How To Pick Most Popular Deck Stain Colors? – 5k+ Users Pick This Idea

Last updated on December 26th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

Be it any worn-out or aging outdoor deck, arbors, fences, or structures, the deck stain colors can add a WOW factor to any wooden spaces.

A perfect deck stain color will surely transform anything.

Just makes ragged to remarkable!!

But your deck stain will last longer and appear beautiful if chosen right and applied in a proper manner.

The right amount and product will give a protective coating that will keep your deck safe from the toll of factors such as rain, sunlight, foot traffic, pets, and snow.

How to Choose the Right Deck Stain Color

Your backyard will feel complete and cozy and the troublesome things such as mold and rot will stay away. So, to obscure the age of your deck whether you use a solid color deck stain or a light tint.

We Have A Few Extreme Tips For You To Consider For Choosing Right Deck Stain Colors:

Choosing Right Deck Stain Colors

1. Knowing The Wood Type Of Your Deck

Every wood in the world has a natural-cast to it. The different types of woods exhibit elegance and grace in their natural form. When unfinished the pressed pine looks green and is commonly used for decks.

If the natural color of your wood is bothering you then you can go for any solid or semi-transparent stain for cedar siding, fencing, decks or any other furniture for covering it.

You should match the stain to your wood like for pine a green-tinted stain will look good.

2. Returning To Color Basic's

According to the renowned deck builder and former host of – HGTV’s Restore America, Jeff Wilson- “Remember the color wheel from grade school”.

You should go for an unchanging and dominant color in your backyard and this will possibly be your home exterior. You can select a complement for a stain. An example: for a smoky blue counterpoint you can go for tan siding begs.

3. Testing It Right

Patch test is the best way to know the color effects prior to staining a deck. After you have decided with the stain color, test it on an unnoticeable square foot of your deck by applying it as you would paint.

If dissatisfied with the color, remove it by using a deck stripper rather than sanding. Deck stripping will give an even tone than sanding.

Before reapplying the stain, the deck should be checked thoroughly including the power washing task.

4. Apply Right

While you apply just see that you take the right strokes and cover the entire deck properly with the right brush.

Just remember that the true color shows off brilliantly on your deck only when you tend to apply it in the most appropriate way.

Most Popular Deck Stain Colors Ideas?

Cedar Tones And Semi Transparent Colors

Cedar is one of the popular deck colours and fit on any deck and in any garden. According to the rules, it is better to take the most dominant color in the yard and work from there but it is hard to be wrong with cedar. The colour is neither too dark for hot summer days and it is perfect for the cozy winter evenings.

cedar deck stain colors

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Brown Tones And Semi Transparent Colors

Sometimes the brown colour gets a poor reputation as a dull or unimaginative shade. When you know what to do with this colour, it really shines in your garden.

It is important to note that when we use a brown deck stain it should be paired with brighter and lighter coloured furniture and accessories to show its rich natural qualities. If you find the perfect match, then you will have an aesthetically gorgeous pleasing deck.

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Honey Tones And Semi Transparent Colors

Honey is a lighter tone which augments the natural look of the grain on your deck . This deck stain colour is widely used in places that have year round sunshine, as continuous rain causes it to turn dull and dark.

You have to use this colour wisely, if you are residing in an area that gets showers or is close to the coast or invest in a gazebo to protect the colour.

outdoor stain colors

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semi transparent deck stain colors

Redwood Tones And Semi Transparent Colors

Like other darker shades of the deck stains Redwood colour should be paired with light colours to reflect its beautiful ruby undertone. As an alternative people select a semi-transparent redwood stain, as the soft shade helps you see the intricate wood underneath and it works with any colour palette comfortably.

When properly cared for, this striking colour lasts for many years but fails to an iron grey, if exposed to weather than you can Restore your deck from weather damage .
if exposed to weather so your deck should be protected and maintained as required.

When choosing a deck stain colour use a colour chart. This handy tool helps you by showing which colours fit best with those that are present already in your garden. You will find the perfect fit with some deliberation.

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Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. Can I fix a deck stain color?

Ans1. After applying a deck color the after-effects may turn out to be redder, browner, or darker than usual. For correcting this you should bleach the existing stain, try a different colored one or top the deck with another stain you like.

Q2. How long we should stay away from the deck after staining it with color?

Ans1. After you apply a deck stain it will dry up in 2-3 hours in normal conditions. But you should avoid walking on it for at least 4-6 hours. If you stay in a place with a humid climate then the drying and waiting time could be even more.

Q3. What if it rains after I apply deck stain color?

Ans1. If it rains immediately after you apply deck stain color, it may flake or peel. And if it rains after 24-48 hours then the even tone of color may go away leaving splotchy surfaces.

Q4. How many coats of deck stain color should I apply?

Ans1. Basically, whatever your wood can absorb only that much color should be applied. General rule goes that 2-coats are adequate and if treating extremely dry wood/hardwood then you may need more.

Q5. How long does the deck stain color stay intact?

Ans1. This entirely depends on the climatic conditions and your maintenance of the deck that makes the color last long. Generally, after 3 to 4 years of use you can reapply the deck paint and give it a fresh makeover.