Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter Reviews

Just like its name suggests, this is really a boss when it comes to electric log splitters. It is a one-handed machine where the user easily handles it with only one hand. One of the many reasons as to why it fits the name boss is that it has an automatic ram which increases its efficiency levels.  This automatic ram return feature is extremely helpful in the sense that it is able to reduce the amount of time the machine takes while splitting the log to half as compared to the time taken by the common log splitters. With a weight of 123 pounds, it is easily portable and it even comes with wheels which make it easier for someone to move around with it.

boss log splitter reviews

Talk of the best wood splitter and fail to mention this boss industrial ES7T20, it would be an injustice. Due to its great features that include having among the most powerful electric motor, you are surely guaranteed an opportunity to perform your log splitting activities without getting tired. You get the opportunity to split your logs at a very fast rate which in the long run saves yourself some considerable amount of energy.

Technical specs

  • It has a powerful electric motor which makes it easier for you to split the dry logs but also split through the hard wet logs which need a lot of power for them to be split.
  • It has one pair of wheels and a handle which makes it easier for someone who relocates it whenever you want to split logs that are quite a distance from your house.
  • It is a lightweight and easily portable log splitter.
  • It has a splitting force of 7 tons.
  • Uses electricity and therefore no gas issues


  • It uses a 2HP electric motor which ensures that there are no fuel failures of the machine provided the machine is plugged into a functioning socket.
  • It operates under very easy operational mechanisms. The easy pushes power button ensures that the machine automatically starts without experiencing any difficulties.
  • It is built with the professional grade hydraulic system whose main aim is to offer the users a much effective log splitter.
  • It has an automatic Ram return.
  • One is able to comfortably operate it using one hand since it has a one-handed operation feature.


  • It is a one-handed operational log splitter and this might cause some handling problems for someone using it for the first time since one need to be extra careful not to hurt themselves.


This machine has all the reasons to do justice to its brand name. This machine has a powerful electric motor which you need to take advantage of choosing to buy this splitter. You are guaranteed to experience a fast time using this machine since its splitting speed is fast as compared to other electric splitters in the market. If you are looking for a powerful electric log splitter which will take considerably less time splitting your wood, you need to immediately purchase this electric splitter.

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