COVID-19: What You Might Need If You’re Quarantined At Home

COVID-19 And Quarantine – No need To Stockpile

These days the new definition of fear is COVID-19, and the people of the United States are staying inside their houses to limit the spread of the deadly disease. Even going out for necessary things such as groceries, is supposed to be avoided. The people who get the virus, or after recovering from needing to stop the exposure should stay home strictly. They should be careful for about 14 days or more. The time we spend away from others and at our house is quarantine or isolation.

COVID-19 And Quarantine

Testing times can bring stress, but staying positive is the key.

Staying home is suggested by the health officials, and that is what a pandemic or epidemic requires!

Getting curious or impatient may be a part of this kind of situation for any of us.

But one sure shot solution has patience or understanding at these trying times. Together we can and together we will, is the need of the hour. Co-operation is expected out of every individual at this point in time.

Even Nancy Messonnier M.D. (Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at CDC) has also tried to convey in a press briefing that actions of every individual matter a lot these days and a break from the daily routine is required..

Taking a break is not at all bad if we plan wisely for our home quarantine time. Panic buying or stockpile is what some Americans are doing these days, and that’s probably leading to a lot of unnecessary purchases.

According to Jason Kindrachuk, a Ph.D. (assistant professor at the University of Manitoba, a virus specialist) also emphasizes one thing, and that is rational decision making. He also suggests that one should buy things that are important only to avoid useless trips to the grocery store, and this will help the other people also to get their share.

This calls for a list, and on a serious note, very few of us follow this.

It is somewhat similar to an action plan, which is required, prior to shopping. There may be kids, elderly with medical conditions who may require more protection in the event of an epidemic outbreak.

A contact list that shows emergency numbers, along with this, learn about the emergency procedures at child care facilities, workplaces, and schools. There should be a separate room for providing any kind of help if your household member gets sick. A room for isolation should be set before-hand in order to avoid last moment preparations.

Some things are a must, and adequate supplies should be ready with you. Let us take a view of some of them.

Hand Cleanser

Self- defense or protection at the time of an outbreak of disease is a must, and a hand cleanser is required in ample amount. It is recommended by the experts and also people at the CDC to have plenty of soap stock.

There is no need to have an anti-bacterial or expensive soap; a regular soap and water solution helps in killing viruses. Liquid or bar soap should always remain handy, as all the family members will use it throughout the day several times.

According to Kindrachuk, owning a hand sanitizer is extremely important, and this gives you a quick fix when you touch something and are away from the water tap. But ensure that 60 percent of alcohol should be present in the sanitizer for cleaning hands and treating viruses.

hand sanitizer

Cleaning Products

According to experts and professors, Daniel Barnett M.D. (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) also suggests having a complete list of things that should be cleaned well on a regular basis. Computer keyboards, rooms, floors, doorknobs, drawer pulls, switchboards, and more should be kept absolutely tidy and sanitized. This is a kind of schedule that should be followed on a regular basis.

Though the coronavirus can be easily destroyed by a pure water and soap solution, some more homemade solutions can help also. Nine parts of water and one-part bleach, if mixed together, will work great in disinfecting products.

There is a need to keep a lot of paper goods, such as tissues, toilet paper rolls, extra garbage bags (for disposing of the contaminated tissues), etc.

Food Items

This is certainly something you cannot survive without, and it is recommended by Barnett to invest in food articles you consume a couple of weeks prior.

Things such as rice, beans, canned veggies, milk, etc. It is not that these things won’t be available, but the outside visits should be minimized like a responsible citizen. Some chicken broth will also work great, and stocking up will help you relieving coughs, if required. Your pets are also equally important, store their food too.

Common Medicines

You may require some simple medicines for fevers, coughs, and aches due to seasonal flu, and the significant symptoms of COVID-19 are also similar. OTC (over the counter) drugs or medications such as acetaminophen-Tylenol and generic and ibuprofen should always stay handy.

Prescription Drugs

There may be some medicines (pharmaceutical ingredients) that are imported from China, and the availability of them may be stopped, thereby affecting the supply chain. A 90-day prescription is an ideal one to be as a part od doctor prescription. Having it in apt quantity will minimize your outside trips to the drugstore too. The extended-day supply should always be confirmed by you before-hand. This was also suggested by Tom Friedman, M.D., in a conference in the month of March, to have supplies of important medications for about three months.


A small thing, but of great potential for monitoring your illness. If you have one, then no issues otherwise purchase and keep.

Some More Extras:

1. Strong Wifi

Staying indoors calls for work from home, for professionals or people having other jobs. Even kids also log in from home for school assignments or more. This may lead to a wifi logjam in many houses, and a robust system is yes, which can help you. For boosting your signals or up-gradation to mesh router systems, a few quick steps should be taken by you prior. This will significantly help in spreading the signals in your house, be it a sizeable one.

2. Video Conferencing Services

If communication is done face-to-face, then it is certainly productive and enables a smoother transition. The video conferencing services should be set up correctly and can be discussed with your manager.

3. Entertainment

It is essential to have things that entertain you while you are in quarantine. You can explore more by streaming videos, and a wide variety of items are available for free these days.

Not only e-reading but reading books can also prove enjoyable in this aspect. Some are voracious readers, and this is the time when you can get the books or titles you want to read sourced from the local library.

You can spend some quality time with your family and kids, and purchasing some low-tech options such as books, cards, or board games will work great.

4. Exercise Guides And Equipment

Maintaining your physical and mental health proves exceptionally beneficial at this time. You may feel lazy and tired of staying inside your house, and some fitness app will guide you for your workouts.

Exercise should be followed as a daily regime, as you will walk less while staying indoors, adopting a strategy will work as a smart idea. Even in countries like China and Italy were discouraged from assembling if they were going out for walks or exercise.

If you own a treadmill or an elliptical (cardio-focused equipment), then make the most of it by using them, and you can switch on some music or TV for adding more enjoyment. Strength training is another good idea, which can be performed by using small hand weights. The weights you use can be of a little more than your own body weight.

5. Pursue Your Favorite Hobby

If you like cooking, painting, dancing, singing and more. You should perform all these with confidence in order to pamper yourself in the best possible way. In this process, you will feel energized and refreshed with a whole lot of happiness.

Some Things That Aren't Required

Medical Masks

You should wear fabric or cloth masks as the medical-grade masks are needed for the healthcare workers more. The supply of these masks should not be affected, and these should not be wasted at home until and unless some severe person has to be taken care of at home. Even the guide of the CDC also states that masks such as N95 respirators should be used if required desperately; otherwise, only the medical workers should make use of them. A simple hand made mask will also work out great if used.

Bottled Water

In a pandemic like this, the water you will receive at your home won’t be wrong. Just relaxed as this is not a hurricane or earthquake which will affect the integrity of water. Storing bottled water is a big No.

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