Clorox Scrubtastic Power Scrubber Reviews

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 | By: Grady Galvez

One can say goodbye to neck and back pain by using a multi-purpose scrubber and cleaner. There could be so much deposit of grout, grime, dirt, or dust over the time and this may remain unnoticed till it is actually visible.

Before we actually prove that Clorox Scrubtastic is an ideal one, the complete review with genuine detailing will surely answer your queries today. Believe us …… No review is complete without comparisons!!!! We have everything for you here.

The bathrooms or kitchens have crevices, odd shaped fixtures, and corners that may call for some deep cleaning. The modern-day scrubbers are not only easy to use but are very tough on stains of all kinds. You can prevent the risk of discoloration and scaling of the surfaces with the safest and most efficient cleaners.

Clorox Scrubtastic Power Scrubber and Cleaner

What is Clorox Scrubtastic Spin Brush?

A handy and compact tool for cleaning your bathrooms with the maximum ease. Rotating at a 300 RPM this one cleans all the stubborn spots and stains. The high torque and rapid revolutions of the cleaning head enables powerful scrubbing action, see it in action here.

This is a cordless and rechargeable brush that will help you in dealing with all types of cleaning needs such as removing limes, water stains, rust, calcium deposits etc. More is explained in the product description further.

Clorox Scrubtastic Spin Scrubber and Cleaner For Multi Surface

This is the latest innovation in bathroom surface scrubbers and cleaners. We aren’t saying this just like that …… Our team of experts have put their sincere efforts in providing you with information that is completely true and authentic, here is an honest review by Elad after using it for 1 month.

Its Key Features:

  • Convenient and a powerful cleaning device.
  • Rechargeable and a cordless tool.
  • A versatile cleaner.
  • Ingenious Spinning Head.
  • Enables cleaning with variable cleaning heads.
  • Measures: 5 x 4 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds

You can clean shower door, tile, and grout with utmost comfort. Without the need of scrubbing you can virtually clean any surface with this appropriate power cleaning tool.

The scrubbing power in the equipment is delivered by the Ni-MH rechargeable battery, see the lifesapn of this battery here. A convenient extension handle assists the spinning brush that eliminates the need to bend over and clean. Three interchangeable heads with the extension handle execute natural cleaning power.

This will make you blast through hard water, lime, and soap scum with the least efforts. You can access high and low areas without hard scrubbing, kneeling, or bending.

You may hate the entire process of cleaning but using this amazing tool will add a lot more fun to the entire process. Restoring your bathroom fixtures to their new look will be attained in a matter of a few seconds.

Detailed Features of Clorox Scrubtastic Power Scrubber

Convenient Power Cleaning Device

This can deep clean surfaces by using the power of motion with least effort. The embedded stains and dust are removed with the versatile power cleaning tool that goes up to 300 RPM- revolutions per minute.

You can avoid the back breaking scrubbers that may be dangerous especially while dealing with the above floor areas. You can use a wand of 39-inch extendable handle that comes included with the pack.

Cordless And Rechargeable

As talked about earlier also in the write-up this is a cordless design that enables perfect cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and different surfaces can also be dealt hassle-free. So, a cordless one needs to be recharged and you should plug-in when not in use.

For the first time this would need about four hours and further for subsequent six-hours after every use. All the parts should be connected and firmly attached to ensure proper and safe charging of the device.

Ingenious Spinning Head

The quality head fibres and high-torque spinning action are combined by the ingenious spinning head for removing the calcium deposits, water stains, limes that may deposited in different areas.

The Accessories

The complete pack includes the following:

  • One Scrubtastic cleaner
  • One round head
  • One powered extension wand
  • One angled head
  • One flat head

Different Cleaning Heads with Extension Handle

Three different cleaning heads make the cleaning of nooks and crannies hassle-free. The all-round cleaner will make you clean varied surfaces and there is different attachment for different tasks.

In the new equipment you will find a flat surface brush for cleaning flat surfaces, for bigger cleaning tasks or levelled surfaces such as the bathroom tiles there is a bigger round brush. You can get the best results with guarantee while cleaning the tough stains.

There may be low areas behind the toilet that are tough to reach or high areas like the ceiling with the extended handle. Even the elderlies can use this comfortably with ease without worrying about their neck and back pain while cleaning bathrooms and kitchen.


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Extended battery life, up to- 30 plus minutes.
  • Three different brush heads for all-inclusive cleaning.
  • Comes with an extension pole that increases up to 39 inches.
  • An ideal one to clean toilets, tiles, sinks, tubs, et.
  • Ten-year warranty.


  • A little expensive than others in this category.
  • The bristles may not spin fast sometimes.

Clorox Scrubtastic Replacement Brush Heads

In case you already own a scrubtastic cleaner and want to replace the brush heads then buy this. These include:

  • One flat brush of 0.75 in. Bristle length x2 in. diameter

  • One cone brush – 2.75 in. Bristle length x 2 in. diameter

  • One round brush – 1.5 in. Bristle length x 5 in. diameter

If your previous brushes damage or wither away, then buying this brush head set is a good idea. You can order this anytime from amazon.

Why Clorox Is More Preferred Than Homitt And Black + Decker

Let Us Find Out:

Clorox as compared to its brother products Homitt and Black + Decker is more preferable due to few reasons.

Cost Factor

When you are buying a product let us compare the prices first – The Clorox is available at a price of $38.00 while Homitt $74.99 and Black + Decker at $149.

This will make you decide that the simple cleaning tasks of bathroom and kitchen can be done at quite an affordable cost with the Clorox.

Clorox Scrubtastic Max


Though Hommit and Black + Decker include more attachments than the clorox scrubtastic spin scrubber but still this electronic cleaning brush remains self-contained with its flat, cone, and round brush for accomplishing different tasks quickly and effectively.

Just remember more attachments need more care and effort to change while you use them. The lesser the attachments the more sorted you remain.

Extendable Handle

The handle of Clorox extends up to 39 inches, where the Homitt extends to 21 inches and the Black + Decker is small and handy to use. With a more extended handle you can reach tough spots with ease and comfort.

Cordless and Rechargeable Design

All these three are rechargeable and cordless too, may be the recharging may differ a bit for all. But as far as the portability is concerned, Clorox is far better with the least hassles of carrying with limited accessories.

Customer Reviews

A ton of fundamental features is what makes a clorox that promises you to give quality performance. Much positive reviews from the customers make it more loved and preferred by all.

scrubtastic cleaner reviews

This puts it clear that the product exceeds its expectations. Even the people with movement disabilities and elderlies can use clorox scrubtastic spin scrubber without any troubles.

Clorox Scrubtastic VS Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Let us take a quick look at the differences between colorx and hurricane spin scrubber on the basis of the following aspects:

Clorox Scrubstastic Hurricane Spin Scrubber
Usage Suitable for smooth & flat surfaces, bathroom, ceilings, walls, tight spaces or corners. Works well for general cleaning, shower fixtures, floors, ceilings, walls, and shower door channels.
Extendable handle Up to 39” Up to 44”
Dishwasher safe Yes, safe for dishwasher. Yes, safe for dishwasher.
Includes Accessories Grout brush, round all-around brush, extension handle, charger and flat surface brush. Flat surface brush, dome brush, extension handle, corner brush, and charger.
Extras Longer battery with increased torque for superb performance. Works without abrasive or harsh chemicals and cuts through grime, dirt, mildew, soap scum etc. A suitable option for people with arthritis. Advantage is that it is cordless and rechargeable.
Manufacturer Warranty 0.25 year 10 years
Certifications FCC, ETL listed FCC

What Do The Customers Say About This?

The Clorox Scrubstastic power scrubber cleans every nook and crannies with ease, and the hard water stains go away very quickly. One more thing that the users appreciate about this is it can be assembled with ease in just minutes.

Downside: Not so suitable for heavy-duty or very tough cleaning jobs.

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber cleans hard-to-reach areas with convenience and comfort. The tiles, the tub, and the ceilings, this cleans all effortlessly.

Downside: The handle is a bot flimsy, so more pressure is not allowed on the handle.

Final Note

Henceforth, buying a product always comes with its personal choice and preferences. You should always compare the product you are keen to buy as this will lead to better decision making.

We have made the conclusion after knowing much before we could actually put everything in front of you. This cleaning arsenal is not only useful but safe to use. It is high time now if you still don’t own this amazing cleaning tool!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Does a Clorox Scrubtastic Power Scrubber really wok?

Ans 1. One always buys a cleaning tool to ease down their work of daily cleaning up. This works well like your best buddy to perform tasks that could have been tougher manually. Even the tough spots can be reached without any difficulties as such. But some elbow is cleaning is always needed.

Q 2. Does a Clorox Scrubtastic last long?

Ans 2. Household sinks, corners of the bathroom floors, and many surfaces are cleaned perfectly by this amazing tool. The charge also lasts long and the product too. But with time and use, you may require to change or replace the brush heads/attachments for optimal cleaning outcomes.

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