to have a good sump pump systems to protect your personal property.

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