Best Pressure Washer Pump Oil 2020

Pressure Washers pump oil change isn’t a regular requirement as most of the models come sealed and only have to be replaced if the need be.

However, some of the models in the market need constant maintenance, and oil change is a crucial part of it. Oil for pressure washer pump is specially formulated for small engines and is a necessity. If you want to carry on the deep cleaning with your electric pressure washers, you should change the pump oil for the required lubrication that an engine needs. You should change the oil at least every three months when using it frequently else you risk damaging the water pump.

Before heading towards when to change the pump oil, let’s gather some points on why should you change it. Luckily, changing pump oil only takes a few minutes. You just need to ensure that you have the right oil.

Pressure Washer Pump Oil Comparison

Top 10 Pressure Washer Pump Oils

1. Briggs & Stratton Synthetic Oil

Specifically designed to be used for gas-powered pressure washer pumps the Briggs & Stratton 6033 Synthetic Oil works wonderfully to maintain and protect your pump’s life. For fast and hassle-free maintenance the product features an easy fill neck.

Suitable for multiple pressure washer brands, this heavy-duty synthetic oil comes in a 15-ounce bottle that stays responsible for making your pump run year after year with ease. Briggs & Stratton, a brand you can trust that has got the users to get the job done for years.

Take a quick glance at the amount of oil and fill instructions which will lead to no wastage and you will able to make the pressure washer run like new for a longer time and that too without any mess.

2. General Pump 758-115

General Pump is another leading brand that manufactures high-quality industrial-grade pump oil type which is available in a packet of 2 to 6, 16-ounce bottles. A top-notch oil that flaunts of high natural consistency and is advised to be used for general pump crank cases.

This is best suited for systems of general pumps that need 25 BHP or less. This is great option for various industrial pumps and an OEM –original equipment manufacturer creates this. This pump oil equivalent is liked by many users and look what that have to say about their experiences.

3. Briggs & Stratton 190586GS

As mentioned above also this is one more superior quality mineral oil from a big daddy brand, Briggs & Stratton. Proudly manufactured in the United States this mineral oil is also recommended by many top-line oil manufacturers.

One greatest thing we like about this electric pressure washer pump oil equivalent is that the bottle comes pre-measured and you do not have to make any wild guesses for the amount to be used. Hence, you get convenience at its best. Whether you can use this mineral oil as it is or not, clarity is needed on this aspect and manufacturer instructions should be gone through properly.

Like the others stated above this one also will help the pump to go on year after year without any issues.

4. Cat Pressure Washer Pump Oil

This pump is exclusively designed, tested, and proven to be one of the best for optimizing your cat pump’s engine. The pressure washer pump oil type is a petroleum-based, premium-grade, ISO 68 hydraulic oil that will provide the most advanced protection against rust, oxidation, wear, and corrosion.

Take a quick look at the compatibility feature of this oil, as this will help you use it better. This oil is a bit expensive but very less maintenance is required when you need to go for some annual pump lubricant changes for the smooth working of the pump.

Recommended replacement for this oil is every 50 hours for keeping the pump in proper running condition for a long time.

5. Mi T M AW-4085-0016

For the smooth and efficient running of a pressure washer, you need to go for annual oil changes as and when required. The Mi T M AW-4085-0016 is a perfect one to use and is created especially for pressure washer pumps. A high-quality product is something you can’t miss out with these qualities.

Once you use this you can remain assured about the great working of the pump. A high-quality pressure washer pump lubricant leaves you with peace of mind as this keeps your pump in brilliant condition year after year.

This works on several different pressure washer models and a reasonably-priced product that will certainly extend the life of your pressure washer too.

6. Mag 1 60694-6PK

Moving on to this product in the list, it remains ideal for numerous pressure washer pump types. Several advantages are offered by the Mag 1 like prevention of sludge and varnish formation, resisting aeration, foaming, along with protection against oxidation and rust. 

This non-detergent 30W oil works the way it should, is reasonably priced, and is referred to as the best oil for your pressure washer pump.

Another good thing about this is, it comes with excellent customer service that leaves you relaxed and tension-free. All these benefits make it a multipurpose lubricant for pumps that remains responsible for the perfect working order of your pump for years.

7. Generac 6656 SAE 30

The Generac 6656 is formulated with advanced additive technology that works well to keep your pump protected under extreme conditions. All this is possible due to the added ingredients which form a part of this pressure washer pump lubricant. 

This minimizes friction and wear at start-up and is available in a 20-ounce bottle. This is another brand that you can trust for its durability and versatility for several power cleaners. Time and money is what you can save using this product as it is better to maintain than replace any equipment.

One more appreciable aspect is that it works the way it is advertised and regular use of this will keep your Generac unit working in a good condition every year.

8. AR North America Crankcase Oil

The AR North America AR64516 is made in Italy, and a crankcase oil which is specially designed to offer high-performance. This can also be used in other AR North America products and manufactured to be used in a Triplex plunger-pump along with other pressure washer pumps.

The AR64516 can also be used as a storage oil and a pre-lube for restart. Like the other pumps in the list, this one also works brilliantly to let your pump running in smooth condition year after year.

The AR is easy to use and customer support is quite prompt from the manufacturer’s side and this gives adequate peace of mind.

9. Simpson Cleaning Pressure Washer Pump Guard

This is an excellent pressure washer pump oil substitute, which protects pump between uses, reduces harmful corrosion, and adequate safety is provided to the pump from freezing down to -25ᵒ Fahrenheit.

And those of you who are nature lovers, this is an eco-friendly product. This pressure washer pump oil can be used to lubricate valves, pistons, seals, thereby eliminating any chances of sticking.

If your machines are out of operation for long periods then this oil will never let you down. This always works the way it is supposed to offering you great value for money. Overall an ideal option for storing your pressure washer for more than 30 days.

10. Briggs & Stratton Synthetic Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Briggs & Stratton, a name that needs no introduction as such. This pressure pump oil equivalent works wonderfully for keeping your outdoor power equipment functioning at its best. The oil is genuine and so are the replacement and maintenance parts created by Briggs & Stratton.

This oil type ensures that the engine and equipment remain protected year after year without the need of much maintenance. Suitable for multiple pressure washer brands this matches the exact OEM standards, any your engine life is enhanced with this oil for sure.

Absolutely simple to use this lubricant is a perfect option for your power tools.

What Kind of Oil Does A Pressure Washer Use: Different Types

1. Detergent Motor Oil versus Non-Detergent oil

  • Instead of the detergent motor oil that is commonly used in engines, you should use non-detergent pump oil. As pumps don’t have an oil filter, therefore, using detergent motor oil causes the oil to become dirty very quickly.

  • Non-detergent oils designed specifically for pressure washer pumps. These products typically include “pump oil” directly on the label.

oil for pressure washers

All-Purpose Engine Oils

  • All-purpose motor oils contain various designations describing the viscosity of the oil at different temperatures. The label may include: SAE 30,10W-30

  • Here SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers and the “W” stands for winter.

  • SAE 30 oil works best in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a region where temperatures drop below 40 degrees, you may benefit from a multi-viscosity oil such as 10W-40 oil.

How To Change Pressure Washer Pump Oil in 9 Steps:

  • First, you need to purge contaminants from the pump. Connect the pressure washer for use and turn on the water supply.

  • Start the engine and spray the trigger to produce a steady stream of water. Continue holding for about two minutes.

  • After flushing the system, turn off the washer and disconnect it from the water supply. Place a pan or bucket under the pump oil drain plug.

  • If changing the engine oil, drain the fuel and oil from the engine.

  • Remove the oil cap from the water pump. Depending on the model, you may need an Allen wrench to remove the cap.

  • Reattach the drain plug and pour oil into the pump. Replace the oil cap and wipe up excess oil with a rag. The pressure washer is now ready for use.

  • Follow the directions in the user manual to determine how much oil to add to the pump. Premeasured bottles are also available.

  • With the cap removed, remove the drain plug and tilt the pressure washer. Drain the oil into the pan or bucket until the oil stops draining.

Why And When Do You Need To Change The Oil?

Why To Change Oil

  • Oil helps lubricate parts, reducing friction, and wear. When you avoid oil changes, you shorten the service life.

  • By reducing friction, lubrication helps reduce heat. As metal parts heat up, they expand, increasing the risk of cracking and other damage.

  • Not all pressure washers require oil changes. Many residential-use machines come with sealed pumps.

When To Change Oil

  • If you are not sure whether your pump requires oil changes, check the user manual. It should include a section on the topic. This section should also recommend how often the oil needs changing.

  • The typical recommendation is to change the oil after every 200 to 250 hours of use or every three months. If you only use the machine infrequently, you should still change the oil at least once per year.

Changing Pressure Washer Pump Oil FAQ’S

What kind of oil do you put in a pressure washer pump?

For temperate conditions, it is better to have all-purpose engine oil usually for above 40° F. But it the temperature goes below 40°F, you can use 10W-30 oil.

How often should you change pressure washer pump oil?

If you use the machine on a regular basis, then change the oil after 4-5 days. If you use the machine very often then change it for about every three months or if you don’t use it then it is feasible to change the oil once a year.

Do all pressure washers need pump oil?

No, pump oil is not needed in all pressure washers. Some of the pumps are already filled with oil and come with sealing that reduces the need for maintenance.

Can I use synthetic oil in my pressure washer?

Yes, it is possible to synthetic oil in a pressure washer, but not all machines support this. So it would depend upon the machine you are buying. You can check this in specifications before buying a pressure washer.

What kind of oil goes in a Briggs and Stratton pressure washer?

SAE 30 is required by Briggs and Stratton pressure washer usually with 2200 PSI.

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