Best Sump Pump Alarms For 2024

Last updated on December 26th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

sump pump alarm

A water alarm is an extremely important part of any sump pump system you possess. This is probably the most important precautionary measure that will give you assurance before flooding, water leaks, or freezing starts.

Flood damage and reclaiming a finished basement could be a very costly affair!!!!

Hence, with the timely alerts from these alarms you can react before the problems start.

Even supported by the pump experts a water alarm can be considered as the cheapest insurance policy money can buy whether whichever sump pump system you decide on.

The sump pump alarms are not just accessories but are necessary too.

There are traditional alarms, WiFi sump pump alarms, and alarm dialers with different features and advantages. Selecting one out of these could be confusing, but we have detailed everything so that you are well-educated for protecting your home, basement, along with peace of mind with the best sump pump alarm system.

A Quick Rundown of Sump Pump Alarm Systems

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Traditional Water Alarms

These types of water alarms are probably the most reasonably-priced of all types of water alarms. The traditional water alarms do one thing confidently and that is they alert you by beeping loudly from the sump-pit of your basement.

They could be as loud as 100 decibels and you can hear it even from the 2nd floor of your house. The noise is restricted only to your home and while you are away these prove of not much use.

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1. Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm System

This alarm system is compact in size and easy to install. The ones who are not looking for fancy alarms and want something that stays with them for a long time, then this is probably a good option.

This is constructed using molded plastic and stays solid for everyday rough use. A float switch, mounting kit, and a 15-feet cord (for portability) comes included.

The volt input of this alarm is 115-volt and for backup there is a 9-volt battery. You can easily rely on it as this features dual-power. The alarm possesses a horn of 87 Db along with a low-battery indicator.

You just need to set the level for raising alerts and later it notifies you. You get a deal for the price you pay for this. As far as the product warranty is concerned you can request for it while purchasing it.

Note: You get maximum attributes at minimum price possible.


  • Monitors liquid levels.

  • Non-corrosive enclosure.

  • Easy-to-install

  • Small in size

  • Dual power

  • Value for money


  • Not the top-most one

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2. Zoeller Sump Pump High Water Alarm with battery

This alarm brings benefit with its very loud alert sound, especially for the owners of big houses.

The alarm body is made up of rigid molded plastic, and you can use it for any unpleasant location also without worrying about its failure. This includes a reed sensor that checks the water level.

This is a robust sensor and you can judge its durability by holding in your hands. This has long battery-life and comes with 2 AA batteries slot.

The basic selling point of this pump is that it is for the ones that just want to install and forget. You can trust the product quality and a 1-year warranty is assured by the manufacturer.

Note: The people who are not crazy for numerous features and want to have just minimum of them then, then this one is simple and easy to install.


  • Robust body

  • Long battery life

  • Silencer/Reset button

  • Loud alert sound

  • No delicate parts


  • A bit high-priced.

  • No dual power.

WiFi Sump Pump Alarms

These types of sump pump alarms enable you to receive email or text notifications even if no capabilities are possessed by your sump pump itself. Since they have wifi integration also and you get any kind of notifications if anything goes wrong in your sump pit then these are a low-priced alternative than buying a sump pump.

The newer alarms are smarter too and come with integrated mobile apps that can be logged-in and monitored by you. You can easily incorporate these alarms with the sewage-pump, existing sump pump, or any other pump application.

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3. Govee WiFi Water Sensor

You can get real-time alerts with this WiFi water sensor by Govee. Immediately when the leakage occurs you will get emails, notifications, or alerts. These can be paired right out of the box.

When you find the leak, you can press the mute button to silence. Sensor battery level display is also available in the app.

For detection of a dripping pipe, the water sensor comes with 2-groups of back water detector probes and 1-group of front probes. By using the app you can name each sensor with its location such as the sink, basement, bathroom, water heater etc.

This connects to multiple sensors and flaunts of a stronger and more stable signal transmission. Once you place the sensors in different areas of your house then your home will surely be protected from water damage.

If you buy this, you are lucky enough to get a 30-day money back guarantee with 1-year replacement warranty and a lifetime customer support.

Note: Those of you who prefer wifi connectivity from wherever you are to detect leaks before they cause any costly water damage.


  • Utilizes state-of-the-art technology.

  • Smart battery level display.

  • Leakage record on your phone.

  • Ultra-Loud 100 dB Alarm.

  • Get real time alerts.


  • Great alarm but company technical support could be a bit better.

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4. SimpleSENCE WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

You get an absolute trusted leak and freeze protection detection. This 80db audible alarm alerts you immediately via email, text, and sound after the leak is detected.

This has a 2-year battery life with two easily replaceable AAA batteries along with WiFi strength levels on the SimpleSENCE app.

This is secure, fast, and easy to set up that connects to your home 2.4 WiFi in only a few minutes and the SimpleSENCE App allows you to be up and running without the need of any additional tools, no gateway needed, and no monthly subscription fees.

For more convenience you can install multiple sensors in multiple locations. You can place them next to the washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, under kitchen, bathroom sinks, behind toilets, in attics, and next to sump pumps.

You can add numerous numbers of contacts to your alert notification list.

Note: Protecting your home from any kind of leaks is the number one priority and this 100% compliant with new 2024 state enacted cyber security regulations makes it a safe choice for the home-owners.


  • Leak sensor

  • Temperature sensor

  • Audible alarm

  • Instant alert notifications

  • Long battery life

  • Dedicated customer support


  • Problem arises where wifi connectivity isn’t available.

Alarm Dialers

The people who are the owners of cabins or rental properties prefer to install a low-temperature alarm dialer often in addition to their sump pump alarm system. This alerts them whenever the indoor temperatures drop below 42-degrees F.

Before the WiFi-capable alarms this was a famous alternative but they do not attach to the sump pit. These alarm dialers alert you about the temperature conditions when the pipes possibly freeze and burst or even when flooding occurs when no one is around.

These are not WiFi capable but can be connected to a landline phone for dialing purposes. These alarm dialers support automated messages and call up to five numbers.

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5. Control Products FreezeAlarm Homesitter Temperature

The HS-700 is a well-renowned name in sump pump alarm systems. They offer you features at a competent price without charging any yearly subscription cost.

The body of the unit is rigid and comes with a superior finish. The front dashboard exhibits numbers for the temperature set-up and other inputs that are required for the security of the house. The unit includes a phone cord, water sensor, and a transformer.

Three numbers can be entered for receiving notifications on security alerts and temperature changes. The water sensor sits simple and has to be placed on the ground as it is not switch type.

The connection on the sensor is established by water and this way detection is done. In case of a power failure or low battery, the alarm notifies you. The product is backed-up with a 1-year warranty and can be trusted to use.

Note: When great functionality is mixed with affordability then what you get is this pump alarm. At this price point you get an alarm that does everything efficiently.


  • Water sensor to monitor leaky pipes.

  • Great functionality.

  • Power outage alarm.

  • Low battery alarm.

  • High/low temperature call-out.

  • Calls three telephone numbers and sounds an audible alarm.


  • Calls a lot to report low battery.

  • The body can’t be roughly used.

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6. Liberty Pumps ADC-1 Auto Dialer

You can get the notifications directly on your phone by this alarm while you are on a vacation or away from home. This auto dialer for alarms and control panels can dial up to 4 telephone numbers and that too sequentially.

The ADC-1 auto dialer also delivers up to a 16 second message that you can record. Auxiliary contacts are required on a primary alarm or panel.

This has the ability to program a pause and pound – ‘#’ tone into dialing sequence. This is absolutely easy to install and use and mounts on the wall with ease. This works at 120 VAC (Voltas Alternating Current) and an LED display that brings much convenience.

You get warranty for workmanship and defects for a period of two years after the date of purchase.

Note: This is a simple device that is preferably used by people owning rental property or cabins and works well for alerting you for the temperature conditions.


  • 9 Volt battery back-up.

  • Easily mounts flat on the wall.

  • LED display

  • 120 VAC

  • Ability to notify directly to your phone.


  • No cons as such.

Why You Need A SMART Sump Pump Alarm And Sensor? And Other Associated Uses.

No one has the time to keep on checking the sump pump numerous times a day to make sure about its proper functioning or working. The sump pump alarms and sensors are smart devices that will save your cash and prevent headaches in the event of any failure.

These sump pump alarms alert you in many ways:

  • Sump pump alarm alerts to sump pit overflow.

  • These alert you before your basement floods.

  • Sump pump alarms alert you with an app.

  • Some of the sump pump alarms alert you wherever you are.

When the water rises higher than it should the alarm and sensor trigger instant alerts and rapidly identifies potential sump pump problems.

SMART Sump Pump Alarm And Sensor

If the sump pump has lost its power it alerts you be it form a complete breaker problem or a power outage. These devices signal you of any kind of emergent problems that could occur due to water leakage, freezing pipes etc.

These alerts hold much value when it comes to home, office, or any building maintenance.

Note: Any kind of water damage is a costly affair and they happen so rapidly before we can stop it!! Real-time monitoring will alert you and any kind of professional sump help will minimize the effects even if you are quite far from your home.

Some Points To Remember Before You Choose A Water Alarm

For some people the alerts or notifications could be quite important while for others it may not be that potent. The type of water alarm you choose directly circulates around the need you possess. Let us figure out some of the key aspects that need to be considered before you buy one:

Types of Water Alarms

As we have already discussed above in detail about the three major types of water alarms available.

Though the WiFi enabled systems are smart to use but some of the people prefer traditional sump pumps also those who want a simple alarm with not so many features. For rental properties and cabins the alarm dialers are quite popular.


The robust body is important and you should consider this seriously.

These small devices are placed in areas that are rough or will have adverse temperatures. The material with which the alarm body is constructed matters a lot and many of them are molded with high-quality plastic that doesn’t corrode.

sump pump sensor


Some of the alarms, especially the traditional ones, just notify the water level and are plain sensors. But the smart ones these days are capable enough to send notifications, mobile alerts, test and notify temperature controls too.

When your consideration is of a temperature control unit then you can choose the temperature, security, and water. These work well and with efficiency and you will not have to shuffle between varied units, and this is quite beneficial.


Just because the fancy alarms are good and come with multi-purpose features doesn’t mean you spend extra money than you afford. This way you can go for a minimalist alarm and that will do a perfect job for you.


Ease of installation is something which every buyer prefers, as who wants to spend some extra dollars on the plumber to get the work accomplished. So check out the one that brings ease of mounting and installation whatever the case maybe.

Customer reviews

Henceforth, the research should be done thoroughly so that you are not left with any regrets later.

Real problems are always told by the real users of a product. This is no brainer as they have actually used and experienced what the product is like. You can review sites like Amazon and others to know about how the people have reviewed honestly.