What Is Pressure Washing, And Can It Make Your House Look Good?

Pressure washing is a method of cleaning concrete, wood, metal, roofs and many other surfaces using a machine that throws pressurized water from a water pump powered by either an electrical or gas engine. The pressure washing machine has been so effective since its invention back in 1950 that it took only 20 years for it to become marketed internationally.

Have you ever seen a before and after picture of how pressure washing works? It is satisfying to see the change, even if it is just a picture. Though of course, it is much better to experience it oneself. Blackened driveways, mud, mold, dirt, cobwebs, debris, and other contaminants are just a few examples of what pressure washing can clean!

So now, how about we go through some general questions people usually ask when thinking about pressure washers for the first time:

Can It Be Used To Clean Wood, Windows Or Any Delicate Surface Like Roof Tiles?

For starters, yes.

Generally, a pressure washing machine can be easily adjusted, concentrated and regulated to measure the water that is flowing through it and how dense and strong the pressure of the water being released will be. These are measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), bars or pascals and are adjusted through an unloader valve.

You just need to find the right pressure via the unloader valve and by doing so you can clean soft surfaces such as wood, fragile ones such as windows, or hard ones such as concrete. Of course, you can also clean roof tiles with the proper PSI set.

Turning the unloader clockwise will result in higher pressure while turning it counterclockwise lowers it down. It is recommended to start testing at about 600 PSI on a spot such as concrete, while you find your desired pressure. Remember when testing starts from lower pressures, try testing on a hard and durable surface because you don’t want to cause any damage!

Does A Pressure Washer Use Too Much Water?

It would depend on your pressure washer, but the amount of water being used can be regulated by the unloader valve. As a rule, the higher the pressure you use, the better the work the machine will do, while spending less water. Approximately, most pressure washers use around eight gallons of water per minute, so they do use a high volume of water to function.

The best pressure washers, on the other hand, have other features to regulate better control and use of water, such as variable speed and pressure control. These are very effective, even in places where water is scarce because they spend less water than when using regular cleaning methods.

As written before it depends on the pressure washer you are using and at what PSI level it is set, to regulate how much water you are spending with it.

Can A Pressure Washer Be Used To Take Oil Or Grease Off The Concrete Of My House, Such As A Garage?

Definitely, it can! A pressure washer comes with a way to inject chemicals such as soap or a degreaser to make sure your washing is much more effective.

There can be certain kinds of material stuck onto your home’s surface that are very difficult to remove, even when pressure washing alone. Your pressure washer comes with an injector or a small hose that injects the chemical added into the water being pumped out, which makes cleaning any surface much easier!

Oil or grease stuck to the concrete floor or walls are very easy to take off when you apply a degreaser as a chemical solution into your pressure washer, or if you want your house to smell good while taking off the grime and dirt stuck on it you can simply add soap to it.

When using a chemical solution along with your pressure washer it is easy to clean. You just need to apply the detergent, for example, wait around 10 minutes for it to permeate and then remove it with your pressure washer and be flabbergasted! Your surface looks now as if it were new!

So, In Conclusion…

Pressure washing makes cleaning many surfaces easy to do and incredibly effective because the water is spouted out at a high-pressure, enough to remove most substances off of your many home surfaces.

You can either use just water along with high levels of pressure to clean or add a chemical to make the cleaning more effective and easy to perform. Pressure washers are a fantastic invention from 1950, and even today, they are still doing that same fantastic work, with more features of course!. But the pressure washers can do a lot of accidental damage in a short amount of time if not used with the proper safety guidelines. Some models can put out thousands of pounds of pressure per second. Professional companies like pressure cleaning Palm Bay have years of experience in cleaning. While doing their task they will use the equipment safely to make sure everyone stays safe.

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