The Best Rug Cleaner 2024: Do A Deep Clean

Best Rug Cleaner

Last updated on October 18th, 2022 | By: Grady Galvez

Carpet odors and stains feel terrible!!…and tackling these stubborn things could be even more horrible whereas hiring a professional cleaning service every time could be quite expensive.

So, using the best rug cleaner or shampooer will surely help you in saving a lot of money, as having your own machine is far more economical.

The rugs feel comfy, soft, and pleasing but if there are pets, kids, and you are a part of an extremely busy household you would surely like to hit on the right machine.

The perfect machine will help you in number of ways such as:

  • Removing stains

  • Preventing discoloration

  • Extending lifespan of your rugs/carpets

Our team has tested many rug cleaners with their attachments by using them on upholstery, checking it for different stains, pet messes, dirt, debris, etc. We have even checked their weight, maneuvering ability, and storage ease.

All the machines mentioned in the write-up below are top-line products which are recommended by our cleaning experts.

The best carpet cleaners currently available in the market with their suitable category tags are served here:

Top 6 Rug Shampooer- Detailed Reviews

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1. Bissell ProHeat -2X Revolution Max Clean Full-Size Carpet Cleaner

The ProHeat 2X is a revolution and probably the best of all as it has multiple settings with a variety of tools that will work efficiently for helping you get rid of the toughest stains and the nastiest odors ever.

For quick cleaning there is express mode, and for stubborn stains deep-clean mode. If you want to pick up dust, dirt, or debris there is vacuum mode.

The included accessory attachments will make you reach hard-to-reach areas with utmost ease. This also comprises of a stain-trapping tool, a stair tool, and an upholstery tool. The twelve rows of brushes (under removable cover) make the maintenance easy. Carrying this is also simple with just 18 pounds of weight to maneuver around the home.

A warranty of 5-years adds on to your peace of mind.


  • Lightweight design

  • Comes with a max clean & express clean mode

  • Attacks the toughest stains

  • 5-year warranty


  • A++ product, with no cons

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2. Hoover PowerDash - Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

If your search is for an affordable rug cleaner then you can surely try the Hoover PowerDash which is absolutely economical and impressively efficient and powerful. This is slim, light in weight, and a good option for high-traffic areas and tight spaces.

This comes with a power spin brush roll that is designed to wash your carpet with heat force technology which dries it faster.

You can easily move it up and down the stairs and all-around your house. The dual-tank system and a removable nozzle make it convenient to fill, rinse, and empty the parts as required.

A one-year manufacturer warranty is offered by this product.


  • 2X offers more cleaning power

  • Comes with a power spin pet brush roll

  • Good for high traffic areas and small spaces

  • Heat force power

  • Lightweight and compact


  • Parts could be difficult to get so talking to the manufacturer prior is recommended

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3. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner & Heavy Duty Steamer

Designed for durability, efficiency, and ease of use this multi-purpose heavy-duty steam cleaner should be on your radar if your choice is for a steam cleaner.

This promisingly and effortlessly removes grime, grease, dirt, and stains from rugs. Also eliminates 99.9% viruses, mold, mildew, viruses, and bacteria. One better thing that it deodorizes your floors too.

You can use it on all types of carpets and floorings along with upholstered furniture, bathrooms, kitchen appliances car interiors, curtains, and others. The capacity is as large as 275 °F and with one-single fill you will be able to clean your entire home.

This all-star product is backed with a 2-year warranty.


  • Best multi-purpose steam cleaner

  • Perfect for floor cleaning

  • Heavy-duty with large capacity

  • Steam cleans, degreases, deodorizes any surface

  • Warranty of 2-years on steam cleaner boiler


  • Great product with no cons as such

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4. Bissell Big Green + Pro Formula

Make the most with this rug cleaner designed especially for professional or commercial use. Cleaning bigger spaces becomes much easier if you use this Big Green + Pro Formula with a tank capacity of 1.75-gallon.

The extra-large brush helps to scrub deep down into the carpet fibres and the drying time is cut down by the heavy-duty suction.

This combo of steam cleaner with shampoo works brilliantly to remove discoloration and stains while eliminating odors. A sizeable area can be covered without the need to refill this. When you buy this, you get a stain tool for directing stubborn spots on upholstery, carpets, or rugs. The cord offers good reach in every corner with ease by using one outlet.


  • Flaunts tank capacity of 1.75 gallons

  • Heavy-duty suction power aids in fast drying time

  • Two large tanks for full room cleaning

  • Proven unbeatable over leading formulas

  • Contains at least 4X the cleaning agents

  • Triple Action formula deep cleans and protects


  • You need to take care while using, as excess water may spill

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5. Hoover Smartwash- Automatic Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

Next in the line is a cleaner which is specially made for removing pet stains. The Hoover Smartwash upright vacuum mixes and then hands out the precise cleaning solution when required.

The built-in motion sensor knows all when washing and drying should be done. This takes any kind of guesswork away. Just as convenient as vacuuming floors this cleans when you push it and dries when you pull back.

The pet upright’s power brushes work wonderfully by washing the carpet fibres softly when removing stains, dirt, and pet hair. The material is dried rapidly as the Heatforce technology extracts moisture.

The low-profile foot makes it convenient to clean underneath the furniture. All the accessories helps you to reach every nook and corner for deep cleaning.


  • Boasts of automatic cleaning technology

  • Auto-clean motion sensing design

  • Precisely mixes and dispenses

  • Delivers powerful extraction with Dual force technology

  • Comprises of flex force power brushes


  • Buy only from Amazon

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6. Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Portable Carpet Cleaner

This portable cleaner is designed for cleaning spots and stains from upholstery, carpets, interiors, stairs, and more. This is not only compact but quite effective to deliver professional-level results.

This combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning solution to remove stubborn pet stains, embedded dirt and more. This treats, scrubs, and sucks-up dirt along with discoloration from natural and synthetic carpets alike.

The cleaner comprises a power cord of 22-foot and a hoes of 5-foot for addressing tough stains and spots (works with a small brush head). The tank is large enough for holding up to a gallon of cleaning solution- trial size bottle included.

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  • Most powerful spot and stain cleaner

  • Combines superior suction

  • Provides a deep clean

  • Permanently removes tough messes

  • Includes a 6” stair tool that enables easy stair cleaning


  • Need to take care as corded and the hose is a bit flimsy

How To Use A Rug Cleaner? – A FEW TIPS

  • The area should be vacuumed thoroughly to pick-up any dirt left before your carpets got for a deep-clean. The furniture should be moved away from the way so that the entire floor can get the perfect cleaning effect.

  • It is a good idea to place wax paper or foil under the furniture legs which is heavy to move. This will eliminate the risk of stains by the wood finishes as the carpet dries.

  • The cleaning should be started from the doorway’s farthest point and you should work back toward it, for and easy and clean step out.

  • After cleaning, let the carpet dry completely by proper air circulation keeping windows and doors open. As wet carpet takes time to dry and this may invite mold and mildew growth.

  • When the carpet is completely dry vacuum again for collecting any leftover soil or dirt.

best home carpet cleaner

Some people may find it convenient to rent a rug cleaner machine. But this won’t give a proper cleaning satisfaction as you know that old cleaner is a used one and can’t compare with a new one.

So, for a super clean home and a professional finish, deep-clean your rugs or carpets every 12 – 18 months and this is recommended by most of the manufacturers.

1. Consider The Machine’s Weight

Carpet cleaners will be inconvenient if heavy as pushing them will be difficult and cumbersome. After adding water they will weigh even more, hence considering the weight of the cleaner becomes quintessential.

Note that carpet cleaners are heavier as compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners.

2. Check For Special Features

The special features such as a heater, rotating brushes, edge cleaning, and other attachments prove of great help and one should consider all these before taking the buying decision.

There are some rug cleaners that come with accessories such as small detergent bottles and attachments suitable for cleaning small areas for getting you started. Everything depends on your cleaning needs and requirements for the product you invest.

3. Go Through The Machine’s Warranty

Many of the carpet manufacturers and rug producers update all the warranty related information in their websites. This is very important and you should go for the product that has a warranty and the cleaner you will be using does not void it.


Amazing rug cleaners, extraordinary results, and above all a refreshing and a satisfying feel!!

Choose the one that suits your household or commercial space and feel the ease of DIY cleaning. The best of the machines available in the market are mentioned above. Do follow the buying and using tips for creating a perfect clean look for your favorite rug.

Enjoy the easy breezy cleaning!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I Deep Clean My Rug At Home?

Ans1. Some quick and simple steps are mentioned here:

  • The loose dirt should be removed with a vacuum

  • The cleaner should be tested first

  • Work the cleaner into the rug for a number of times (push and pull as needed.)

  • Hose off the rug

  • Excess water should be removed

  • Allow both sides to dry

  • Compacted fibers should be loosened by using vacuum or a brush

For more cleaning tips refer above from the write-up.

Q2. How Much Will A Professional Cleaner Charge To Clean A Rug?

Ans2. If you go for the per square feet charges then this will cost around $1.25 – $8 and the average cost will come around $50 – $350 or $200. These rates are for rugs that measure between 4 by 8 ft. and 6 by 10 ft.

Other factors such as scrubbing material, method adopted, and the cleaning service charges will also decide the entire expenditure.

Q3. Which Is Considered As The Best Rug Cleaner?

Ans3. Though many options have been mentioned above, but if you are in search for some great deep cleaning finish like a professional machine will do then the top position is maintained by The BISSELL Big Green + Pro Formula Carpet Cleaner.

This cleans like a pro and the machine is an appreciable one to invest in.

Q4. Should I Rent Or Buy My Own Carpet Cleaner?

Ans4. It is always better to own your machine as the rental one is a used one and the cleaning outcomes may not be satisfying.

Specially, if you have pets, kids, and are a part of a busy household then your house rugs may require a deep cleaning often, so it is better to invest in one good machine.

These latest designed cleaners are not only easy to use but quite simple to maintain and store too.

Q5. How Often Should I Clean My Rug?

Ans5. The carpets require a deep-cleaning session every 12 to 18 months. But this time period cannot be considered universal as the cleaning needs of every household may vary.

There could be places and circumstances where the carpets may require cleaning often due to overuse, kids, pets, parties, etc. for a hygienic environment and surroundings.

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