A Checklist For Choosing A Home Cleaning Service Provider In Brisbane

When you require house cleaning Brisbane, especially during the holidays or on days when you are spent and need someone to do the heavy lifting around the home, there is a need to know what exactly you need and what to look for in your house cleaning service provider.

There are hundreds of house cleaning companies that promise you the best services, however, these promises are not necessarily true. You would hate to work with a substandard house cleaning company that makes you feel like you have wasted your money.

To help you make the best choice for your house cleaning Brisbane needs, we have compiled a checklist of the most important things to watch out for.

How To Choose A Home Cleaning Service Provider

When in need of house cleaning services, the first line of action is for you to decide on whether or not you need an individual to handle your needs or a company. Both choices present you with benefits, however, you should carefully consider the pros and cons before making a decision.

–    Hiring An Individual

Working with an individual to meet your house cleaning needs may provide you with the personal touch you need. However, you stand at a risk of disappointment, especially when the health of such an individual may fail them. Additionally, working with an individual does not guarantee you any long term business relationships, as the individual may decide to choose a higher paying client over you.

While these and many more disadvantages are associated with working with an individual house cleaning service provider, you also stand a chance to give them specific instructions on your cleaning needs, and also enjoy cheaper charges for cleaning services delivered.

Also, in working with an individual place, the responsibility of being an employer is on your shoulders as you have to handle their tax forms and provide them with cleaning products and materials, amongst other arrangements.

–    Cleaning Companies

Working with a house cleaning company like Maid Easy provides you with a wide range of advantages in that you can flexibly schedule cleaning appointments and have it attended to as soon as possible. Cleaning companies also get cleaning tasks done in a fraction of the time, as most send a cleaning crew team to your home. They also save you the extra cost in terms of cleaning supplies. With backup employees, cleaning companies are sure to meet up with schedules by sending backup cleaning agents to your home.

Choosing Who To Hire For Your House Cleaning Needs

Having understood some of the pros and cons of hiring individuals and companies for your cleaning needs, there is the need to know what to do when making the final decision of whom to choose.

When planning on choosing a cleaning service provider, make sure to ask family, friends, and colleagues for suggestions and input. This is recommended, as they can save you the stress associated with searching for a cleaning company or individual. Also, they can give you first-hand reviews of companies or cleaning individuals, encouraging or warning you of certain cleaners.

You can also choose to read online reviews. However, be wary of most online reviews, as most companies are notorious for hiring and paying people to give their business false positive reviews.

Questions You Should Ask Your Cleaning Service Provider

Before deciding to hire a cleaning company or a cleaner for your home’s needs, be sure to ask some questions which can help you get a better picture of what to expect from them in terms of service delivery.

–    What Kind Of Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

You should ask to know the range of house cleaning services the company or house cleaner offers. Most cleaning service companies or cleaners will only offer the basic services like dusting, wiping, mopping the floor and other surfaces, emptying of trash, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and home organization. If you need other services, be sure to ask if they offer such coverage.

–    What Are Your Prices?

While you shouldn’t look for the bottom price, it is also important that you avoid paying extraordinary fees for mediocre services. Be sure to research the average market prices for cleaning companies and set a realistic budget for your cleaning needs.

–    Do I Have To Provide Cleaning Supplies?

Most cleaning companies will provide you with cleaning supplies for all your needs, however, when working with an individual cleaner, you may be saddled with the responsibility of making cleaning supplies available.

–    Proof Of Insurance?

When working with cleaning companies, you want to make sure that you are protected all around, and a great way to ensure this is to ask about their insurance coverage. You do not want to be sued for premises liability in the event of an accident on your property. It is recommended that you demand proof of insurance, which may require speaking directly with their insurance policy provider or the presentation of documents.

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