Flood Deck Stain Review – With Different Stain Colors

Flood is a leading manufacturer of specialty deck stain for consumer, industrial, and commercial applications. The products designed by Flood are meant to protect, restore, and beautify your woods. These products provide reliable and consistent performance that lasts for a long time. You can find transparent, semi-transparent, and solid finish products along with surface prep products.

Irrespective of the wood type, Flood stains could be used for any woods and preserving exterior wood surfaces like decks, siding, fences, and furniture. Another reason why people trust Flood stains are their commitment to sound quality. We’ve researched in detail to bring you our top 5 picks of Flood wood stains.

A Quick Rundown of Best Flood Deck Stain

     ★ Clear Wood Stain ★       

Flood CWF UV 5 Oil

flood cwf uv reviews

     ★ Solid Stain ★       

Flood Pro Series

flood wood stain

     ★ Water Based ★       

Flood CWF UV Penetrating

flood solid stain reviews

Top 5 Flood Deck Stain Reviewed

1. Flood CWF – UV 5 Oil

  • It is an oil-based and semi-transparent wood stain.

  • Available in colors like Honey Gold, Cedar, Walnut, Western Cedar, Redwood, Natural Hickory, Western Natural, and clear.

  • The products give coverage of around 200 to 300 sq ft. per gallon.

  • You can use application tools like pad, sprayer, brush, and roller to apply the product.

Flood CWF UV 5 Oil is a high quality translucent and semi-transparent wood finish for wooden surfaces. The product contains transparent oxides to protect the wood from ultraviolet damage.

The Flood CWF has a nice golden color with a touch of orange in the transparent opacity. The products tend to stay in the woods for 2 to 3 years, and you won’t notice any wearing at least till two years. This deck stain has a coverage of 200 feet per gallon. Flood CWF is a deep penetrating oil that gives maximum protection through its Flood’s Penetrol additive.

2. Flood Pro Series Solid Stain

  • It is a water-based solid deck stain color opaque wood stain.

  • It can be tinted with compatible colors up to 120 different shades.

  • You get a fair coverage of 250 to 350 sq ft per gallon.

  • Application tools like brush, roller, and airless spray could be used.

  • It takes 2 to 4 hours to dry up completely. Also, the time could vary according to temperature and humidity.

Flood Pro Series Solid Stain is an extremely advanced stain and sealant that works to protect your woods from sun damage and moisture while adding rich and opaque color. You get excellent durability and adhesion with the 100 % acrylic formula the product has.

The stain is relatively easy to apply, and you’ll get a nice matte opaque look after the products dry up completely. You’ll notice very minimal or almost zero wearings till 2 years from application. The Flood Pro Series Solid Stain comes with anti-mold, mildew, and algae resistant properties.

3. Flood CWF – UV Penetrating Wood Finish

  • It is a semi, transparent acrylic oil-based product.

  • The product is specially designed to prevent sun damage.

  • The acrylic oil formula makes it easy to clean up just using soap and water.

  • It gives coverage of 150 to 250 sq ft per gallon.

  • Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallons sizes.

The Flood Series CWF-UV VOC could be a perfect choice for you if you want something relatively easy to clean and easy to apply at the same time.

The acrylic formula of the product will enhance the beauty of the wood naturally without actually overpowering it. This stain will protect the wood surface from mold or mildew from building up and prevent water damage.

Your woods get a natural barrier from sunlight due to the ultraviolet protection property of the stain. Another impressive thing is that it only needs soap and water to clean up your decks after applying it.

4. Flood CWF – UV Clear Wood Finish

  • It is a clear oil-based product.

  • Specially designed to resist mildew to maintain a pristine appearance.

  • You get a fair coverage of 150 to 250 sq ft per gallon.

  • The cleanup process is relatively easy and just takes soap and water.

  • The acrylic resin provides a rich look.

If you want a deck sealer to protect your outdoor woods from any storms, Flood Clear Wood is probably the best choice for you.

The product is a clear sealer that protects from sun damage and ultraviolet rays. Also, it is mold and mildew resistant. The stain does so by penetrating into the wood fibers and sealing the microscopic holes in them.

The Flood clear deck stain forms a protective layer over your woods, preventing the water or moisture from getting inside. You’ll notice water drops up on your deck after applying the stain; this shows that none is getting in your deck.

5. Flood CWF UV 5 PPG Architectural FIN Wood Finish

  • The product lasts up to 2 to 3 years on deck and 4 to 5 years on fences.

  • The company guarantees 5 years on the siding.

  • It has a transparent iron oxide formula to absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun.

  • It has a soap and water cleanup.

  • The product gives coverage of 150 to 250 sq ft. per gallon.

The Flood Architectural Wood Finish is a premium oil-based wood finish that protects and adds beauty to your woods. Flood CWF UV 5 formula guards the exterior woods against its enemies – sun and water.

The product is enriched with Penetrol, which deeply penetrates the wood to provide maximum protection. The unique formula has transparent iron oxides to absorb the harmful and damaging sun rays.

The premium penetrating feature ensures long-lasting performance. You’ll love the appearance after the stain is applied in the woods. The stain maintains its color for a fair time. A downside is that you may notice slight peeling.

Why Are Flood Stains Better Than Olympic Stains?

Flood Stains

The Flood stains are designed to penetrate deep into the woods and seal the microscopic hole that prevents the water from getting in. Also, the products protect the wood surface from mildew and ultraviolet rays.

It can be cleaned up easily using soap and water. The overall coverage is very good, and you’ll notice minimal or no wearing at least till 2 to 3 years.

flood cwf uv cedar

Olympic Stains

Some of the Olympic stains products come in ready-mix colors and have transparent iron oxide pigments that provide rich and clear finishing. You’ll get excellent coverage with these stains, but a downside is that some products don’t come with UV rays and algae-resistant properties. Also, some consumers complained about low adhesion.

Other Products by Flood

1. Flood Penetrol Oil Paint Additive

  • The product is for exterior use only.

  • It increases the paint adhesion to prevent blistering and peeling.

  • Also, conditions bare or rusted metals.

  • It can be used to condition fiberglasses.

  • The addition of the product won’t change the appearance or the quality of paint like ordinary thinners.

The Penetrol Oil Paint Additive is designed to make your painting projects a lot easier. The product reduces the leveling problems and brush marks and leaves a flawless finish.

Penetrol won’t cut or thin the paint as most of the thinners do. The product works to maintain the quality already inherited by the paint.

2. Flood Floetrol Additive

  • Latex paint additive to improve leveling issues with paints.

  • Prevents rust on metal surfaces.

  • Makes primers, latex paints, textured and stain coating flow more smoothly.

  • It improves flow and reduces rollers or brush marks.

  • It helps to restore faded or lustrous fiberglass.

Flood Floetrol is a paint stripper that helps you thin your paint and make your task more manageable. The product is made to eliminate any brush or roller marks you may have made during painting.

Just one bottle of Floetrol can come a long way. The quart bottle gives you coverage of around 300 sq ft—a lot more than we can expect from a small bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the CWF stain?

Ans 1. CWF – UV oil-based stain is designed to guard exterior woods from water and sun damage. The stain is fortified with petrol to penetrate deep into the wood fibers for maximum protection. The stain takes 30 minutes to dry up, which can vary according to the humidity and temperature.

Q2. Is an oil-based deck stain better than water-based?

Ans 2. Usually, oil-based strains are more natural-looking than water-based ones. This adds to the beauty of wood by allowing more wood grain to show through. Oil-based stains have a strong odor and take more time to dry up than the water-based stains. Oil-based stains are easier to maintain than water-based.

Q3. How do you use Flood Penetrol?

Ans 3.

  1. Mix a small amount of Flood Penetrol to the paint you’re using.

  2. You can start with ½ liters of Penetrol in 4 liters of paint.

  3. If the paint is thick, you can add more additives to it for say, 1 liter to 4 liters of paint.

  4. After mixing, you’re all set to paint.

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