Best Wall Mounted Pressure Washers In 2024

wall mounted pressure washer

Last updated on December 30th, 2021 | By: Grady Galvez

Do you know wall mount pressure washers were originally designed only for grocery stores, service stations, and meat processing plants? Now, they are a perfect fit for every type of professional washer who want to carry out the cleaning job on location and keep the machine permanently mounted to the wall.

Here is a list of top wall mount pressure washers that comes in different varieties ranging from economical pressure washers to deluxe models engineered using premium materials. Each comes with a wall mount bracket that is easy to install in a reinforced wall.

Below mentioned are the reviews of the best-listed wall mount pressure washers.

A Quick Look Through

     ★ BEST VALUE ★       

Cam Spray 1500AEWM 1450 PSI

Cam Spray 1500

  • Powerful

  • Strongest

  • Industrial Motor

     ★ MOST EXPENSIVE ★       

Cam Spray 2000WM 2000 PSI

professional Electric pressure washer

  • Durable

  • Easy To Install

  • Best For Professional

     ★ BEST OVERALL ★       

Cam Spray 1000AEWM 1000 PSI

electric powered pressure washer

  • Quietest

  • Waterproof Electric Motor

  • Thermal Overload Protected

5 Best Wall Mounted Electric Pressure Washers Reviewed

     ★ Top Pick       

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1. Active Wall Mount VE51 1650 PSI | 1.8 GPM | 12.5 Amp |

If you are in search of a powerful electric pressure washer, then Active Wall Mount VE51 is the best solution. It is a small and powerful machine that is designed for ultimate convenience.

It is engineered with a patented Aluminium 5-Piston pump that ensures longevity. In addition, this 5-piston pump technology also generates more flow per PSI than any other pump in the market. More flow infers faster and more effective cleaning.

It comes equipped with Foam Blaster that ensures effective soap foaming and cleaning. Apart from this, it also features a 3-in-1 nozzle with 3 optimized spray patterns and a 20-foot rubber hose that gives assurance that the product will last for a longer span.

You can completely rely upon the product as it comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty which is made from market-tested components. Due to its compact size, you can easily fit it in your household. Its wall mount handle & bar gives you an easy storage option with this pressure washer.


  • Powerful 5 piston pump technology.

  • User-Friendly Features and Design.

  • Reliable.

  • Ease of use.

  • Compact & Sleek Design with Wall Mount Features.

  • High Flow & Pressure.


  • N/A

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2. Giraffe Power Washers - 10 AMP 1600 PSI 1.28 GPM

This is an amazing wall mount electric pressure washer with an innovative 2-in-1 wall mount design. It combines a pressure washer with an automatic retractable hose reel that will save you from the trouble of assembling each time.

It adopts 130 feet hybrid hose, which can be locked at any length by pulling it. It can cover every corner of your garden or lawn.

It comes equipped with an auto-rewind feature that allows the hose to roll up automatically. It is an all-weather flexible and durable hybrid hose that ensures leak-resistant and is highly long-lasting.

The powerful 1400W motor produces 1600PSI washing force that infers that when you wash your car or truck, it can clean the dust and stubborn stain quickly and effectively. Its aircraft-grade aluminium connector ensures that it can be used for a number of years.


  • Professional Automatic Stop System.

  • Powerful motor.

  • Automatic Retractable System and Storage Function.

  • IPX5 waterproof.

  • Automatic retractable hose reel.


  • N/A

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3. Comet Electric Cold Water Stationary Pressure Washer

It is a promising electric pressure washer that is undoubtedly a great solution for your garage, workshop or barn. It comes equipped with a safety locking device. Apart from this, it also features supports for the included accessories and a convenient reel for the included 70-foot hose. Here you can see the best deal on this product.


  • Perfect washer for car detailing.

  • Good value for the money.


  • Unsatisfied customer service.

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4. Cam Spray 1500AEWM

The first Cam wall mount electric powered pressure washer packs quite a lot of features. This professional pressure washer from Cam Spray is driven by a 20-amp motor and a water delivery system that’s able to exert a 1450 PSI at 2.0 GPM, making the total cleaning power of this unit around 2900.

Even though it’s not the strongest wall mount pressure washer out there, it will tackle dirt head-on. I admire the sealed, water-proof design of the electric motor. You can be sure there won’t be any short-circuit problem from water particles getting into the motor.

Although the name says ‘cold water pressure washer,’ this unit and its 50-foot hose can handle hot water up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. I think the motor is noisy; not enough to wake the neighbors though, but you’ll hear it whining until you start splashing the water.


  • It has an industrial motor with thermal overload protection.

  • The pressure washer makes provision for a safe and secure place to hang the gun, hose, and wand.

  • Well-built with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valve.

  • Has a low-pressure chemical injection technology for mixing concentrated liquid detergents.


  • Hose and trigger feel a bit fragile.

  • It doesn’t include nozzles.

  • At 46 db, I consider it loud.

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5. Cam Spray 1000AEWM

The next Cam wall mount electric powered pressure washer falls short of the first. I consider this model more of an entry-level professional pressure washer as it is driven by a 15-amp, 1.5 HP motor, and the water delivery system can generate just 1000 PSI at 2.0 GPM.

Which brings the total cleaning power of the unit to 2000. Not the strongest and definitely not the weakest, but it’ll handle dirt that has sat for a week or two on any surface.

Like the previous model, it comes with a sealed, water-proof electric motor. The sound of the running motor is lower than the previous one, which is to be expected from a smaller and less-powerful motor.


  • The electric motor in the pressure washer is completely sealed.

  • Good thermal dissipation keeps the product from overheating.

  • Comes with a 50-foot hose.


  • It doesn’t include nozzles.

  • It doesn’t have a hose reel.

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6. Cam Spray 1500AEWMA

Similar to the previous two, this model is designed to deliver industrial-grade performances. Right off the bat, you will notice the simplistic yet modern design of the unit.

It is equipped with a low-pressure chemical injection for the application of concentrated liquid detergents which is activated by using the soap tip. It comes with a 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° Q-meg tips and trigger gun.

The power of this highest pressure electric pressure washer comes from its 2 HP, 120 Volt/20 Amps single phase motor which exerts a whopping 1450 PSI at 2 GPM bringing the cleaning power to 1900. You also get a 50-foot long steel-braided pressure hose that will help you reach every corner of the surface you want to clean.


  • Frame features an industrial coating and grommets to hold nozzles.

  • Has a 50-foot temperature-tolerant hose.

  • Has a strong reinforced hose.


  • It doesn’t have a hose reel.

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7. Cam Spray 1500EWM2A Auto Start/Stop

Not much to differentiate this model from the previous one other than the extra GPM. This unit has a 2 HP motor that draws a current of 20 Amps to exert a pressure of 1500 PSI at 2.2 GPM bringing the total cleaning power to 3,300.

I know you don’t expect to scrape paint with a value like that, but everything else is fair game.


  • This pressure washer is made to work multiple hours without breaking.

  • Draws 20 Amps.

  • Has an auto start/stop feature.


  • Applicable for light-duty assignment and is fairly difficult to assemble the tool. The blade has a few adjusting positions making it not work effectively.

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8. Cam Spray 2000WM/SSM3 Deluxe

My personal favorite. The first thing you’ll notice about this model is the robust yet modern design. The unit is enclosed inside a stainless-steel frame that offers protects from moisture.

The frame also doubles as a storage for the 50-foot hose. It offers two hooks to hand the hose and power washer gun on. Then there are grommets for storage of your Q-Meg nozzles and a dual chemical valve which gives the freedom of choosing between two different chemical concentrations at the turn of a knob.

It’s powered by a 5 HP, triple-phase motor that draws a current of 15 Amps. What you get is 2000 PSI at 4 GPM which brings the total cleaning power to 8,000.


  • Powered by a 5 HP motor.

  • Produces less sound than expected for a big motor.

  • Fully covered unit with grommets for Q-Meg nozzles.

  • Easily switch between chemicals with a knob.

  • Sturdy unit.


  • The different types of blades meant for various types of materials are hard to discern due to the absence of part number codes.

How Were An Ideal Wall Mounted Power Washer Chosen?

  • Reliable and Durable

As far as durability and reliability goes, you want a unit that’s protected from moisture particles bouncing off of whatever surface you may be cleaning and one that has thermal protection so the motor doesn’t burn out from extended use.

The pressure washer hose should be long enough to maneuver around without jerking the unit mounted on the wall and also rust-proof with sturdy wand and trigger.

  • Cleaning power

A common mistake that people new to pressure washer make is choosing a model simply based on the high numbers such units are rated. Believe me, getting the unit with the most power for your budget is totally fine, but there is more to this than meets the eye.

The cleaning power of a pressure washer can be measured by using several methods. You could use the motor/engine horsepower (HP), Amps, and Watt rating, or you could use the three or two most important numbers not related to these engine ratings. You should look out for the output in gallons per minute(GPM), pounds per square inch(PSI), and the combination of both GPM and PSI, cleaning power (CP) which you can get by multiplying PSI with GPM.

Cleaning power varies from a few thousand to tens of thousands. What it really means is that you’ll be able to get rid of a ten-year-old stain on your driveway if the pressure washer has a larger CP rating, but if the washer lacks proper pressure adjustment module, you’ll likely destroy fragile surfaces using the same pressure setting.

So, if you do not need hardcore stain remover, you might want to consider something in the middle or lower range.

  • Design and features

The design and features of the pressure washer matter a lot. If the manufacturer decides to build the unit with durable, heavy-duty elements, then they’ll most likely support all of that with a sturdy frame which is pretty handy especially in a wall mount pressure washer. This frame serves as a support for holding the motor, protecting the engine, and for storing Q-Meg nozzles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Pick The Best Electric Pressure Washer For The Wall?

Ans: When purchasing a wall-mounted electric pressure washer, there are three things to keep in mind. Electrical issues, the capacity to manage warm water for cleansing, and variable pressure controls are just a few of them.

Q. What Are The Applications Of Wall-mounted Pressure Washers?

Ans: Pressure washers that are placed on the wall work in the same way as regular pressure washers. Their main purpose is to get rid of difficult stains quickly and with minimal effort. Unlike the various types of pressure washers, the wall-mounted pressure washers can be affixed to the wall’s surface.

Q. Can Industrial Pressure Washers Be Mounted On The Wall?

Ans: While the majority of mounted pressure washers are designed for domestic usage, certain models are also offered for business use.

Q. How To Choose The Best Power Washer For Wall Mount?

Ans: Why use a portable pressure washer when you just require to clean the same area once? That’s why wall-mounted power washers exist. These pressure washers, which are generally found in car washes and meatpacking plants, are hard-wired into a building’s power supply.

It’s not necessary to take it out of storage and set it up; simply switch it on and go. Make sure the wall-mounted pressure washer is compatible with your electrical supply before mounting it and enjoying pressurized water on demand.

Q. What Is Wall Mounted Pressure Washer?

Ans: Gasoline stations, Grocery stores, and meat processing industries used to use wall-mounted electric-powered cold water pressure washers. These wall-mounted power washers provide on-site cleaning power while keeping the unit off the ground and permanently fastened to the wall, high and out of the way.


Upon closer inspection, it is apparent that no matter which wall mount power washer you invest in, each one is designed to clean in a quick manner without employing much water. Before investing in a specific of wall mount pressure washer, you need to consider its cleaning units, pounds per square inch, and gallons per minute.

While the electric models are lightweight and aimed for occasionally uses. On the other hand, gas models being a versatile machine assure longer life. With numerous models available in the market, consult a professional so that he guides you the right pressure washer befit for the required cleaning application.