5 Tips For Cleaning Your Home Your Renovation Project Is Completed

Before you can start relaxing in your newly renovated space, it’s vital to focus on removing all the debris and dust which is left from the construction work.  The last thing you require is for the dust to end up in your ventilation system or clog the air vents. Almost every renovation project produces dust particles that find their way into every nook and cranny of your home.

This Checklist Can Help To Get New Space Dust-Free and Spotless.

1. Taking Care Of Carpeting And Soft Furniture

Give the carpets and soft furniture a thorough run over with your vacuum cleaner. Inter-change the attachments to ensure you’re getting into hard-to-reach places in the crevices or folds of the fabric. If your sofa comes with removable cushions, you can take them outside and give them a proper beating to get rid of the dust. Don’t forget about mattresses and bed frames.

2. Cleaning The Walls To Get Rid Of Dirt And Dust Particles

Start by removing dust from the walls and ceilings since they also collect dirt during the home improvement process. Dry dusting is best for getting rid of particles without damaging newly plastered and decorated surfaces. In some cases, however, you can utilize a damp microfibre cloth, depending on the type of paint that was used on the walls.

3. Wiping And Polishing Hard Surfaces And Furnishings

Make sure you’re wiping all hard surfaces from the top all the way down to the bottom. Use a vacuum to clean inside cupboards, shelves and bookshelves followed by wiping countertops, doorframes, bookshelves, and other flat exteriors and hard furnishings around your home. You can also enlist the aid of professional house cleaning services to make sure your home is dust-free and cleaned inside out. They focus on all aspects of cleaning, including mopping and polishing and even wiping small surfaces like doorknobs, windowsills, and handles that often gets overlooked.

4. Clearing The Ventilation System

Dust and dirt particles often settle in air vents. It’s crucial to clear the ventilation system and ensure that the air filters are changed to prevent dust from flowing through the air ducts and spreading to the rest of the house. Dust particles from construction projects are fine and can lead to respiratory conditions and allergies.

5. The Final Touches

Don’t forget about small items like fixtures and decorative items that often go unnoticed. Here is a shortlist of objects and furnishings that needs cleaning after renovating your space.

  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Lampshades and chandeliers
  • Light fixtures
  • Appliances (Air conditioning filters, fridge coils, etc.)
  • Decorative items like vases, pictures frames, etc.
  • Interior decorations like mirrors, curtain rails, coat hooks, etc.
  • Electronic appliances like laptops, routers, TV, etc.

Cleaning up your home after a renovation project can be a daunting task, and not everyone feels up to it. That’s why a professional cleaning agency can assist you in cleaning your newly renovated space from top to bottom and leaving your home squeaky-clean.

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