Best Sewage Ejector Pumps System – Modernized [2021]

If your bathroom or laundry room is at a lower level than your municipal sewage system or if you have a basement with a washroom, it is practically impossible to ensure the proper flow of water into the sewer line or septic tank.

There are chances that you’ve already dealt with a sewage pump, and if you haven’t, you probably have to sometime in the future. That is why installing the right sewage pump in your bathroom is essential.

The market is filled with hundreds of pumps with different sizes, material, horsepower, prizes, etc. It could be quite daunting for you to choose. While we cannot guarantee a specific pump that will 100 % suit your house and situation, we are trying to give you information to make a wise decision.

Best Sewage Ejector Pumps Review Below

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1. Liberty LE50 Submersible Sewage Ejector Pump

Liberty is one of the leading producers of sewage pumps. Whatever type you’re looking for, liberty has one for you. They manufacture highest-quality sewage pumps for home and commercial purposes.

The Liberty LE51A is designed with the cast iron to maximize the life expectancy. It features a powerful 115V motor that manages to maintain a flow rate of 160 gallons per minute on 0.5 horsepower.

With this incredible flow rate, you won’t have to stress as the device will do everything. The pump has a quick-disconnect power cord that allows you to replace it within seconds without breaking the motor seal.

However, it is a bit costly, though, we’d say it’s worth it as it provides features and durability.


  • Flow Rate of 160 GPM.

  • Oil-filled and thermally protected motor.

  • Fasteners and shafts made of stainless steel.

  • Quick disconnect power cord.


  • You might find it a bit louder.

residential sewage grinder pumps

2. Acquaer Durable Cast Iron Sewage Pump

Look nowhere else if you need a durable yet affordable sewage pump. The Acquirer ½ HP pump is all that you need.

It comes with a flow rate of 80 gallons per minute, which is not extraordinary but suitable for home use. It gets its durability from heavy-duty cast iron.

You’ll find the pump very easy to install. It comes with a 10-feet power cord and 115 Volt electric output.


  • Designed with cast iron.

  • It comes with easy to connect the 10-feet power cord.

  • Emits almost zero or minimal sound while working.

  • Has a height of 27ft.


  • It may fail to impress you with the float-switch.

basement sewage pump

3. Zoeller 267 – 0001 M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump

The Zoeller Waste-Mate is one of the most popular pumps, not just in the US but all over the world. This pump boasts durable cast iron for all of its parts and has a flow rate of 128 GPM.

The impressive fact is that it sports a 2-pole mechanical vertical pole switch. The pump is an automatic one that means it gets off or on when the waste level rises. What makes this more impressive is the non-clogging vortex impeller it comes with.

This impeller passes solid waste with ease. Another crucial thing to see is that the pump is a submersible sewage pump.


  • ½ Horsepower motor.

  • Non-clogging Vortex impeller.

  • Automatic reset system.

  • 128 GPM flow rate.


  • Doesn’t feature a separate electric cord for the switch.

submersible sewage pump

4. Hallmark MA0387X – 9 Sewage Pump

The MA0387X is a powerful pump with a rating of 1.0 HP. With the flow rate of 120 GPM, the pump moves a lot of water. This submersible pump has a hermetically sealed thermal-protected motor that prevents overheating.

The pump comes with a cast iron impeller that can crush solid waste to evacuate it more easily. One year part warranty could be seen as a downside and also the 220V electric outlet.


  • 120 GPM flow rate.

  • Comes with a cast-iron impeller.

  • 49’ lift.


  • Includes just one-year parts warranty.

First Of Let’s See What Crucial Factors You Should Consider Before Making Your Decision.

1. Durability

It’s the most obvious thing to look for before buying not only pumps but anything. Make sure you select a model that serves you for an extended period of time.

Look for reputable brands as they have the pump’s parts made up of super durable cast iron. Once you buy a reliable and robust pump, you won’t have to give it a thought anytime soon.

2. Power or Flow Rate

When buying a sewage pump, it’s imperative to see how much waste it can move. After all, that’s why you’re buying it for. The pump motor is rated in HP or horsepower. Horsepower only shows the power of the motor and not how much it is moving. You can measure water flow in GPM or gallons per minute.

sewage lift pump

The key is to look for GPM instead of HP as few models might have high HP but only mediocre water flow rate.

3. Price

For the price we can say it will vary from model to model. Some models will be on the lower end while some on the highest—the more cost, the better the pump’s quality, durability, and workability.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, save yourself from getting trapped into extremely low-cost models as they will end up disappointing you. All you have to do is additional research and find the model that suits your needs and budget.

4. Electric Hookups

Generally, most of the sewage pumps work on the standard electric outlet. If your current pump works on 230V, make sure you’re buying a 230V pump to replace it. Similarly, if you have electric hookups for 110V, buy the device accordingly.

5. Warranty

Who doesn’t want to double sure, right? Even if you’re buying a reliable brand, the warranty of the product is a must. It shows that the producer believes in the product and is ready to take responsibility if needed. A long term warranty is like an insurance policy, you never want anything to go wrong, but you’re protected in case it does.

6. Power Cord

You’ll find a 10-feet power cord in most of the pumps, which is fair. For the majority applications, this length is apt. In case you need a longer power supply, look for a pump with a 20-feet cord.

Now that you are aware of what to look for while buying a pump, we’ve brought our top picks and model reviews to narrow down your choices:

Wrapping Up

Enlightened with the top 4 reviews and our buyer’s guide, we hope you are now prepared to choose. If you’re still confused about which type to go for, it would be best to consult a local licensed plumber before you head out for shopping. As you’ve seen above, all the models differ in size, material, speed, flow rate, price, etc. There’s undoubtedly one that will completely fit your criteria; all you’ve to do is just a bit of research to find that one.