DEFY Extreme Wood Stain Reviews 2020

Created with advanced Nano Technology, DEFY Extreme Deck Stain offers a great finish and prolonged life compared to its most popular counter parts. Itsa synthetic-resin, categorized as a semi-transparent deck stain, and is one of the most high performance and innovative product yet. Wood Stain offers an effective protection against harmful Ultra Violet rays to the wood, thanks to its state-of-the-art nano-technology whichis also quite impressive in saving the wood from graying and gives a long life.


  • Highly Durable compare to many other wood stains
  • Better Mildew Dampness & Resistance.
  • No Graying, Fading or Darkening
  • Highly Protective due to its Sunscreen Technology


  • Resistant To UV Rays, Mold & Mildew: DEFY Extreme wood stains lets your deck have a great resistance to fading, greying and darkening of the wood as it is made with the high quality resins. You can expect it to last for a couple of seasons easily before requiring a redo job. Along with UV Rays, the zinc nano-particles are a natural deterrent which mold and mildew the growth as well.

  • Color Variations: There are six semi-transparent stain color variation in DEFY extreme wood stain: cedar tone, natural pine,redwood, light walnut, and butternut,driftwood gray,.You can also look for a clear stain as its available in addition to the color mentioned.

  • Application: It can be used in interior as well as exterior wooden surfaces staining including: wood siding,log homes, outdoor furniture made from pressure treated lumber, decks, fences,and many other natural wood types.

  • Easy To Use: Application of Wood Stain is quite easy. This will commonly perfect and reestablish previously treated surfaces to its original & regular look. This outdoor wood sealer gives long haul magnificence and ensures the normal appearance of your wood/deck.

  • Material – Industry grade lightweight aluminum will not make it a chore to cart it around either in a vehicle or outside it.


  • Stripping/sanding not required.
  • Simple to Maintain, Apply and use.
  • Brush it or spray it with pump-up or airless spray.
  • Tolerant of Damp Conditions
  • Eco-Friendly Water-Based Wood Stain


  • Requires a bit more quantity.
  • Stain makes the deck look too dark in color.
  • In some cases  a “muddy” look comes after the stain is applied.

Other Information

  • Packaging Size : 1 and 5 gallon with  Recyclable Containers.

  • Area of Application: 100-150 sq. ft. per gallon (figure 100 for 2 coats).

  • Optimal Temperature Required: Between 45 and 95 degrees F.

  • How to Apply :Can be done with a Pad Applicatoror Brush, Pump-up, Sprayer, Airless Sprayer.

  • Dry Time: 2 to 4 hours, however a 24 hr Window before usage is highly recommended.

  • Cleaning Agents: Simple mix of Soap and water or Clean With pressure washer upto 2000 PSI.


Staining a deck is one of the best ways to give your deck anappealing look that enhances the overall appearance of your backyard.Overall DEFY Extreme Wood Stain is a great sealer to bring alive your decks or wooden goods to a clean, brighten & fresh natural look . You can expect a long term solution against various fading agents to keep the natural appearance of your surface. 

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