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When it is about home architecture these days, the vinyl sidings have become one of the most liked one. Though these sidings came in limelight way back in the 1950’s yet have taken a new face in today’s times.

This all has happened due to the emergence of new technology which has given vinyl sidings a pleasing and aesthetic appearance along with durability.

Its popularity is more understandable as this does not take much time for maintenance. What you need is a pressure washer and a good cleaner to get rid of those nasty things such as mold, mildew, dirt, unsightly debris, and more.

Go for the cleaners that don’t harm the environment (free from harmful/harsh substances), and help you in keeping the dirt off from you house thereby maintaining its lustre.

Invest in the product which fits your cleaning criteria. We have categorized them after some pragmatic use for you and later on, the best vinyl siding cleaner for pressure washers were selected and finally listed here.

Top 6 Pressure Washer Cleaner - Detailed Reviews

1. Oxy Solve - House and Siding Pressure Washer Cleaner

Make the most of Oxy Solve house and siding pressure washer cleaner to clean your house siding including vinyl, stucco, wood, brick, and aluminum. This product tops our list as it is appreciated by many users due to its effective performance.

You can remove any of those annoying stains or discoloring caused due to algae, moss, and mildew over time.

This stays perfectly safe as uses the power of peroxide to lift grime without any sort of harsh chemicals. One of the most eco-friendly pressure washer cleaner that has the ability to clean sidings up to 6,400 sq. ft.


  • Cleans house siding and many surfaces

  • Safer, orally non-toxic formula

  • Uses no harsh chemicals

  • Cleans up to 6,400 sq. ft.

  • Eco-friendly label


  • Takes time to clear extremely stubborn stains

2. Scotts FBA 51501- Concentrate + Oxi Clean Outdoor Cleaner

If you are on a tight budget and do not want to break these plans then use the Scotts FBA 51501 which will prove its worth when you use.

This comes at a quantity and price which is far better than the other products available in the market. When you buy, you get a bottle that holds 2.5 gallons that can further be diluted to make a 25 gallon solution for cleaning purposes.

Still they are available in varied sizes, and you can select what suits your pocket. This solution can be applied easily by spraying on the vinyl or through a pressure washer.


  • Safe to be used in the garden

  • Available in varied sizes

  • Cleans off moss, mold, grime, and algae

  • Poses no damage to plants (eco-friendly)

  • Can be applied with a pressure washer


  • Too mild for a dirt’s hard-crust

3. Simple Green Pro HD- Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrate

This is another heavy duty cleaner concentrate that is recommended by experts that will keep your vinyl siding clean and last for long.

Due to long exposure times your vinyl siding may fade off and weaken, and get dirty too with various kinds and the Simple Green Pro HD tackles and offers the best protection.

This comes with 0ne-gallon formula concentrate, can be put to multi-purpose use without creating any kind of damage to your vinyl siding. This leaves the surface with a long-lasting brightening effect.

You can easily use this by using a spray or a pressure washer.


  • Heavy-duty cleaner

  • Fade-resistant

  • Can be put to use on multiple surfaces

  • Multi-purpose cleaner concentrate

  • Protects vinyl siding from fading away quickly


  • Caked-on mold is somewhat difficult to handle

4. Moldex Yellow Concentrated Instant House Wash

I have used the Moldex 7030 instant house wash which promisingly cleans the vinyl siding of my home. Some of the deep-sea stains that were left by mold and algae were also cleaned by this easily.

The manufacturers of this product boast rightly for this advanced formula as this unique product leaves the sidings with its effect for a longer time.

Cleaning the vinyl siding as a daily chore could turn out to be strenuous if you have to pursue it independently. Henceforth, a long-lasting product is a much needed affair.


  • Features an active-cling technology

  • Breaks down mold, algae, and mildew quickly

  • Comes with a spray bottle

  • Easy to apply

  • Can also be used in a pressure washer


  • May leave residue

5. Mold Armor FG51164 E-Z House Wash

Our recommendation for this amazing house wash is to be used in a pressure washer for cleaning outdoor spaces. There is a wide spread of vinyl sidings and nothing beats this product when you use it optimally.

This application is efficient, reliable, and has a long-lasting effect and within no time you can make your home look like new.

This can be used for cleaning multiple surfaces and tackles all sorts of mold, mildew, and harsh stains efficiently.


  • Best for use in a pressure washer

  • EPA-certified

  • Twice stronger cleaning formula

  • Cleans vinyl, concrete, aluminum, and wood

  • Deals with hard-to-remove stains, mildew, and mold


  • Takes a couple of tries to get rid of all stains

6. Zep -House and Siding Pressure Wash Cleaner

On just one use the Zep house and siding pressure could clean the vinyl siding of my house and I also found it that this product was a perfect fit for removing the dirt that has filled the gutter.

Zep comes from one of the most reputable manufacturers of America and boasts of being versatile and the multi-purpose label for this is absolutely right.

This product was designed specifically to be used in a pressure washer. The cleaner also offers excellent value for money as can be diluted to prepare 20 gallons.


  • Can be applied on vinyl, aluminum, brick, stucco, and wood sidings

  • Efficiently cleans off gutter grime

  • Offers excellent value for money

  • Cleaner can be diluted to make 20 gallons!

  • Works well with a pressure washer


  • This mild formula does not effectively remove mold and moss

Things to Consider When Buying Vinyl Siding Cleaners

All cleaners are good but which one is the best for you has to be found out. So, after going through the above list of the best vinyl siding cleaners some essential things that you should keep in mind before picking the perfect one are mentioned down.

1. Consider Your Time

No one has those extra hours to spend cleaning the vinyl sidings spending efforts and money. Time is extremely important and all those annual and biannual chores of yours can become quite interesting if you make use of a good and fast-acting formula.

2. Consider The Ease Of Applying The Cleaning Product

Ease of using a pressure washer or a sprayer is a must. This will keep you relaxed as you can clean the surfaces effortlessly without the need for much scrubbing. This is absolutely crucial before you buy a vinyl siding cleaner.

3. Consider Environmental Safety

This holds a lot of importance as the product you invest in should not only be safe for the environment but for pets and kids too. You can imagine the harmful threat that can be posed by using a harsh product made from harmful chemicals.

4. Consider The Siding Type

One should select a product which suits their cleaning products. As sidings are different, so are the products. Do a proper comparison of products before you buy one.

5. Consider Your Budget

If your budget doesn’t have a deadline then you can choose any product right away. But do check the product quality before you buy and there could be great deals also on some products. The budget factor also helps you to streamline your search and eliminates unwanted expenditure too.


Cleaners that are designed for transforming the dirty vinyl siding work like wonders. Our top-most recommendation is Oxy Solve – House and Siding Pressure Washer Cleaner and you can use it confidently due to its outstanding features with the assurance that the environment won’t be harmed.

Even the other listed ones are amazing and will solve your cleaning purpose efficiently and effectively. Pick the best, and just relax…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Makes These Vinyl Siding Cleaners Important?

Ans1. It is very easy to use a detergent and get rid of any sort of stains from your home vinyl siding. But this would certainly involve your time and efforts.

Hence, for getting quick and sparkling clean results, making use of an effective cleaner is recommended. This will treat the unsightly mildew and mold stains quickly.

Q2. Can The Vinyl Siding Cleaners Be Used For Different Surfaces?

Ans2. Many of the cleaners come with the multipurpose tag and can be put to versatile uses. Not only vinyl sidings but you can also clean other surfaces such as wood, stone, stucco, and others.

Prior to your purchase you just need to go through the product specifications.

Q3. Can Bleach Be Used For Cleaning Vinyl Sidings?

Ans3. The answer to this is yes! Bleach can be used for cleaning the vinyl sidings. But the biggest drawback of this is the fading of the surface if used repeatedly.

This is the reason that the products which are specifically created for cleaning vinyl siding are recommended.

What more is needed as they also offer some bonus features such as UV rays protection, fade-resistance, and many other benefits.

Q4. Which Is The Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner That I Can Use For My Roof?

Ans4. Most of the roofs have a wide expanse and probably the hardest to clean. One can make use of a spray and forget cleaner for quick results.

You can use a sprayer, leave the product for a few minutes and just see the magic to happen!

Voila it’s ready….

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