The Best Solid Deck Stains of 2020

A solid deck stain is extremely important for the health of your deck, as decks are spaces that make you enjoy moments of fun and laughter with your friends and family. There may be times when your kids spill things on your deck or hanging out with your friends may mess up things around.

Care of your deck is much required as they may deteriorate, wear or look bad with time. Things get really up-setting and irritating and a solid deck stain works marvellously to repair all the flaws and keeps your deck in shape. The best solid deck stains can easily solve your deck maintenance issues.

You can just keep all your worries at bay, as solid deck stains can take sufficient care of your deck in every way. The article speaks about the best solid deck stains and their advantages. You should go for a branded deck stain that can provide good protection, finish and feel to your deck and wooden surfaces.

The Best Solid Deck Stain, According To DIYers

     ★ Best Overall ★       

Deck Wood Deck Paint

best solid deck stain


Best Brand

Long Lasting

     ★ Best value ★       

Thompson’s Water Seal TH.043861-16

solid deck stain reviews

Waterproofing Stain

Advanced Polymers

Best For wood protection

     ★ Premium ★       

Cabot Solid Color Oil-Based

flood solid stain reviews

UV Protection

Scuff Resistant

Premium Quality

4 Top Models of Solid Deck Stains Reviewed

1. Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer

The Deck Wood is a great paint and outdoor wood sealer that is used for providing security and protection to your decks and wooden spaces. This prevents any damage that can be caused due to harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun and the damages that can be caused by water.

It comes with easy application and can be cleaned with soap and water without issues in routine. Whether your wood is pressure treated, redwood, cedar, fir, hardwood, mahogany or other, this one is suitable for all wood types. The wood stain can be applied on outdoor furniture, sidings, fences, playsets, gazebos and others.

The wood grain can be hidden by opaque finish completely and problems such as graying, fading or any other damages can also be removed. The stain or deck paint can be used as a sealer also. The stain is available in beautiful colors of five different types and give a natural look by drying to flat. This water based clean up has low VOCs – <60 g/L and has a very low odor. It is recommended to test it on a surface for a quick color check as the color in the manuals or on a computer screen may differ a bit.


  • This provides maximum protection against graying and fading that may occur due to UV rays.

  • The stain or sealer is available in beautiful 5 different colors.

  • A water-based clean up that has a low odor.

  • Can be used on horizontal and wooden surfaces.

  • Lumber, mahogany, pine, cedar, fir, redwood and more.


  • Some quality issues.

2. Thompson’s Water Seal TH.043861-16

The Thompson’s Water Seal is a trusted brand and a premium quality solid deck stain. This is also available in multiple colors and adds shine to your surfaces. The color is added to your surface and makes it look beautiful.

The least wood grain is visible after applying this. Any kind of harm caused by the ultra violet rays or water penetration is prevented by this waterproofing deck stain.

This is fade resistant as the color is made of advanced polymers. Lot of resistance is shown against mold and mildew by this protective layer of waterproofing stain. This stain is suitable for many surfaces and acts as a sealer and wood stain both.

This can be applied to wooden surfaces that are of dry wood or damp and freshly cleaned. The waterproofing wood stain exceeds industry standard ASTM D-4446. Once you apply this then you can remain relaxed as it takes good care of your wooden surfaces. A product that gives you complete satisfaction and has been tried and tested since years.


  • This has advanced polymers that can provide color that is fade resistant.

  • Lot of resistance is provided by this for UV damage and mildew.

  • This also prevents any damage from water penetration.

  • Can be applied to dry wood or freshly cleaned damp wood.

  • The product exceeds industry standards ASTM D-4446 for waterproofing wood.

  • This is available in varied colors.

  • A product that provides outdoor wood protection completely.


  • May be slippery in rains.

3. Cabot Solid Color Oil-Based Deck Stain

The solid oil-based deck stain Cabot is a tough and alkyd resin that are combined with maximum UV protection and color. Marvelous beauty is imparted to your deck surfaces that is opaque and has longevity.

The solid stain boasts of durability and any foot traffic, wear can be tolerated by this. Most of the surfaces such as cambara, mahogany, merani, pressure treated cedar, white cedar, cypress or other exotic wood spaces can be stained with this.

All-natural pigments are used for making this stain and should be applied and spread evenly with a roller, spray or brush on the surface. Natural bristle brush of superior quality should be used and back brushing should be done evenly and immediately for best results. Ensure that proper penetration is done after every coat and it dries up to an opaque finish in the end.

This is richly pigmented and gives a scuff resistant finish when done. If the surface is smooth then one gallon of it can cover an area of 400 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. (approximately). This is easy to apply and can be cleaned up with mineral spirits. Exterior wood decks can be stained with this amazing wood stain. A durable solid stain that provides protection against mildew too. Check out our extensive Cabot deck stain reviews for more options.


  • This is an oil-based formula.

  • Provides extra protection against UV rays as is richly pigmented.

  • A finish that is scuff resistant and can be used to walk on.

  • This provides an opaque finish.

  • The deck stain is made with natural pigments.


  • Care has to be taken while applying.

4. Restore-A-Deck Solid Color Stain

The Restore-A-Deck is a solid exterior wood stain that can be stained the same day when prepared. This gives an opaque finish and is available in solid color that is pre-mixed. The stain acts dually as a sealer and stain both.

All types of wood and exterior surfaces can be covered with this along with decks. This is efficient enough to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This is eco-friendly and has a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content.

A durable deck stain and made of synthetic-resin that results in opaque finish and provides protection against exterior wood surfaces, water, fungi, UV radiation, mold, mildew that can cause a lot of damage to your wooden surfaces.

It gives a beautiful matte finish to all exterior wooden surfaces as is VOC compliant. Ensure that the water is dried up before you apply it and the ideal time is 2-4 hours at 70 degrees F, with humidity that is less than 50%. Be it exterior or interior surfaces, horizontal or vertical this can be applied on all. All softwood surfaces and sidings, fences, decks, pressure treated wood, or natural wood surfaces can be treated with this.


  • A wood stain that is a sealer too.

  • Provides protection against UV rays, mildew, water.

  • This gives an opaque finish and is available in a variety of colors.

  • An eco-friendly product that has a low VOC content.

  • Can be reapplied with ease, if needed.

  • Prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

  • Softwood types can also be treated with this.


  • No serious complaints.

Did You really use solid stains – Here are a few scenarios:

This is of potent importance for any deck stain user to understand the opacity level of the solution i.e ( solid, transparent and semi transparent deck stain) you are applying on the surface. What kind of final look the surface will should be analyzed first?

The solid color deck stain should be applied on the surfaces, let’s go through the scenario: –

The Two-Toned Decks

  • The solid stain should be used on the vertical surfaces .

  • If your deck is old then it requires a finish that just makes its imperfections perfect. A solid stain coating is required then.

  • Your preference matters the most as the people who prefer their surfaces to look beautiful with a solid color prefer to do this.

  • In case your deck has a solid stain already then you would like to reapply the same.

Once choosing you should go for a best quality wood stain, a durable product and should be taken care of before applying.

Some Buying Tips Before Buying A Solid Deck Stain

You should always keep some key points in mind before you select your favorite solid deck stain.

A. The Exterior Finish

This is absolutely common that you should go for a deck stain by first going through its label and features. That will make you clear before hand only as the durability of your deck is concerned. The stain should be able to provide a finish that can withstand the tough conditions that can be created by Mother Nature.

B. The Stain Color

Solid stains are famous for their rich color quality than others. You should ensure that the color you choose adds aesthetic to your deck and enhances its looks. You should test the color before hand on the surface by purchasing in a smaller quality for best results. Color is the main thing that adds beauty to your deck, so choose patiently and wisely.

solid color deck stain
solid deck stain reviews

C. Water-based, Acrylic or Oil-based

These are the different types of deck stains available and you should select the one that is best suited for your surface. These have a different impact on the different wood types according to their quality. The overall look is changed completely when they are applied.

D. The Application

The instructions should be read carefully before applying and choosing the best one. A brush, cloth or sponge, whatever suits should be used according the dye formula for the perfect outcome.

The Final Words

A deck stain of good quality adds shine, luster and amazing look to your deck or wooden spaces undoubtedly. Much has been discussed in the article, so choose the best and leave the rest!

Add durability, life, and beauty with the solid deck stains of superior quality. Safety is one more factor that greatly affects when it comes to your deck care. Solid stains are the best gift you can give to your deck as they provide aesthetic and beauty to your favorite deck. Choose a good quality stain apply it and make your deck look awesome.

Frequently Asked Question's

 Q1. Are paints and deck stains similar?

Ans1. The paints and deck stains when applied on a surface are more or less similar and give a smooth affect on a surface. Paints are thicker while the stains are thinner when applied, and the stains soak into the surface and the paints create a thin film on the surface and stay there.

 Q2. Can we apply solid deck stain again on surface with a solid deck stain?

Ans 2. If your wooden surface is having a solid deck stain then you can re-apply a coat of it again. The solid deck stains can be used on a semi-transparent stain also but may not appear good on them if done vice-versa as semi-transparent ones won’t last long. Water based stains and oil-based stains can also be chosen by you.

 Q3. What can last more, solid deck stains or paints?

Ans3. When we stain a deck, it is a good option but they have a moisture protection that is lower, if transparent stains are used. While the solid ones provide with high UV and moisture protection. Paints have the ability to stay for more time (10 years) and require less need of being re-applied.

 Q4. Is a primer necessary to apply before staining your deck?

Ans4. A pre-coat when applied on a surface is called a primer and that gives the surface more durability and smoothness. If the surface requires more preparation then you should go for a primer as this will add years to your deck.

Q5. What is the ideal time after which the stain should be re-applied?

Ans 5. When you use a solid deck stain then it’s going to stay for long for sure. An ideal time would be 4 to 5 years after which the reapplication is required on your deck. But the sealer has to be applied in a year or so. Solid stains are the best as they are provide more protection, are durable and require less maintenance.

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