DEFY Extreme Wood Stain Reviews 2020

When it comes to water based deck stains, no one can beat the Defy extreme wood stain. This amazing water based stain contains zinc oxide Nanoparticles which help in preventing mildew and mold growth and also prevents the UV fading, thus doing a double duty at the price of one.

The most fascinating aspect of Defy Extreme wood stain is that it penetrates the wood grain excellently, better than any other water based wood stain. This ends up in a non- filming coating that does not wear or peel in traffic. Here is the review of few of the best defy extreme wood stain:

Top 3 DEFY Extreme Wood Stains

★ Overall ★

DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon

defy extreme wood stain

Extremely Durable

Easy To Maintain

Environmentally Friendly

★ Premium ★

DEFY Extreme 40

defy deck stain

Long Lasting

Premium Quality

Maximum UV Protection

★ Affordable ★

DEFY 1 Gallon

defy wood stain

Easy To Use

Extra Smoothness

Best For Hardwoods

DEFY Extreme Wood Stain Reviews

1. DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

This amazing water based wood stain is on our top list for good reasons. It is an environment friendly exterior wood stain, which in itself is a great thing. Using this stain allows the wood grains to show in their natural beauty. It gives it a natural and semi-transparent matte finish. It can be used efficiently on fences, wood decks, sidings, outdoor patio furniture, play sets, and much more.

It is made with zinc Nano-particle technology which is fortified to act like a sunscreen for your timber. The zinc particles which are tiny yet reflect all the harmful and damaging UV rays. These also prevent premature and early color loss and graying.

This product is made with best quality resins which give it excellent capability to resist darkening and fading. The combination of these manufacturing qualities make the DEFY Extreme last a season or even two more than the ordinary wood stains. It also gives it one of the best durability in the segment.

Maintenance wise also this is the best product, as you don’t have to strip or sand the surface once coated with DEFY extreme. You just need to apply the DEFY wood brightener and put a single coat of DEFY Extreme and it would be as good as new.

It is also very easy to apply and can be applied by literally anyone. You can use it with the brush, airless sprayer or even pump-up.


  • Easy To Apply.

  • Highly durable.

  • Water based and environment friendly.

  • Gives out the natural look.


  • Is not so effective on cedar.

2. DEFY Extreme 40 Semi-Transparent Wood Deck Stain

This is second in our list and is an amazing wood deck stain. The best thing about this semi-transparent wood stain is the ultra-low VOC which is less than 40g/l. It is made with synthetic resin and nano-technology and is semi-transparent, all this combines to give this stain a state of the art durability, which is unmatched by any other rival or competitive brands.

It is the latest product in the DEFY series of wood stains and is in no terms inferior to its predecessors, in fact it is more innovative and enhanced in performance. The Nano-technology used in this product helps the wood stain to penetrate more into the wood and protects it against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

This helps the wood to fight against the wood decay and turning grey due to water penetration. The Sun rays which bring the harmful UV rays are reflected by the zinc oxide particles present in the DEFY Extreme wood stain. If you reduce the size of the zinc particle to a nano level you could see it through the human eye.

In this stain the particles are distributed at astonishing 30 trillion per square inch in the surface area. This provides excellent protection against the sun. This is similar to humans using sunscreen. It is semi-transparent and VOC compliant which gives great finish to your wood. It comes in cedar tone, natural pine, light walnut, driftwood gray, redwood, butternut and clear finish.


  • Excellent protection against the sun.

  • Easy to use.

  • Durable and long lasting.

  • Comes in 6 semi-transparent colors.

  • Uses zinc and nano-technology.


  • Costlier than counter parts.

3. DEFY 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Deck Stain

If you want maximum supply or have a big project then there is non better than the 1 gallon DEFY deck stain. It is also environment friendly and is water based, which makes it a safe and better choice.

It is made with fine resin particles which makes it easy to absorb on oily or hard wood particles. It can be used perfectly with smooth cedar, mahogany, redwood or any other dense to hard wood. This ability also helps it to last longer as a deck stain.

It gives the wood a semitransparent and water based finish which looks super cool. It is a low VOC outdoor wood sealer and stain which protects the wood surfaces from graying, fading and other damage, which is caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also gives the wood grains its natural but enhanced look in a matte finish.

The high resistance to darkening and fading is due to the highest quality resins used in the mix. It also helps the wood stain to last longer up to two seasons than the other stains available, even. One more thing important is that the stain also penetrates deep into the woods and also stops the peeling and surface build up which is a common cause of damaging of the decks.

It is also very easy to maintain, of you want to do the maintenance coat, you need not to peel off or sand the previous coating of DEFY, just brighten the wood with DEFY wood brightener or even apply a single coat of DEFY deck stain for hardwoods.


  • Durable and long lasting.

  • Very easy to apply.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Lasts up to three seasons.


  • Not good on white oak.

Why Choose Defy Over Other Brands?

DEFY wood stains are anyway better than the other wood stains available in the market. It is VOC compliant and eco friendly and water based. All the other deck stains are still VOC non compliant and are not eco friendly. It not only performs best against the oil based deck stains, but also outperforms all the water based deck stains also.

The defy uses the latest and innovative Nano-technology which no other brand is using, it gives more durability, long-lasting and weather resistant. This amazing technology is like a sun screen to the wood and protects it against the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also uses the best quality resin which prevents peeling and surface filming.

Features of DEFY Extreme Deck Stain:

Now we know the superiority of the Defy over other deck stains, let’s understand the features if DEFY:

Appearance After Initial Stain Application:

The Defy gives a rich look to the woods. It provides the natural grain of the wood to get the highlight. It does not mask the natural grains of the wood which make the natural beauty of the wood stand out. The penetration of the deck stain into the woods is perfect. Although the cedar provides a bit more orange shade, it is still better than the rest.

Prevents UV Graying Even After 20 Years:

The Defy contains zinc oxide Nano-particles which prevents the UV rays from turning the wood into gray. After using defy even after 2 years the deck still looks in its natural color. It is among the best in its industry.

Peeling And Wear, Tear:

defy extreme deck stain

It fairs better than any other stains when it comes to wear and tear. The high quality resins used prevents it from peeling and gives it a classy look. The places which have high traffic on the deck so show some wear, but it is still better than the other products.

Cost Per Square Feet:

The Defy is priced at about $40 per gallon. So for 2 coats what we get is 100 sq feet/gallon. Which is quite economical looking at the long time benefits it carries.

Preventing Algae, Mildew And Mold:

The Defy deck stain is a water based stain which means that it eradicates the growth of mold, algae and mildew in the stain. It is an excellent water based stain and is numero uno in the segment.

Ease Of Application:

It is really easy to apply and anyone with a decent hand on painting can apply this. This is also easily washable with water.

Color Shifting After Two Years:

The Defy deck stain is highly durable and lasts easily for two years’ time. In fact it is the most long lasting deck stain in its segment.

defy extreme wood stain reviews


The defy extreme is a wonderful product in deck stains, it is definitely better than all the other deck stains combined. In water based deck stain and eco-friendly ones there is no competition to the Defy extreme. It is the perfect deck stain that you can ask for.

With its superior nano-technology and zinc oxide based technology used in manufacturing makes it most effective against the harmful UV rays of the sun. The zinc particles also protect it against color fading and surface peeling.

This semi-transparent stain also has deep penetration in the woods which gives the wood of the deck a matte finish and natural grainy look of the wood which not only looks beautiful, but also lasts long even for 2 seasons without losing the shine.

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